Is Vicki Gunvalson Set to Marry Steve Lodge?

Is Vicki Gunvalson ready for her third marriage? During this week’s episode of the RHOC, Gunvalson jokingly asked her boyfriend of over a year, Steve Lodge, to marry her. But a new report claims that Steve is ready to tie the knot!

“Vicki is madly in love with Steve, and it is obvious to her friends that he feels the same way,” a source close to Gunvalson said.

“Her daughter Briana and grandkids really like Steve too, which is super important to Vicki. And yes, she would absolutely let cameras into her wedding,” the insider shared with RadarOnline.

Vicki split with her ex, Brooks Ayers in 2015, and started tossing around the idea of getting married early in her relationship.

“Steve is like a trophy man,” Gunvalson said on the past episode. “He is what every woman wants. I really love him. I do. I am a marriage girl, I love being married. I was married for 30 years. I want to be married again. Kidding. Maybe next year!”

It seems like Vicki’s family definitely approves of Steve.

Would you like to see Vicki marry again?

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  • Rain

    No! She’s hoping to get back with Crooks

  • cat62

    Why not? Just hope he is ready for the shi* show she calls a life.

  • Learjet

    Good for both of them! I wish them well.

  • Samh09

    How about that? All the housewives get a wedding special except Wretchen.

  • Starr

    Happy for them both. Time to turn pages & move forward. Steve is a good man, his stability will be great for Vicki & family.

  • Aunt Bee

    He seems way too good for her. She is bad news.

  • watching in ohio

    Icky Vicky stated she was concerned about being “bored” with Steve..face it..he’s too nice a guy for her! she wants respectability but I’m afraid she’d cheat on him too! She wants the excitement of a bad boy and the security of a good guy.. they don’t go hand in hand I am afraid! Formula for failure if she marries him!

  • Frank Van Der Heijden

    Well, it looks like Vicky will get her love tank filled up regularly….

  • JerseyGirl

    This woman is disgusting.

  • justanothermary

    Steve is actually a pretty shady character. They could do well together.