Vicki Gunvalson Talks Brooks Ayers Cancer Scandal On WWHL


Monday night Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson sat down with Andy Cohen to speak out for the first time since her ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers revealed that he faked medical records showing he was treated for cancer at City of Hope.

First, Andy brought up the statement that City of Hope released and pointed out that at the reunion Vicki admitted she had been in the waiting room at City of Hope while Brooks received chemotherapy. “He went up that morning and he said he’ll call me when he’s nearing the end of his treatment. So he text me saying he should be done in about an hour. So I got up there, I called, he didn’t answer the phone. I text and asked where to go… he said, ‘I’m not ready yet. I’m still in the waiting area, I’ll be released shortly.’ Then he calls me and said, ‘I’m in the waiting room. Come in.’  So I go in and asked what we had to do and he said, ‘The nurse said we have to sit here for a half hour.’ We were in the waiting room where all of the people had gotten their treatments. I said, ‘Can we go walk around? This is really depressing in here.’ It was making me very sad seeing all the people going through these chemos. So we went and walked around the grounds and I asked him if he had to go back and check out. He said, ‘Let me go back and check.’ The nurse was not by the stand so I said, ‘Let’s just go,’ and we went.”

What was Vicki’s reaction when City of Hope said they never treated Brooks? “I called him right away and asked what the hell was going on. He said, ‘It’s a spokesperson from City of Hope, Vicki. It wasn’t my doctor that said that. My doctor practices out of City of Hope.’ I’m like, ‘Well, you’re a liar,’ and I just hung up, ‘This doesn’t make any sense. You’re lying again. Tell the truth.’ I got a whole file here that says, ‘I have cancer.'”

Andy asks Vicki what she did bring to the interview as evidence. “I brought an email from his ex-boss.” Then, Andy reads an email from Brooks to Vicki. He begins, “Just because I don’t trust you with my personal medical information doesn’t mean that I lied about my cancer. You are a negative person that brings way too much drama to the world.” Then Cohen shared a text message that Ayers sent Gunvalson, “I’m releasing a statement. You’ll be exonerated.” Vicki told Andy, “So he sent me a text saying he faked the cancer bills saying I’m not in on this right? He had to orchestrate some crazy ass chain of lies for all of this to make sense. He brought work into this, he brought his friends into it, he brought me into it, he brought the cast into it.”

Next, Cohen brings up that the next day after City of Hope released a statement, Brooks admitted to forging medical documents and asked for Vicki’s reaction. “Sick,” she said, adding that his public statement was the first time she heard about the forgery. “I hate him. I hate what he did to me.” Vicki also admitted she contacted Ayers after the statement was released. “He said, ‘It doesn’t mean that I didn’t have treatment there, Vicki.’ I go, ‘You’re lying. It just came out.'”

Does Vicki think her vulnerability blinded her from seeing holes in Brooks’ stories? “Yeah, I’ve actually thought about that a lot and I definitely needed love. I still need love. I own the fact that I don’t want to be alone. So when I had a man sweeping me off feet and doing things for me, yeah you do put blinders on and some things that I saw red flags about.”

What did he do to make Vicki feel so loved? “Everything. He was getting me coffee in the morning, getting my protein drink. He’d call me throughout the day and say, ‘What can I do for you today?’ He’d go to the grocery store, the cleaners, he always had my car washed and filled with gas. I had like a wife. He really was like a wife to me. I needed a wife.”

When did Vicki start having doubts about Brooks’ cancer? “He had his first treatment in October [2014]. I was at my mom’s birthday in December, he had his second treatment. Toni, one of our friends, took him, picked him up and stayed the weekend with him because I was in Chicago. Then we went to Puerto Vallarta in January and about March he said he was going to start switching from City of Hope and going a more holistic route. Tamra and the ladies said, ‘Why would you stop doing chemo if it’s working?’ Then the doctor he said wants to do more chemo and I thought it didn’t make sense. He kept saying to stay out of it. I said, ‘I need you to be honest with me… do you have cancer?’ He said, ‘Of course I do! Why are you causing a fight?’ Every night I fought with him.”

