Vicki Gunvalson Says Her Love Tank Is Full With New Boyfriend Steve Chavez Lodge


Vicki Gunvalson introduced her new boyfriend, Steve Chavez Lodge, during last Monday’s episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, and her co-stars were sizing her man up to make sure he was right for Vicki.

“It comes with the territory. I already pre-warned him the girls might interrogate you because I’ve had a past of picking bad people,” she told one caller during Monday night’s Watch What Happens Live. “He was OK with it. It was just awkward for me because it was like date three.”

Luckily, that didn’t scare him off and Vicki and Steve are doing better than ever. He’s amazing,” Vicki told Andy Cohen. “It’s like God gave him [to me]. I think my mom sent him down. He’s incredible. He’s incredible. My tank is full.”

Vicki’s daughter, Briana Culberson, has also spent time with Steve and has given him “two thumbs up,” Gunvalson told the Daily Dish in June. “She really likes him, and it’s really neat to have a family relationship, so I like it,” Vicki said.

He loves me #inlove #lovinglife #rhoc

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It’s a Garth Brooks family night. #rhoc #perfectnight, #family #answeredprayers

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What did you think of Steve?

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39 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Says Her Love Tank Is Full With New Boyfriend Steve Chavez Lodge”

      1. Remember what Brooks said that his favorite body part of her’s was when asked at a dinner You can thank me for that visual today or sue me, take your pick..hahaha 😀

          1. Lol..she put her little girl, boo boo face on when he said it and acted prudish, but now she advertises to the world (and kids) that she wants to have sex. She needs to stop with her love tank references because it’s gross. Not because of her age, but because of who she is..yuck!! haha

      2. Yes Suze I don’t think Vicki has a narrow anything but her mind , certainly not her entrance probably not her exit either

  1. Why must we constantly listen to this lying old hag discuss her vag? Who in God’s name talks like this? And yes all you haters, I realize that by saying “love tank” she means her entire being, but this beast needs to start acting her age. What an embarrassment.

  2. Well I just tossed my cookies. Honest to god does this woman really believe any of the viewers care how often and with whom she gets laid?! Those deconstructed jeans she wore to Ireland looked ridiculous as does the short jumpsuit she has on in one of her above Instagram pics. VG repulses me; this may the last season I watch.

  3. yuk…. wish they would keep her daughter and son-in-law off the show – he’s a turd and not very pleasant when it comes to women.

  4. So Mr. CHAVEZ Lodge is her soulmate now? Good gosh in the morning! This lying sack of scum and her 55 gallon tank move quick! Wasn’t she just so devastated and heart broken that she had 3 or 4 valiums just to get thru the reunion. A year from now when Mr Chavez tires of her narcissism she’ll be calling the next guy a gift from her poor dead mom (who probably just wanted to ShutHerTFU).

  5. She falls so hard, so fast. But as long as you’re happy and he ‘s a good influence-enjoy it. Maybe a positive pairing will inspire her to be her best self & keep her out of trouble. Besides, everyone is not only deserving of love, but a second chance in this life. So, Meh. Fine.

  6. I know I shouldn’t use astrology as a comparison I try not to all the time but it’s hard when you study it and do charts – so with that being said and no comparisons to be taken by my Arien sisters with Vicki per se, out here – but I have many Arien women I personally know in my life and one particularly close one my niece of nearly 50 years…Aries are a super passionate lot in love. The have the male duality – an aggressive vs. passive nature, and by aggressive meaning outward positive force of action which helps to make them unafraid to jump with both feet first into a love relationship. The ram lady will take the lead many times it just is innately in their character, it’s a fearless reaction really. If they’re not satisfied then they’ll do something about it usually. It’s that Mars thing, and they can be very sexually dominant. This is based on the archetype, and you can find a submissive Arien woman dependent upon the planetary placements of the whole chart, but I haven’t found one yet that doesn’t have that strong love nature that has ‘needs’ to be met. Taureans on the other hand, they love passionately big time too (Venus ruled) but their astral way of getting love is by attracting – being a feminine duality….inward subtle and passive and letting the love interest come to her through very subtle womanly charm, so to speak.

    So in a nutshell, it doesn’t surprise me one bit that Vicki’s always pursuing love when she doesn’t have it in her life. But really, Vicki, we don’t want to know the details. Be an adult for once.

  7. Personally I think there is something wrong when a woman constantly seeks attention especially male attention. I think she is a nymphomaniac and she thoroughly and completely disgusts me.

  8. Ugh so gross . Who cares about v and her gunked up love tank . She probably needs to put some fuel injection cleaner in her tank

  9. They are not compatible astrologically speaking…the guy likes to spoon, but Vicky likes to fork and get her love tank filled

  10. This is a test to see how long it goes into moderation, since I am using a different email address. I am not receiving any email from All Things and not sure why, so maybe this will help…or not?!
    Hi everyone when you see this. I hope you and yours are well. XOXO

    As for V Icky, I cannot stand “love tank” references. It seems too graphic for me…imagining the filling. I think now of the man who comes to pump out the septic system…only in reverse and with Vicki as the septic tank. I wish she would just grow up. It seems her kids have more maturity than she does IMO.

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