Vicki Gunvalson Slams Shannon Beador; Blames Her For Ruining Friendship With Tamra Judge

RHOC star Vicki Gunvalson is taking to her blog this week to talk about her fight with Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge at Kelly Dodd’s beach party.

“First, I was proud of both Lydia and Peggy to stay calm when it came to Shannon and the inter-workings of these group of women. I need to learn from them, as obviously I am guilty of having high emotions when it comes to my life and what some of my “friends attempt” to accuse me of which are blatant lies and fabricated truths.”

Next, Vicki says that Shannon scolded Tamra and believes Beador is the reason they haven’t been able to reconcile.

“As you saw, when I left Kelly’s to go back to work, there was a situation with Lydia and Shannon that I was unaware of. Lydia is right. Whenever you are around Shannon, there seems to be an energy where the mood changes immediately. I believe in all of my heart, that Shannon is one of the main reasons why Tamra and I have not been able to reconcile. What I don’t understand is Tamra has always been a strong opinionated woman, but as you can see when Shannon calls her name to “come here now”…Tamra crawled to her like a puppy who was being scolded. It was the strangest thing.”

Vicki also has a message for Tamra regarding the rumors about her husband Eddie.

“When I told Steve at the volleyball game that I was sad and just wanted to leave…it was the truth. I don’t like being in conflict and I’m tired of it. I am not responsible for what people say about one another, I am only responsible for what comes out of my mouth. I am not responsible for what Ricky revealed last week and I am not homophobic.”

Tamra if you are reading this – I will say it for the last time. I did not start this “rumor” nor do I care about Eddie’s past. I did not “set Ricky up at my party to discuss about anything about Eddie”. From what I have witnessed, I know you both love each other and that’s what is important. That’s it. I really don’t think it needs to be discussed any further and wish you would stop blaming me for this.”

She continued, “I loved it when Steve said “guys can get in a fight and then go have a beer”. It’s the truth. I have never been around any men that have continued to fight after something that is over two years ago. I mean…come on. I guess that is why I have so many male friends, because they don’t nitpick at everything you say, and they don’t harbor hard feelings and anger the way some women do. I respect Steve’s calm demeanor and he thinks if we met Tamra and Eddie for dinner alone without any outside influences, we may be able to have a meeting of the minds and put this anger and conflict aside. What do you think?

It was sad for me to see the disconnect between Shannon and David, and I am hopeful that they will make it through this difficult time in their marriage. I will not be baited into any further discussions regarding it.

From what I see, Shannon believes I am responsible for everything, for global warming, climate changes, and I’m sure I am to blame for most recently the two devastating hurricanes and the fires in the Western US.

I am hopeful and pray daily for peace amongst us women, because that is what would make me happy and I believe it would make them happy too. As a Christian, forgiveness is one of the gifts we have as it is a new beginning and not looking back. I am really enjoying my friendships with Kelly, Peggy and Lydia along with their families. I hope Meghan doesn’t go down the road of pot stirring. I sure would be nice if she doesn’t go there.”

What do you think about what Vicki had to say?

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19 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Slams Shannon Beador; Blames Her For Ruining Friendship With Tamra Judge”

  1. have to agree on this one…. Shannon is hell bent on squeezing Vicki out of the picture. Wait until her buddy Tamra turns on her – the original mean girl strikes.

  2. Vicki can’t even write properly. For some reason I used to think she was smart. Vicki should leave the show and try to rebuild what is left of her business in the wake of her cancer scams and her repeated attempts to wag the dog by “outing” Eddie. Shut up Vicki – it’s too late for you now – just go away.

  3. Poor,sweet,innocent Shannon. The world is on her side as she does not lie, is not mean & is just such a darling, dear woman. No, no, no,far be it for her not to be the one pulling Tamara’s strings & making sure she will not reconcile with Vicki.. otherwise she who is so authentic, made up her mind that Vicki will never be a part of her life, will then have to reluctantly bend a tiny branch & eat some hypocritical crow to continue to be able to pull Tamara whichever way she chooses, while continuing her insincerities. She looks like a bull & rages like one. I have not ever witnessed anyone as cold & uncaring as she is. She is great at complaining, nagging, pointing fingers, being hysterical & out of control. That I’ll give her great credit for.

    Lydia has already seen straight through Shannon
    & will not tolerate her insanity.
    Peggy keeps her distance–smart woman.
    Meghan? lost case, stupid child.
    Kelly is far better & deserves so much more than they’re willing to offer.
    Tamara will always be a foul mouthed, beady eyed, no good person..
    Vicki? best she gives up ship, wash them out of her life & move on. She will never be forgiven. Just forgive herself & she’ll find the peace she needs. She wont get that from anyone & especially not Tamara or Shannon.

      1. Ain’t that the truth!!! they are a set of over-indulged spoilt & very discontented within themselves. Truthfully? it’s all about them & their petty lives.

  4. Vicki you are the reason, Tamara wants nothing to do with you. You do start and pass on rumors all the time. You never take responsibility for your words or actions. You just blame them on someone else. You only want Tamara back, so you can have a major part in the show. You are nasty, mean, and self serving. Stop calling yourself a Christian, because honey you are Satan all the way. By the way, it isn’t “your show”, so stop telling people to get off it. If it wasn’t for the girls exposing Brooks you would still be with him. He more your style anyways.

  5. Vickie’s life is lies and conflict…she feeds on it after she starts it. She was relentless with Tamra with Simon, nasty with her daughter’s husband but “loves, loves loves” him now, told nasty tales of Gretchen when her fiance was dying….she is a vile and disgusting woman.

  6. If Vicki Gunvalson had any moral gumption, any true understanding of what being a ‘Christian’ means, she would go to confession, purge herself of all her devious lies all for the sake of KEEPING THAT LOSER BEDMATE WHO FULFILLED HER LOVE TANK NEEDS, and crawl back to her friend on hands and knees and begging for forgiveness for losing her mind and everything honest and right over a TOOL. This whole debacle boils down to one thing at least to me; her insatiable need to be banged well. And I believe this is why she can’t repent, because SHE can’t even admit to herself that she chose a f*** buddy over her friendship. Period.

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