Andy asked about Vicki’s comments that when Brooks would have chemo he would get a fever and vomit. What does she think caused him to be so sick? “I actually contacted a couple of people and they said you can take eyedrops and they can make you violently ill. I don’t know if he did that, that’s pretty sick. But I witnessed him with fevers, night sweats, chills. He lost 42 pounds in three months. The extent of what I did for this man to cure him is… I can even tell you. Time and money I spent on him.”

Vicki and Brooks’ last breakup sparked speculation about the timing of it. Andy questions Vicki about that. “I really didn’t want to break up because I didn’t know what I know now. Hindsight it was the best thing ever that’s happened in my life, but while we were going through our problems in June/July, I traveled a lot, he was gone a lot and we weren’t really together very much and we when we were together we fought about, ‘Show me medical records!’ His story to me was that it was none of my business and he would always make me feel like I was going crazy.”

Does Brooks have cancer? “I don’t believe he does,” Vicki says. “Right now today I don’t believe he has cancer. Why would he lie about these medical records? Why would he lie about City of Hope medical records if he has cancer? It doesn’t make sense. He doesn’t have cancer. I don’t ever want to see him, speak of his name again, I want him out of my life. My family is finally coming full circle. My daughter is moving back, my business is great. I’m not part of some scam.”

Brooks told Andy that Vicki would embellish or fabricate things to gain sympathy, is that true? “I probably did a little bit,” Vicki admits. “I wanted the girls to be compassionate for him.” Gunvalson gives an example of lying about how many days Brooks would be sick for after chemo and that she believes Brooks lied about having cancer because so many people hated him on the show. Vicki said she believes he came up with the cancer scheme so people would be nice to him.

Andy tells Vicki that there are viewers who are furious with her for being a part of lying about cancer and asks her what she wants to say to those people. “That hurts my feelings. I’ve never lied about his cancer. I’ve only relayed what I’ve been told. I’m guilty of loving Brooks and believing him, that is it.”

Vicki also apologized to her cast mates. To Shannon: “100% I’m sorry. I love Shannon. I want the best for her and David and I never knew Ronda was going to approach her at the baptism.” To Heather: “I have respect for Heather. Her husband is a doctor. I apologize that I even used Terry’s name in this ivy situation and I’ve apologized to Heather about that. That was not supposed to have gotten back. I never meant for them to get involved in this.” To Tamra: “My apology to Tamra is just continue to love me. I’m going to make mistakes. We’ve been through a lot together and she messes up a lot too. I messed up by not believing the girls, but I had to do it on my time and my terms.” To Meghan: “Meghan, I’m going to apologize as well because she was coming from a good place in the very beginning because LeAnn was dying.” She continued, “All in all it’s a sweep across the board, but they have to figure out where I was coming from too. It was nothing more than defending my man, which they would all do too.”

Has Vicki apologized to Briana? “Oh I have. Briana and I are in a good place.”

Andy asks Vicki if she thinks she picks men that aren’t good for her. “I think Donn was an amazing man, so I’m not going to say that he wasn’t good for me. I think that if I had to it all over again I would have not divorced Donn. I know that for a fact. We both went sideways for multiple reasons, but hindsight if we could do things differently, he was a great man… a great husband.”

When was the last contact she had with Donn? “It’s been awhile. We’re actually spending next week together in Naples Florida as a family for Thanksgiving. It’s been about a year.”

Is Vicki afraid of Brooks? “I am afraid of his power. I’m afraid of him releasing any personal information on me, I don’t know what it could be… text messages, etc. I’m afraid of his anger. He feels he has been put through the ringer dating me. He blames me for his demise. He said no normal relationship goes through what he’s gone through.”

