Vicki Gunvalson Says Tamra Doesn’t Understand How It Feels To Be Ganged Up On, It’s Never Happened To Her!


Vicki Gunvalson is opening up about the dinner the women had at Tamra’s fitness studio on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Vicki takes to her Bravo Blog to say she felt Gretchen acted immature, and to make it known the way Alexis was treated was not okay in her eyes. Vicki points out that nobody has ganged up on Tamra yet, so she doesn’t know how it feels.

Vicki writes, “Given the fact that we all have been friends, I thought the right thing to do was to ask Tamra if Alexis could come to her party. I didn’t know all the reasons why Tamra and Alexis were at odds; I just felt it was a good reason to bring Alexis with me to be my “girl date.” I didn’t want to go by myself because I felt like I really didn’t have an anchor or friend there. Everything was so new with Tamra and me, and I really didn’t know how she would treat me in front of Gretchen. I just didn’t want to be put in an awkward situation with them so I was a little apprehensive on going.

I think Tamra thinks that she has to choose who to talk to or what side to be on, which I don’t want for her. That’s not my position. I don’t care if she and Gretchen are friends -– I just have no desire to be around Gretchen and want to stay away from her as much as possible. I wanted to be as cordial as I could be, but I wasn’t going to let Gretchen demean me and walk all over me like she has in the past. I’m over it!

Leading up to the party, I was not aware of the reasons why Heather, Gretchen, and Tamra were upset with Alexis. I guess I chose to not to know because it’s usually very petty and meaningless and will blow over. I think once these girls get older, they will realize we have to pick our battles and act like ladies. To constantly be looking for reasons to break someone down is just so exhausting and downright mean. I hate it and don’t want to be around it anymore. Life is too short for it and I am doing my best to learn from other people so I don’t do it myself either.

Gretchen’s comment about me saying “my baby” when I was referring to Troy was just stupid. My grandson is our families baby and if I used the word “my baby,” it was nothing short of a play on words. I know very clearly it’s not MY BABY and for her to snicker and make fun of me is just childish. She has NEVER been a mother, much less a grandmother, and has no idea the love that one has for a child until you become a mother. She acts all high and mighty, calling people out whenever she feels like it — but to me it’s just ignorant and stupid. She knows how it felt when SHE was in the “hot” seat a few years ago and now she’s doing it to everyone else.

I really dislike how Alexis was treated at the party. Alexis went in with nothing but good intentions, to show Tamra that in spite of their differences she is supporting her gym. That speaks volumes to me. Alexis said to Tamra several times at the dinner table that she would be more than happy to discuss their differences one-on-one and asked that they not to do it in front of everyone. However Tamra just wouldn’t let it go. It makes me really sad for Alexis. No one has yet to gang up on Tamra, so I really don’t think Tamra understands how it feels. I truly hope she never experiences it because it stinks! Whether it’s the word “bully,” or “ganged up on,” or “verbally attacked,” or whatever word these women want to use — it’s just not nice! However you want to slice and dice it up — it’s just plain mean and I wish it would stop.

Poor Lydia! She had no clue what she got herself into by coming to Tamra’s gym. I could tell when we walked in that it was going to be an awkward evening and we probably should have just turned around and went to dinner by ourselves. I think all the conflict was stemming from issues last year that weren’t resolved. It was too new, too raw, and there were too many people around to make a smooth evening with all the bad blood that had happened.”

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13 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Says Tamra Doesn’t Understand How It Feels To Be Ganged Up On, It’s Never Happened To Her!”

  1. Vicki is showing her maturity and I agree with her, even though they are on a reality show and are groomed to be honest and real, they should be picking their battles. Gretchen going after Vicki about her “my baby” comment was just petty and it shows how “green” and lacking in maturity and experience Gretchen truly is.

    If Gretchen was so “exhausted” emotionally by the situation with Slade’s child (which is of course tragic) then she wouldn’t have had the energy or desire to tear into the women the way she did. How sad and shallow was that?

