Vicki Gunvalson Talks Potential Friendship with Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador

RHOC star Vicki Gunvalson ended last season on quite the low note with fellow Housewives Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador, but what does she think the future holds with each of them?

“Well, hopefully, my relationship with Tamra is not the end,” Vicki recently told The Daily Dish. “Unfortunately, we’ve both been hurt. Tamra hurt me bad by thinking I was in on this so-called scam [the controversy surrounding Brooks Ayers’ cancer diagnosis]. I don’t scam anybody. I’ve been scammed. And then this whole thing with Eddie [Judge] and David [Beador] actually got taken out of [context].” Vicki is certainly ready to put the past behind her and hope Tamra and Shannon can as well.

“But I’m hopeful that I can forgive them, and they can forgive me,” she continued. “We both have hurt each other quite a bit. I’m a big believer in forgiveness, and I think now it’s time to move on.”

Vicki says that she is going to try to “make amends” with Tamra and Shannon during this season. “So you’re gonna see a lot this season, me making the efforts,” Vicki teased. “Tamra knows my heart. She knows I didn’t try to do anything to manipulate or influence the other ladies to not like her, which is what she’s done to me. I’m willing to, let’s put it behind us and move forward and be kind to each other. It’s up to them. It’s up to Tamra, really. I think she’s the ringleader in the friendship situation. We’ll see what happens.”

Vicki then adds she feels she has done everything she can to fix the friendship with Tamra.

“If I want to harbor feelings of all the things she’s done to me over the last five years, I would never be friends with her again. But I’ve got to choose to forgive her and move on. That’s what I’m doing, that’s what I’m attempting to do,” Vicki said. “It’s just unfortunate. She somehow thinks she didn’t do anything wrong. She won’t say she’s sorry to me. I’ve asked her for forgiveness. I’ve said I’m sorry. So I don’t know what else more I can do. I want to move on. I’m tired of fighting. I’m over it.”

Do you think Vicki can become friends with Tamra and Shannon again?

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  • Evelyn from UK

    Vicky lives in her own world, she was in the scam with Brooks she new what he was up to.
    None of them are true friends they are only making a tv programme.
    I would never treat my friends they way that they treat one another, just saying. Evelyn UK

  • Rain

    STFU you little piglet

    • Bon Vivant

      Everytime you write the word piglet I always think of Winne the Pooh, lol

      • Rain

        LOL, except Winnie was cute and lovable ❤️❤️

  • Sunshine

    I will never ever ever understand Vicki Gunvalson. Thank goodness.

  • Who knows

    I don’t know how Shannon could forgive the accusation about her husband. I believe Vicki gets angry and just throws out rumors as facts. Not cool.

  • rejane

    EVERYONE has a closet with bones, Vickie is no different, and lets NOT forget the ultimate GLASS HOUSE. someone will come out with a tell all book on Vickie…or should I say Miss Piggy? Winning the poo is too cute.

  • Mufffie

    OMG….this idiot really believes her own shit ! Always the victim, never does anything wrong..everyone has wronged her…wah, wah, wah.
    It’s gotten to the point i can’t even stand to look at her because i know the BS will just start rolling out of her mouth