Vicki Gunvalson Says Shannon Beador Should Spend More Time Focused On Her Marriage

Vicki Gunvalson is weighing in on this week’s episode of RHOC. In her blog, Vicki defends Peggy, who was questioned about her mastectomy.

“Hearing these women question Peggy’s mastectomy, her diagnosis and course of treatment was disgusting and quite frankly none of their business. That information is between her and her doctor. Peggy is a strong, smart and confident women. If any of the ladies think they can mess with her, they better think twice.”

Gunvalson also goes on to stay that she is sick of Beador sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong, including her friendship with Tamra Judge. She also makes an intense comment about Shannon’s martial issues.

“Shannon is non-stop sticking her nose where it does not belong. Peggy’s medical issues are not her concern and neither is my relationship with Tamra. Maybe if she focused on her own relationship with her husband she would be a little happier person. She reminds me of Mrs. Kravitz from Bewitched, always in everyone’s business. I have never heard a woman complain as much as Shannon. Just getting off the spin cycle she goes into crises mode. I would love to see one episode when she does not mention Vicki, Vicki, Vicki. Even her bosom buddy Tamra is becoming weary of her negativity.”

What do you think about what Vicki had to say?

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19 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Says Shannon Beador Should Spend More Time Focused On Her Marriage”

  1. Why would anybody listen to a 3 time loser like you. In all the years I have watched you never had a good relationship that lasted very long even with your own daughter.

  2. I don’t like vicki because she does lie, however all shannon does is talk about vicki, blames vicki for her marriage issues and weight gain. Vicki is a lying B but Shannon is just completely annoying if I was producer i’d cut vicki and shannon. This cast is just unwatchable doing things to hurt one another and lying. It’s time to fire some housewives and bring back Jeana K and Alexis maybe lauri too! Cast shake up for S13 please?

    1. No Alexis….whiny boobs with no brain. Lauri is boring. Jeana is missed and should be back. But then the show would have to the Divorcees of OC. But Peggy, Vicky and Kelly are just not watchable.

  3. The show last night was much better without Vicki. As much as I hate to agree, Vicki is right. Shannon should work on her marriage if that’s what she wants. Shannon should get off the show because it must be damaging to her self esteem to see the downward spiral. It’s hard to watch her always playing the victim, just like Vicki.

  4. Well, it’s no one’s business if Shannon and David have problems, or if Eddie is gay but y ou make a big damn deal out of it. You are the most vile disgusting female- nothing to be proud of no matter what Andy Pander whispers in your ear.

  5. Does this show air on Monday nites did I miss a show? Oh well I’ll see it in rerun on Bravo if so. I stopped taping all the shows and in all honesty I haven’t even seen a whole episode just bits and pieces, enough to know what’s going on though I think. But all I know is that it’s become stagnant and sophomoric. These women and this show in particular is nothing but a she said she said shit fest. It’s embarrassing honestly j don’t know ANYone in real life that behaves the way they do when they’re altogether. I get a tiff now and then is normal with so many women together (esp., drinking) but come on. And you know what I think? If they got rid of the big lying mouthed love tanker it might be watchable again. Vicki, get a different hobby you’re just not relatable you’re a one note tune. WOOhoo

  6. Both Vicki & Tamra are a couple of ”story tellers”. Can’t believe anything they say. I’m in agreement regarding Shannon – she blames the world on Vicki when she should be taking a hard look at herself in the mirror.

  7. I actually agree with VG on this one. Shannon has lost her marbles. She is not suited for this type of show because she has way too much anxiety and depression. Bravo is pushing her over the deep end by keeping her on. Do her a favor and let her go so she can save her life before it’s too late.

  8. THEY ALL LIE through their teeth.
    Peggy should be left alone, she tells them very little because she does not trust these batty women.
    Shannon is a walking time bomb, she is to be pitied. Extremly insecure.
    Tamara is never to be trusted.
    Kelly is so desperate to have them for friends—WHY???????
    Lydia is standing up to the bully kindergartners for a change.
    Vicki is also desperate for friendship, with Tamara. What was is no longer, time to face that. Apologize once again if that’s what she feels will bring her peace. It wont, so time to move on.
    I did like Vicki’s blog though

  9. shannon should focus on her marriage but vicky should focus on not being such a crappy friend. I would not take any relationship advice from vicky.

  10. Vicki is vile. Self-centered, manipulative. She sees fault in all but not in herself, always has an excuse. And Sorry Vicki.. watch the old footage. you DID say you lied about the cancer ordeal and perpetuated that creeps claims. QUIT Denying it.. it only makes you look even more idiotic. The ONLY ladies that have a sense of decency on this show is Lydia and Meghan. They have good memories and they DO NOT EXAGGERATE.. and not afraid to admit when they have made mistakes. They are the younger of the group and I think it’s funny that the younger ones would have and make more sense than the old drama queens.

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