In conclusion, Vicki says, “I’m really lonely and I miss my mom. I had a hell of a year. You’ve got my mom dying, I’ve got Brooks being diagnosed a couple months prior to that, I’ve got my entire family away from me, my daughter’s in Oklahoma with my babies, Michael’s in San Diego and I’m filming a reality show going, ‘OMG. I’ve got this guy and I don’t know if he’s telling the truth or not but I’m going to stick out through filming.’ I didn’t want to have a breakup on camera. I think the fear of being alone as a middle aged woman got to me. It was easier to stay. I hope he loved me, I gave my life to him for four years.” When Andy asked Vicki if she really thinks Brooks loved her she replied,” If he’s lied to me about all of this the answer is no. But while he was in it I thought he loved me like I’d never been loved before.”

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71 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Talks Brooks Ayers Cancer Scandal On WWHL”

  1. I think she believed him at first, then when things didn’t make sense she just tried to hide her disbelief until filming was over for this reason right here. She knew she would be accused of knowing. I can understand This it is why she just wanted all the talk about it to stop because she realized it was a lie.

  2. You know, I can see how Vicki fell pray to Brooks web of lies. Vicki is someone who just wants to be loved, wanted, and needed. Most people do. Vicki went through a public Divorce and was in a vulnerable place in life when she accepted Brooks into her life. Brooks charmed his way into Vicki’s world. Brooks wanted fame and Vickie’s ability to take care of him. I don’t think for one second that Vicki would lie about Brooks having cancer. Vicki has way to much to loose to be knowingly involved in the lie. I know some of you are quick to point the finger, but remember that we all let down our guard when we are in Love. Love truly is blind. Give Vicki the benefit of the doubt and put yourself in her shoes.

    1. @JZ–very difficult to give anyone the benefit of doubt when lying still takes place. She was very adamant on the reunion she was in the waiting room. NOW she is saying she dropped him off? Remember they broke up before the reunion. Why was she still lying?

      That’s not someone defending her man. LIARFACE Vicki knew and got caught and now trying to lie her way (again) out of this mess.

    2. I give her the benefit because she was so vulnerable (after her divorce & after her mom died). The text Andy read that Brooks sent Vicki telling her he was putting out the truth & she would be cleared of having any part, does seem Vicki was not in on this lie.

      1. I do think Vicki was in on it and she didn’t expect it to get so out of control. I also think that Brooks has or maybe is being paid off by Vicki right now for saying she’s not involved. Just like Vicki said that there were red flags but she chose not to pull the trigger on them, I too think there are too many red flags with Vicki.

  3. I don’t believe a word. She knew. She conspired so as not to lose her RHOC paycheck. She was with thus idiot for alot more than 4 years & they had shady business dealings before this. I’m sure she will be paying for the lifestyle he has become accustomed in exchange for his ‘exonneration’. Nope sorry, don’t believe a word!

    1. This makes me so fricken mad!!!!! She is a liar liar liar liar!!! Maybe she should have apologized to all of the people who have either lost or had family and friends go through the hell of NHL. I was at the Doctors yesterday and picked up a leaflet from a local charity, Calums Trust, a young firefighter who died from NHL! If Vicki is back, I suspect she will after this pathetic attempt to exonerate herself I will never ever watch again. I do realize I sound angry and I am, I will not make an apology for it!

      1. Nor should you apologize. xoxo They are proven liars and their evil plot blew up in their faces. Vicki is on major damage control but her stories dont cut it.

  4. I believe that Vicki knew and she conspired with Crooks to cover up his lies. Only Crooks was better at being a degenerate than Vicki. Although Vicki has a beautiful home and built a successful business, she is impoverished emotionally. Frankly, I have never witnessed anyone with standards so low that they would accept a worthless criminal. Vicki needs to come clean and admit that she enjoys men with whom she can wear the pants.

  5. Vicki says she apologizes to everyone yet she always adds “they have to understand”. No they don’t. She never takes full responsibility for her own actions!

    1. What she is referring to when she says “they have to understand” is that she truly believed Brooks had cancer, like any of us, we would stand by our man if people were bashing him. It’s only natural to defend when the naysayers come knocking. It is easy for us as we watch it on tv to say “Vicki, open your eyes!” She didn’t see what we see as it actually happened. What we have to understand as viewers is that we are only seeing a glimps of their lives, not every waking moment.

