Vicki Gunvalson Still Claims She Wanted To Move Forward With Tamra Judge

RHOC star Vicki Gunvalson recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and is still insisting that she wanted to move forward with co-star Tamra Judge.

When Andy asked Vicki about the conversation between her and Tamra that didn’t end well, Vicki replied, “You only saw what you saw. I went in fully vested on making this relationship move forward and not backward and say sorry for anything that I did to be in this place that we are. And that’s the truth.”

Vicki then talked about her current relationships with most of the cast members.

“They have to be willing to move forward. It’s not just me. You can’t be in a relationship that the other person doesn’t want to be in,” Vicki said.

Andy then asked Vicki about Kelly Dodd’s divorce with Vicki saying, “I think the papers were already filed five years ago,” and Andy finished the sentence saying, “and they’re just going to go through with it.”

Towards the end of the show Andy asked Vicki if he did something to annoy her.

Vicki replied saying, “No. You know what, I’m really sad and bugged and the whole thing over this whole Tamra and Shannon thing. It’s gotten way over and done. It needs to be put away. It’s just done. They’ve hurt me. I’ve hurt them. We just need to put it away. I’m over it. We are talking about a relationship from three years ago that had been broken up and Shannon right out of the gate wants to talk about it again. She doesn’t know what I know.”

A caller then asked, “Don’t you think that perpetuating the rumor that Eddie is gay is just as bad as starting it?” Vicki answered saying, “I didn’t perpetuate the rumor. When they came on this season, they were the ones chirping about it, not me. I said it to Kelly privately. We’re in this new year now and they’re the ones that keep talking about it.”

Thoughts on what Vicki had to say?

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  • KelliAnn

    Tamra shoulda been fired right after the “Naked Wasted” episode!

    Bravo fired Phaedra for talking about it but Tamra and her son knowingly (and admittedly) tried to get Gretchen drunk so her son could sleep with her!!!!

    They BOTH should be fired, not just Phaedra.

    • Shirley Wilbourn


      • KelliAnn

        I’m shocked that more ppl weren’t outraged by her. If Tamra had been a man plotting with his son to get a woman drunk to have sex with her….OMG! Disgusting.

        It’s almost worse because it was another woman preying on a woman…. *smh*

        • bluebell

          I agree. It is worse, a woman preying on another woman . . .

    • bluebell

      ITA 100%! Tamra is disgusting.

  • iloverhoc

    “I didn’t perpetuate the rumour, I only told Kelly, who happens to be the biggest big mouth on a reality show with TV crew, microphones and cameras. I also didn’t personally invite my friend Ricki to keep the rumours going. It wasn’t me….

    But Vicky, you’re the common denominator?

  • cat62

    Vicki shouldn’t have repeated it – Tamra should stop talking about it. But, you know they all must have a relevant story line each season. I guess they found theirs to try to stay valid on the show…yuk

  • Amanda Bates Barnette

    Tamra rides the popular train. She’s on whosever side is the most popular at the time. She has no loyalty. Shannon has had issues with every single housewive since joining the show. Meghan is so boring that I now fast forward whenever she’s on. Thank goodness for Peggy and Vicki or this show would be done for me.

  • This is a passive aggressive way to put things on another person while not changing your own behavior.

  • Minx

    Yeah, right..
    Vicki doesn’t want to Move Forward.
    Vicki wants to save her image and tarnish anyone she can in the process.

  • Pierre

    I’m finding this whole will they/won’t they make up scenario really boring now. It feels like it has been going on forever. Either way, I’m not particularly bothered whether they do or don’t but from a personal perspective, I would find it extremely difficult to ever be friends with someone who has gone to the lengths that Vicki has and does to get back at someone. She really is quite evil when she wants to be and I would prefer not to have friends like that.