Vicki Gunvalson On Being Single And Divorced, Is She Finally Done With Brooks?


Vicki Gunvalson’s bitter divorce from Donn has been finalized, and RadarOnline is uncovering new details about how Gunvalson was shocked she was going to have to pay Donn spousal support. The Real Housewives of Orange County star also says that she is single and starting a new chapter. Is she finally done with Brooks? Vicki launched her “Tomorrow Belongs to You” Women In Business Tour in Milwaukee and dished on her heartbreak with the audience.

“I am in a new space in my life – and on a new road that is unfamiliar to me – but I like it,” Gunvalson told her audience. “I am now really on my own. I am divorced again and single.”

Does this mean she’s finally done with Brooks?

“I wanted success in a man’s world and I think I have seen what comes with that. I didn’t understand why I had to pay spousal support or even a settlement to my ex-husband,” she shares. “I tell my audiences now if men have to pay spousal support, then we as women have to pay as well. If we as women want to succeed in a man’s world, then we have to play by the rules.”

“When I officially received my divorce papers, I received my key to tomorrow,” Vicki said.

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  1. Can you spell white trash… just because she doesn’t live in a trailer and doesn’t have croocked teeth means nothing… most of the HouseWhores are just plain white trash with money (and even that is mostly faked up or borrowed)

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