Vicki Gunvalson Spends NYE With Brooks Ayers!

Vicki Gunvalson

Real Housewives of Orange County Star Vicki Gunvalson spent New Year’s Eve with her ex-boyfriend, Brooks Ayers. Vicki told me in our exclusive interview in December, that she and Brooks were no longer in a relationship. Vicki told her Facebook fans, “In Deer Valley for New Year’s Eve. It is going to be an amazing dinner and dancing with great people. Football with Heather tomorrow. Everyone please be safe tonight and do not drink and drive! HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

Later in the night on NYE Terry Dubrow tweeted, “In Deer Valley!! @HeatherDubrow @VGunvalson @BrooksAyers,” along with the picture below!

We know RHOC are currently filming Season 8. Does this mean we will be seeing more of Brooks in the upcoming Season?

Vicki, Brooks, Heather, Terry

Tell Us- What do YOU think is going on?

Photo Credit: Bravo/Twitter


5 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Spends NYE With Brooks Ayers!”

  1. WOW Vickie looks not good in that picture. Who knows, sorta sick of that storyline. He is beyond loser. She is beyond control fresk. Tamra is a sleaze ho and Gretchen is the same. Dubro’s get on my last nerve. Everytime I see her all I can think about is that crazy batch on million dollar matchmaker she played – so gross. I also read he is a lousy PS and they are living way beyond their means. Tamra/her gay lover were married secretly in Vegas this summer but she/they want the big bravo PAID wedding. So so sick of the fake bravo mess. I watched “Sisterhood” on TLC and loved it! About preacher’s wives (1st ladies) in Atlanta – such nice alternate to bravo.

  2. Heather’s jacket is sticking out in a weird way. I don’t think she’s pregnant because there is no way she could have hid a pregnancy that long as she looks very pregnant.

    @Pinky – I didn’t know that Tamra eloped in Vegas! I always imagined she would hold out as long as it may have taken for a Bravo wedding. Is it supposed to be a secret that she eloped? Oh brother, if there is a Bravo wedding, will they make it seem like they hadn’t married or make it a stupid, typical renewal of the vows (after only a few months. HA!).

    Can you imagine how Slade must feel? Gretchen won’t even marry him for a free, big rock or a free wedding a la Bravo. He is such a famewhore. He won’t leave Gretchen as long as she is on Bravo. Maybe not even after that because I don’t think he could find a woman who would support his butt and put up with him and all of his baggage.

  3. Hi Tire-of-hypocrites! i read your comment and you could be right about the secret marriage in Vegas. i read her x-Simon’s twitter months back as well as people he tweeted with – I think with TamBalls, her excuse was if they lived together, and they did, they should get married on the downlow to appease Simon and her children – i remember having the distinct impression she just eanted that committment and Bravo could pay for a fake big wedding that they couldn’t afford. So, when the news started surfacing about their “wedding” I tweeted her and nicely said I thought I had read they married in Vegas on the down-low. she answered back a mere “no,” which then, conveonced me I was right. When she is teally mad or wants to set the record straight, she gets very nasty and makes a big deal. She unfollowed me and that was it. lol so you just know I’m gonna believe they’re already married. lol

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