Vicki Gunvalson Still Doesn’t Believe Anything Bad About Brooks Ayers


Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers are still seeing each other even though Brooks promised he was walking away from Vicki during the RHOC reunion. Jeana Keough let the cat out of the bag when she tweeted, ““@vgunvalson Had a great time with you and Brooks last night, and your grandson is so cute…” Now, a source is telling RadarOnline, Vicki just can’t separate herself from Brooks.

“Vicki is still with Brooks. She just can’t quit him,” the insider tells the site. “It’s sort of complicated, but despite everything out there proving what a monster he can be, she still doesn’t believe anything bad about him.”

Another source tells Radar that Vicki’s relationship with Brooks is toxic. “They are the most dysfunctional couple you could ever imagine,” the insider adds.

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4 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Still Doesn’t Believe Anything Bad About Brooks Ayers”

  1. WHy doesn’t everyone just leave them alone. Im not a Brooks fan but for gods sake let these two just do what they want. It’s no body’s business but theirs. If Vickie gets screwed she is the one who has to live with it. And as far as Brianna goes I am disgusted with this young lady. Have some respect for your mother. You and your abusive husband need to get out on your own and let your mother live her life. Fast forward a few years we will be having this conversation about Ryan and how much of a pig he is. Mark My Words.

  2. Team Brianna. Just because Vicki is her mother does not mean she automatically deserves respect. She acts like an idiot. Respect is earned. I would be mortified if my mom’s boyfriend talked to me about his penis size. That’s a sick man.

  3. Vicki should be ashamed of herself. No mother would ever continue a relationship with someone who tried to discuss his dick size with her daughter.

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