  2. vicky is right tamra really has never been ganged up on. where ass gretchen, Alexis and vicki have been now lol. tamra i feel think shes head bitch and im confused why lol ahha i still like her but gosh

  3. Sorry, but Tamra wouldn’t cry bullying. She would tell them to shut the fuck up and mind their business. That’s the difference between Alexis & Tamra… Tamra just doesn’t give a crap! She’s gonna do her regardless. She would laugh in their face. Alexis needs to take a couple pointers and grow up. She’s an elementary child.

      1. What about it? She thinks it’s a joke and didn’t cry about it in the bathroom. She stood up for herself like any grown adult would do. She doesn’t take shit for people whether you like it or not. Tamra isn’t, and was never a poor little victim 🙁 🙁

        1. Why the language? Is that really necessary to express your opinion mktb? Its foul and offensive. Can you share your thoughts without it? Please?

          1. Unfortunately I’m going to have to go through and look over the profanity and delete comments that are offensive. I thought I had certain cuss words blocked.

            1. Thank you. I think most of us have had enough of mtkb’s “slams” and profanity. He or she needs to learn to express himself or herself in a more intelligent, respectful way. It is so trashy, and offensive to most.

  4. Love Vicki, but has she or has she not treated Gretchen poorly ever since she came on the show….come on now! This chick never owns up to anything…she knew what she was doing inviting Alexis…especially when she cornered Tamra into saying yes on the phone when she said “I don’t even know if we are friends yet”. That was just a bitch move on her part as always… Poor Lydia looked like a deer in headlights at that party…I felt so bad for her!!

  5. I haven’t just popped in this new season, but have followed these girls & their personalities from the beginning. I do feel that the OC girls are some of the scrappiest, pettiest on Bravo, and this season has just reinforced that with viewers. First, NONE of you are juvenile-aged women. Even Lydia is a mother of two. After watching last week’s show, I was shocked at how you would talk to each other, whether you were PAID to pick a fight & be animated or not. Bottom line, no matter WHAT others had ganged up on you OR said to you in the past….no matter HOW many issues you disagree upon, there is a civility that should be shared by ALL when someone is inviting you to their home (or place of work). NONE of you obeyed these rules of etiquette whatsoever, so you ALL are at fault for, at least, really BAD MANNERS.
    Fans watching well-off, civil, educated women do NOT want to watch you treat each other like this! What do you REALLY have to be so bitter & uptight in the grand scheme of things? Do you not care about becoming the best people you can be? Successful in your life, marriages, relationships, families? Good examples to your children of how one human being treats another? Good quality citizens in your prestigious neighborhood? Leaders in both city & charity work? Raising your children to respect others, no matter the differences in religion, backgrounds, skin color, LIPSTICK color??? Really, the name coloring and eye-rolling was so age 3-5 yrs old that it rocked me to a core of embarrassment!!!
    Have you never had to sit around a table & break bread with others you weren’t particularly fond of? Maybe even that you didn’t like very well, but had decided you were the better person for leading by polite & considerate example???
    I guess, over the seasons, I have grown so unimpressed with your attitudes towards friendship, that the act of watching your show has become more frustratingly boring rather than entertaining & warm. I had hoped to find an exquisite world where elite women showed us how your level of living also included a level of sophistication & kindness for each other instead of what I witnessed last week. Instead, I was shocked to see that an episode of Jerry Springer was being played out in designer shoes & sharp tongues!
    Yes, there WAS bullying being displayed. Yes, there WAS a true lack of compassion towards how guests were being made to feel, and Yes, there was a sad realization that class & true friendship takes a whole lot more work than any of you are aware of nurturing within each other.
    It was an embarrassment for women everywhere, but mostly for those of you who are raising daughters (& sons), and not being aware what to instruct them on whatsoever.

  6. I could NOT have put that better than you did and I completely agree, it is a poor example and an embarrassment to women who should be ladies, as well as our children!

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