      1. If you live with someone who has cancer, you would know, there is no way to hide it! If your living with someone who doesn’t have cancer you would know, there’s no way to hide it! 200% sure of this

        1. I agree with you naynay. Cancer comes in many different fashions. Brooks did become “ill” and did show signs of being sick. Now I do believe he was creating the illusion of being ill. I’ve seen people pretend to be ill (vomiting, feeling lethargic, stomach pains, headaches etc..) all of these examples are used everyday to get out of work, school, you name it. Vicki has never experienced anyone batteling cancer. What she experienced Brooks go through as he faked feeling the symptoms of chemo and the cancer was real to her. Who lies about cancer? Why would she even think Brooks was lying. I do believe she began to question Brooks after all the accusations. Brooks is manipulative and conniving. Just food for thought.

        2. It’s really easy to judge somebody about something you’ve been through. I would have loved to have hid my breast cancer from our youngest son who was 12 at the time however it would have been impossible, I couldn’t hide it from my grown children who didn’t live with us, I couldn’t hide it from my friends, Impossible, yes Crooks is scum, however Vicky knew if not from the very beginning, then shortly after, she is a Liar, Liar, Liar, She went along with him to get pity and for people to feel sorry for them. So as somebody who has battled cancer, they are both scum of the Earth, not just Crooks!!

          1. naynay, it must have been horrendous for you battling cancer and trying to be positive for your son, I admire you so much xoxo

    2. It is easy to say LIAR! However I say it’s easy to throw stones while sitting on our couch watching her life and becoming judge and jury. I just don’t think Vicki lied and better more for a paycheck. This storyline would never make her relevant, in fact it would do exactly what is happening, a bunch of women screaming from the rooftops “liar liar liar” I’m not saying anyone is wrong for what they think, I’m saying that it’s easy to judge someone without really knowing them and only seeing a money making production of their life. I also don’t believe those of you that say they will never watch again if Vicki is on. its just to hard to avoid watching after so many years in these women’s world. I believe everyone who knows someone battling cancer should direct their anger towards Brooks. He is a con man and that’s being nice. My aunt is losing her battle with cancer and I do understand the raw feelings. I will say come judgment day, Brooks as we all will, will stand before a Holy God who is the real judge and jury.

      1. I am not questioning your right to think she knew or not. I am really annoyed when you say it is easy to sit on a couch calling her a liar! Most people on this blog know my history with NHL. That’s all thank you!

      2. I think almost the polar opposite. It’s harder for an outsider to discern lies. When you’re living with someone & sleeping in the same bed, they become part of you & your life. We’ve all been in situations where we just FELT something was off. It’s your intuition, it’s there to protect yourself & your family. You can’t just ignore that, go off to whoop it up & choose to believethe unbelievable. She isn’t a child who didn’t know better. She needs to be held accountable for her ignorance or complete disregard. Either way, she has lost all credibility.

      3. I neglected to add that I am very sorry about your aunt. Please just pray for a miracle, as I’m sure you are & I shall be.

      4. Two last points, first when I say I am done and won’t be back I mean it it’s not something I say for effect.
        and then the most important I want to say I am truly sorry for your Aunt and the rest of your family!! Prayers for you all.

        1. I believe you, Sally. I bet you won’t watch because it sickens you. Maybe, maybe, if Viki isn’t on next season. We can look forward to BH soon though. Soon, then we will have something really beautiful to watch. Problem is, they have already filmed the entire season, so no one knew how damaging the cancer lie was and is to the show, and how the fans are angered and disgusted by it. They would have been hearing about it about when the end of the season was being filmed. We can only hope it is about BH lifestyle.

          1. 3D Thank you, I won’t watch. Like you I hope BH isn’t about Yolanda’s health. Too late now if it is! At the moment I’m just looking forward to getting away from these two lying pieces of trash!!!

