Vicki Gunvalson Says Gretchen Rossi Doesn’t Own Her Rolls Royce!


On last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Slade Smiley surprised Gretchen Rossi with a Rolls Royce for her birthday. Gretchen’s birthday present sparked controversy with the other ‘wives and with viewers on Twitter. When a Gretchen fan tweeted that Vicki Gunvalson was jealous of Gretchen’s new car, it sparked a battle between the two on Twitter!

“No way I am NOT jealous! I love my car and guess what…. It’s mine,” Vicki tweeted. “Hah! I am NOT jealous of Gretchen’s car! Wouldn’t want it if it was given to me,” Vicki wrote to another viewer.

Gretchen seemed peeved when Vicki insinuated she didn’t own her new car. “Hilarious that you’re implying my cars aren’t mine? Since when are you involved in my finances, Vicki?” Gretchen tweeted.




What do YOU think of Gretchen’s birthday present?

Photo Credit: Getty Images