Vicki Gunvalson Still Claims She Wanted To Move Forward With Tamra Judge

RHOC star Vicki Gunvalson recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and is still insisting that she wanted to move forward with co-star Tamra Judge.

When Andy asked Vicki about the conversation between her and Tamra that didn’t end well, Vicki replied, “You only saw what you saw. I went in fully vested on making this relationship move forward and not backward and say sorry for anything that I did to be in this place that we are. And that’s the truth.”

Vicki then talked about her current relationships with most of the cast members.

“They have to be willing to move forward. It’s not just me. You can’t be in a relationship that the other person doesn’t want to be in,” Vicki said.

Andy then asked Vicki about Kelly Dodd’s divorce with Vicki saying, “I think the papers were already filed five years ago,” and Andy finished the sentence saying, “and they’re just going to go through with it.”

Towards the end of the show Andy asked Vicki if he did something to annoy her.

Vicki replied saying, “No. You know what, I’m really sad and bugged and the whole thing over this whole Tamra and Shannon thing. It’s gotten way over and done. It needs to be put away. It’s just done. They’ve hurt me. I’ve hurt them. We just need to put it away. I’m over it. We are talking about a relationship from three years ago that had been broken up and Shannon right out of the gate wants to talk about it again. She doesn’t know what I know.”

A caller then asked, “Don’t you think that perpetuating the rumor that Eddie is gay is just as bad as starting it?” Vicki answered saying, “I didn’t perpetuate the rumor. When they came on this season, they were the ones chirping about it, not me. I said it to Kelly privately. We’re in this new year now and they’re the ones that keep talking about it.”

Thoughts on what Vicki had to say?

Photo Credit: Bravo