      5. I Totally agree with you JZ, Everything you said. I, too am so sorry for your aunt, it is the saddest & hardest thing to watch a loved one losing a battle with that dreaded disease & for Brooks to say he did & he didn’t, is beyond comprehension.

      6. I can see where you’re coming from as well. I think Vicki’s self esteem took a HUGE hit and he preyed upon her vulnerability……just like Tamara said…..she was lonely and alone and along came this man…..with his southern accent (which is hard to resist…..I should know….I live about 37 miles from Tupelo, MS where “Crooks” is from), his daily affirmations and sweet, charming ways. He knew EXACTLY what to say, how to treat her, etc. All he had to do was study her like homework. Just watch the show, like Briana said…..he could find out exactly would cause her to be attracted to him. It would HAVE to be his actions……because Lord KNOWS it wasn’t his looks! But, as intelligent as Vicki is…..I think there came a time when she figured it out. I think “Crooks” has something he’s holding over her head and used it once she figured out that he was faking his illness. He’s no different than a con man or a rapist/murderer….he studied his target.

        1. I agree Michelle. I think he was a piranha and she was his prey. Narcissists prey on victims. I’m not sure she would have seen this coming, just would have known ‘something wasn’t right’. It doesn’t matter how bright and clever you, these people are so evil and calculated they can ‘trick’ you into believing anything. She is not alone. I have been a victim too, but believe or not – from a parent!

      7. ITA! Brooks is the one to blame. Vicki is to blame for being blindsided. Did any of these ladies even think she may have had depression after her mom died, & she just didn’t/couldn’t believe Brooks was a liar!

  6. After seeing Shannon Beador’s recent Facebook video post, it seems obvious Vicki lied about Brooks for a long time. Shannon seems to be the most honest of all of them and I believe her over Vicki who cannot be trusted based on all that I have seen. She really shoild stop to self reflect. She acts very immature and seems far too self absorbed. I used to feel sorry for her, but now I see her as making her bed and having to lie in it. Was Brooks that good of a lover for her to want to stay with him, who by all that I have seen, is one big loser who cannot be trusted. That man caresabout no one but himself. Vicki now realizes her last ex was worth keeping…too little too late, Vicki.

    1. Yes. WRAP people would give friends a chance to explain things before cutting off all communication. Wouldn’t they? It is almost too late is when things are said before giving someone a chance to do that, and now the apology and explanation would come from the other person. Especially when the initial comment wasn’t even in reply to you. It was really nice while it lasted. Really nice. FB is always easy to reinstate and actually not intrusive at all. One would just refrain from clicking on the page. At this juncture that is the only way someone would see fit to forgive,

  7. To me her story is very buyable. I believe her somehow. She was taken in & believed it all for the most part. He was living with her, showed sick signs for days, she had the folder that showed he had cancer. She did go to the City of Hope, not with him, she followed. Saw him with the bag, went to the waiting area, worked on her laptop, he said he had 1 more hour to go. What was he doing all the while? No one knows. Those bunch of crows she calls “Friends” should be more forgiving & understanding — all of them. They were too nosy & enjoyed the drama they came up with. Anyhow, I stand for Vicki.

  8. Sorry, but no dice Vicki. You put up with this backwoods, toothless con-man for 4 years and never cared how he divided your family until YOUR NAME got dragged into his con. Then you sit with Andy and still don’t admit responsibility or show any remorse? Other than saying “my only fault was being in love”. Oh for the love of all things Holy… how old is she? 13? Too late. She needs to go. She’s past the age where these kinds of “mistakes”, i.e. (falling for a con-man, yelling at her friends, constantly discussing her love-tank, dressing like a madam, staying with an abusive man) can be classified in any way other than the ways of the young and naive. Which she will shriek at you she is not! She knew better, she knew he wasn’t sick, she let him divide her family and she ruined her friendships. SHE ALONE is responsible for what defines her life. Not Brooks, not her job, not her friends, etc. She can sit with her conservative dress with big brooch on as many shows as she wants, pretending to be hoodwinked and not understanding why the other women don’t like her all she wants – her true colors came out. And they are NOT pretty.

