Vicki Gunvalson Talks Nude Instagram Photo And More On WWHL


Vicki Gunvalson appeared on Watch What Happens Live Tuesday night to fill in for Kim Richards who was supposed to dish about her daughter’s wedding that we saw on RHOBH, but Andy revealed Kim got a great part in a new TV show.

First, Andy asked Vicki about the photo she tweeted out that showed her naked breasts.

“So I was getting out of the shower, I had my wrap on, I was going to the bathroom to get my bra and my cute little panties on and my headphones were sitting there and I thought, ‘I might as well thank Andy for giving them to me and Bravo’ and I took a picture of them… I didn’t know that my reflection was going to go off of the cellophane and I Instagrammed them out… without my glasses on.”

Vicki revealed that Jeana Keough’s daughter Kara called her thirty seconds later and told her to take the photo down, because her boobies were showing.

Next, Andy asked Vicki how her boyfriend Brooks Ayers is doing since he began chemotherapy for his cancer diagnosis.

“He just finished round two of chemo two weeks ago Friday for stage three Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma,” Vicki said. “We are going to kick it. He’s eating great, very limited alcohol, except this weekend we didn’t do very good, all the greens… no meat, no fish… so he’s doing good. I’m proud of him.”

The first caller asked Vicki how her relationship with Tamra is.

“Tamra and I have texted each other. We have not seen each other since the reunion,” Vicki revealed.

Andy also asked Gunvalson how her relationship with her daughter Briana is.

“Amazing,” Vicki insisted. “We’re awesome. I’m going to be there in Oklahoma for Christmas.”

The next caller asked Vicki if she ended up buying her favorite bar in Puerto Vallarta, Andales.

“I want to buy Andales,” Vicki says. “I will be there in three weeks and I will be talking to them again. It’s actually a Canadian owner that owns Andales and as of right now it’s not for sale but I’ve been going there for thirty years.”

The last caller asked Vicki if she is friends with Gretchen Rossi and if she will be attending her wedding.

“Well I don’t even know if Gretchen is getting married,” Vicki quipped. “I don’t even know if there’s a date. If I see Gretchen I’ll say hi to her but we don’t talk. I wish the best for Gretchen and Slade I just don’t run into her at all.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


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  1. You know, I thought it was a just dumb mistake that Vicki inadvertently made when she Instagramed that topless pic out. But the way she acted on WWHL- so unconcerned and fake embarrassed, and kind of proud of her boobies- I have my doubts now.

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