Vicki Gunvalson Says She Knows Secrets About Shannon Beador’s Marriage


On this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki Gunvalson confronted Shannon Beador. After trying to get Shannon to forgive her all season, Vicki was sick of trying to get back into the good graces of Beador, and instead reminded her that she knew secrets about Beador’s marriage.

“Shannon’s been accusing me of lying for over a year now, and I know she’s been lying about something about her marriage. I’m tired of it,” Vicki said. “She’s got to stop pushing my buttons. She pushes the wrong button, it’s all over and it’s going to be very hurtful for her and her family.”

Shannon insisted that Vicki was bluffing, but she chummed up to Vicki at at Heather Dubrow’s book party when she could hardly speak to Gunvalson at Meghan Edmonds’ store opening earlier in the episode.

“I have no idea what Vicki could possibly have on Shannon, but I think Shannon is scared and that’s why she’s being nice to Vicki. It’s all very suspicious,” Tamra Judge noted.

Next week the ladies head off to Ireland where the drama is definitely going to be heating up.

What do you think Vicki has on Shannon?

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39 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Says She Knows Secrets About Shannon Beador’s Marriage”

  1. Oh goodness, who cares! Apparently everyone in OC knows Shannon’s business because her husband is less than discreet and doesn’t care about shaming his family. Whatever she has to say I feel like has already been said. Shove a sock in it or spill.

  2. OMG….Shannon sure is stuttering. Wonder what it is. Also can someone explain to me WHY anyone would want to be friends with Two-faced Tamra? She throws EVERYONE under the bus!! I feel sorry for Tamra’s children.

    1. I agree. As much as Vicki disgusts me, I had to stop watching this show because of Tamera. Every year it’s the same thing. I don’t even care anymore if she gets called out on her big mouth and lack of accountability, but I can’t take her and Vicki’s shrill screaming like high school girls.

  3. I love the montage of Vicki butting into every body’s marriage right after she said she never does. That dumb hefer knows this is all on video , right? LOLLLLL

    And was Kelly put out because Michael was the drunk one this time and not her?? Oh heaven forbid lol. What a pair !

    Who cares what Vicki knows! She spills everything but then will whine when others expose her shit.

    1. I fell asleep last night watching a property programme when I woke up an hour later OC was on from last season all I heard was Vicki giving Meghan the third degree about her marriage then talking to all the others about it. So much for her not interfering in others marriages!!!

      1. I’m tire of this OG nonsense Suze!! That doesn’t give her immunity from being fired for atrocious behavior . #fireIcky

  4. I don’t think Liarface has any dirt on Shannon. I think Shannon is afraid Liarface will make up something as she has been known to do many many times. They don’t call her liarface for nothing. As for Kelly’s husband – I felt sorry for him.

    1. I sort of feel for Michael, too. But then I like Kelly and I wish those two could work it out.
      I wonder if any of these women have a decent marriage. Heather likes to pretend that she does, but I highly doubt it. Not when Terry forged her name on the BRAVO contract and supposedly refused to talk to her, for 2wks because she didn’t want to be on the show, in the first place. Something is really ODD about those two.

  5. Vicki is just a disgusting old Trollope and this is yet another thing to prove that! I have never known anyone as hated as her!

  6. It shows Vivki’s disgusting character if she is threatening to reveal something that may hurt another woman’s family. Who does that?

  7. Ratings are down for the entire RH franchise. Guess people are getting tired of the fake drama, non-accountability, criminal acts and still gets paid mag Bucks gals.

  8. Why else would Shannon do a one-eighty and suddenly kiss up to Vicki at Heather’s party? All this time, she has put the blame about Brooks being a con man all on Vicki. I had a friend go through a similar experience and these con men absolutely take advantage of women in love with them and confuse them so much. Shannon has been acting so superior about the whole thing it is disgusting for someone who claims they have compassion…she has been going out of her way to avoid Vicki, put her down with Meghan, alienate her, etc. then suddenly she decides — after Vicki mentions that Shannon has lied — to be her buddy again? Suspicious.

  9. Before I internally combust I have to say this, it is irrelevant whatever she knows or thinks she knows about Shannon’s marriage and maybe just maybe Shannon doesn’t want it to come out because of the children. BUT.. IT DOES NOT TAKE AWAY THE FACT VICKI LIAR FACE COLLUDED WITH BROOKS TO LIE ABOUT CANCER. THERE IS NO WAY SHE CAN LIVE WITH A PARTNER WITH NON HODGKINS LYMPHOMA WITHOUT KNOWING. THE TREATMENT HE SAID HE HAD WHICH TURNED OUT TO BE A LIE WAS WRONG FOR STAGE THREE! Now I have that off my chest I feel a lot better. Vicki is a liar was always a liar and will probably always will be, even her kids say she lies or exaggerates!

          1. Haven’t tried it yet, I am waiting for my sister in law on Thursday then I can make a real pot of tea as its tea leaves!

  10. You said it Suze! I’m sick of people who say move on or get over it its in the Past. She Lied about Cancer she was in on the Scam she is now trying to profit from it!! Scum of the earth!!!

  11. Vicki should just shut up already & mind her own business. She cant be that desperate for Shannon’s friendship, can she?!!! She, Vicki did not like the interference delivered to her by the women last season. Has she not learnt anything from that experience? There’s the saying: ‘Mind your own business & I’ll mind mine, keep your own secrets & I’ll keep mine.’
    What Shannon is doing looks very artificial & forced trying to act friendly with Vicki whom she dislikes. Too much webs, too much nail digging, back stabbing & finger pointing by all & for no good reason. Wish these women would take a few seconds to count their blessings–they must really not know what real problems are to be this petty & shallow.

  12. I just want to say that I do not believe in revealing confided secrets- EVER!
    But, the way Shannon has repeatedly treated Vicki with disdain,& tried to convince everyone not to forgive her,& move on; I hope Shannon presses that final button,& puts Sanctimonious Shannon back in her place.

    Yes, I agree with Vicki about lying. Everyone has either told a ” White lie, lied, , Half truth, or not told the whole story.” We are all imperfect humans.

  13. Vicki needs to go. She really has NO STORYLINe this season other than trying to clear her name from LYING ABOUT CANCER FOR A WHOLE SEASON. I’m with Suze here. There is NO WAY ON EARTH that anyone who can stand upright could live with someone with stage 3 hodgkins and not know it. She lied, he lied, she aided and abetted in his lie and she will NEVER EVER BE FORGIVEN FOR THIS. AND WE WILL NEVER EVER FORGET SHE DID THIS.

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