          1. I just want to say, Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, everyone! If you don’t celebrate it or do, then have a safe and happy week and weekend everyone. Xoxo

  9. she believes Brooks lied about having cancer because so many people hated him on the show.

    That is exactly what I have been saying. What an ugly way to make friends. Ad no one, including Brooks, wanted him accepted more than Vicki.

  10. Vicki is not the first person to fall victim of a scheming, lying, manipulative narcissist. Brooks had all day to mastermind his puppetry and web of lies. He caught a lot of people in it and when he himself got caught fabricated more lies to cover the other lies. Classic case of Narcissistic Personality disorder with a touch of psychotic tendencies – the most dangerous kind of person of all. They have no moral compass and will stop at nothing to get attention. They are emotional vampires and will suck your energy they make YOU feel like the crazy one! Don’t be too hard on Vicki, she is one of many pulled into an emotional/mental cycle of abuse from a very sick person (not with cancer). In fact, Vicki needs some support now to cope with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

  11. I didn’t watch, didn’t want to see her telling more lies and hear her excuses. She seems to have spins on everything that took place. I think they were in it together because she was worried about her OG status.

  12. Vicki called her daughter a Fuc**n Bitc*. What mother calls her daughter names like that and she did so knowing that Brianna was correct in her distain for crooks. Vicki reminds me of women who help their men commit crimes against helpless people just to keep their affection. Vicki needs to go away and find some pride, integrity and self worth bc she has violated the public’s trust willingly.

  13. I have cancer. Everything changes. Surprise, shock and disbelief but the evidence is always there for anyone to see. The Brooks/Vicki storyline is sickening. Applause, Sally, for your straight talk about a greedy group making a mockery of life….. no mistake about it, cancer changes everything.

    1. River, I am so very sorry, I hope you are getting through this shit disease in the best way you can! Stay positive, that is so important! 😀 😀

    2. you got that right River. My husband has cancer also and all the money in the world can’t fix it and to LIE about it is above and beyond….. God bless you and everyone involved in your life. This kind of lie that these two pulled off makes me want to… well, I can’t even think about it.

    3. Oh God, River. I don’t even know what to say. But I remember when people didn’t know what to say to say, so they said nothing. That’s the worst. I hope you get through it and can have peace and health again. Truly. 🙂

      1. I’m with 3D’s and Sally, River. The mind is a powerful healer and keeping strong and positive is hard, yet it is important. Hang in there, River. I wish you well in your fight to heal. I am thankful for you and all of our friends here. We are family. WRAP We’re real awesome people. xo Take care

  14. you got that right River. My husband has cancer also and all the money in the world can’t fix it and to LIE about it is above and beyond….. God bless you and everyone involved in your life. This kind of lie that these two pulled off makes me want to… well, I can’t even think about it.

  15. Meant for that comment to not be posted as a reply. Sorry about that. I thoughtI pu it at the bottom.
    Gigicat, I wish you and yous well. We’re rooting for your husband in his battle and wishing you and yours only the best. Xoxo

  16. Thank you, Sally, GiGiCat, Real Sandy, Annoymous, 3D’sforever (and I hope I have not omitted someone’s name). I have been in remission for Non-Hodgkins Follicular Lymphoma for two years. I know it is there, I feel it gnawing at me today in subtle ways. I agree: keeping a positive attitude is key to living life well in spite of the chemo/Retuxin infusions and everything else included that dratted wig…. groan….that I no longer have to wear. Thank you all for reaching out to me. I have only watched the Housewife shows this year and am able to apply my professional skills (I am retired) to my opinions…..LOL…I had this page bookmarked because I’d mentioned ‘cancer’ hoping to send comforting words to you all, especially to anyone living with this dreaded disease. Thank you for your kindness. I will try to find my way back to this website when time permits because I am on the back side of 80 and the short side of time – my husband has Alzheimer’s. God bless you and keep you on this Thanksgiving Day.

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