Vicki Gunvalson Takes Coto Home Off The Market


Just as she has revealed that Brooks Ayers moved into her Coto de Caza home with her, Vicki Gunvalson has taken her home off the market and is firefighting plans to build her dream home at the beach.

“The repairs on the house that Vicki was looking at were going to cost too much to do,” an insider told RadarOnline. “She decided to stay put for now unless she finds something that she absolutely falls in love with.”


Gunvalson gushed about her plans to move to a “gorgeous” Dana Point property earlier this year. “I’m just ready for a change,” she said in July. “My whole theory is when life changes, you have to change everything.”

A separate realtor source says that Gunvalson, who has admitted to having money troubles, has “tried to sell the home for years, so most likely it’s overpriced and she won’t budge on what she wants for it.”

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11 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Takes Coto Home Off The Market”

  1. Gunvalson has money problems? I don’t believe it. I mean she works constantly, has the top insurance business in California and is always bragging how rich, smart and successful she is. Can her money problems stem from that gigolo who lives with her? Is she footing his medical expenses too? Or is this just another Vicki ploy for publicity and notoriety?

  2. Maybe her divorce, the economic downturn and bad business deals that Brooks got involved with like Vicki’s Vodka- which is now embroiled in a lawsuit- have taken a tool on her portfolio. BTW- whatever happened to that wine business she and Tamera had?

    1. would have to google it, but i dont think vicki and tamra owned that wine business, and they were just being paid to endorse it? wines by wives. carla from mobwives was also involved for a brief time.

    2. Because Vic had to give Donn a hefty payout ( boy was she bitter about that!) in the divorce settlement, not to mention that las $90,000 disputed payment that Donn won and she sunk a good amount of money into Vicki’s Vodka – over $100,000 and it failed. And now she has legal fees to pay in the resulting lawsuit from that failed business with her business partner who claims Brooks and Vicki scammed him.

  3. or just maybe she feels the need to not have her life disrupted with a stressful move due to the fact she is stressed from helping Brooks thru cancer.

  4. I get she wants a change but the house she has is gorgeous so she’ll be Ok if she has to stay. I’m not so sure about Brooks. There’s something shady about him. But there’s times I think maybe he just got a bad name. My gut is telling me he’s a user though.

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