Vicki Gunvalson Says She Is DONE With Plastic Surgery!


Vicki Gunvalson is the OG from the OC, as Andy Cohen likes to call her. Having been on The Real Housewives of Orange County since season 1, she is the go to gal for All Things Real Housewives! In a new interview with Star Pulse Vicki is dishing what it’s like to be the matriarch of the franchise! She talks about her recent plastic surgery, what she would like people to remember about her after RHOC, and more!

How does it feel to be the matriarch of the entire “Real Housewives” franchise?

It actually makes me very proud to be the original cast member of this franchise. My family has been through a lot together and to have our life played out for the past 8 years on this reality show is kind of surreal.

If you could join any other “Real Housewives” cast for a week, which would it be and why?

I would LOVE to join the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cast.  To me, everything they do seems so glamorous and to be able to live like that, even if it’s just for a few months, would be really nice.

You recently revealed that you had some plastic surgery done. Can you tell our readers how you feel now after having done it?  

Ugh…hindsight I should have never done it so close to filming season 8, but I didn’t think it was going to be such a long healing process!  It’s been 9 months since the surgery and I really feel good about it.  I was very self conscious about it after it was done because I was so swollen and so numb.  I don’t see a huge difference now, but enough of a difference that people have told me it looks good.

Do you see yourself doing any more work in the future?

Absolutely NOT!  I’m done!

Finally, long after the shows have ended, what do you want people to remember about Vicki Gunvalson?

I want them to remember a passionate person, one that loved to have fun and “woo-hoo”! Also, I want them to remember that I loved her family more than anything, loved to surround myself with good people, loved to be inspired by people, a that I was a hopeless romantic.

Photo Credit: Getty Images