Vicki Gunvalson Shows Support for Yolanda Foster Following Divorce Announcement


Yolanda and David Foster have received nothing but well wishes and support from fans and friends after they announced that they were ending their four year marriage. We have seen Heather Dubrow and Kyle Richards speak out about the couple’s split and now Vicki Gunvalson shared a supportive tweet to the Dutch-Beauty and Grammy winner.

“My heart goes out to Yolanda and David. I’ve witnessed the horrible things reality tv can do to a marriage & I’m here if you need me! XO”

Vicki is one of the several housewives who’s marriage was on display from reality TV and resulted in divorce. Her marriage to Donn Gunvalson was finalized in 2014.

We are wishing Yolanda and David the best!

Photo Credit: Bravo


6 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Shows Support for Yolanda Foster Following Divorce Announcement”

  1. Some blogs are going very “dark” with how they’re choosing to cover this story, with a gaggle of clearly unstable readers climbing on the bandwagon to spew libelous poison in every direction. Glad to see this this blog is trying to maintain some kind of integrity by being above the fray, and not wallow in the waste with the rest of the swine. It’s definitely a rarity in todays blogosphere.

    1. I am assuming you mean Yolanda and David, I was surprised by some of the things I have read. I am glad just about every person on this blog is fair in their opinions. We may not always agree with each other but in the main are respectful. It is a good blog to comment on and good people.

    1. Indeed, she was the one knocking boots with Brooks and having 3-somes and more-somes while still married to poor Donn

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