Vicki Gunvalson Says Gretchen Rossi Doesn’t Own Her Rolls Royce!


On last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Slade Smiley surprised Gretchen Rossi with a Rolls Royce for her birthday. Gretchen’s birthday present sparked controversy with the other ‘wives and with viewers on Twitter. When a Gretchen fan tweeted that Vicki Gunvalson was jealous of Gretchen’s new car, it sparked a battle between the two on Twitter!

“No way I am NOT jealous! I love my car and guess what…. It’s mine,” Vicki tweeted. “Hah! I am NOT jealous of Gretchen’s car! Wouldn’t want it if it was given to me,” Vicki wrote to another viewer.

Gretchen seemed peeved when Vicki insinuated she didn’t own her new car. “Hilarious that you’re implying my cars aren’t mine? Since when are you involved in my finances, Vicki?” Gretchen tweeted.




What do YOU think of Gretchen’s birthday present?

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16 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Says Gretchen Rossi Doesn’t Own Her Rolls Royce!”

  1. I don’t know if this was written before but did you hear Slade when he said that the RR was just a few hundred dollars more than the car she was driving? WHo is paying the bill not him. If my partner bought me something that he was not even paying for I would graciously tell him thank you but it is going back. It is clear Slade does not get it. I think (if I get Gretchen) she would have been happy with a dinner out and a beautiful card. I take that back. SHe would probably bitch that she did not get s REAL gift.

  2. Vicki is soooo jealous of Gretchen’s new car. Actually, everything Gretch does Vicki’s jealous. This stems from Tamra becoming BFFs w/Gretch . Since then, vicki can’t stand anything she does. It’s so pitiful to see a women Vicki’s age (she is a grandmother afterall) act like her baby grandson. Grow up miss piggy, oops I mean vicki. Go let brooks fill ur love tank. Maybe u 2 can get that hotel room before ur relationship implodes. With y’all in it!!

    1. There is nothing Gretchen leases/owns that could ever make Vickie jealous. Vickie is self made. She was not given money from a dying rich man in order to start her own business, she did it on her own! If Vickie wanted a Rolls she would own it, not lease it!

  3. It’s a lease….she doesn’t own it. Sorry, but it’s not a present if Gretchen has to make the payments, which is what Sladek implied!

    1. i completely agree – Vicki has been even more annoying this season, and her jealousy of Gretchen is so incredibly transparent. However, I agree with her on her disagreement with her son in law re: Brooks. I think Brooks is a con artist, but if she wants to bring him to her house she has every right to do so.

  4. LOL@Gretch and thinkin’ she’s fooling Vicki and the fans and viewers. Gretch, relax, you don’t need to proof anything to the viewers, we get it, it’s a leased car which will cost you a few more $$ a mth, you rightfully do not own it, it’s rented. LOL

  5. On the show Slade even said the lease would only cost a little more per month! The people on this show try extremely hard to make it seem like they have the means to live so luxuriously. How much money could Gretchen really be rolling in with a makeup and purse line that I haven’t heard anything about since it was mentioned on the show a season or two back.

  6. OMG, if I got a “present” that I had to make payments on, not to mention and increase on an item that I had leased and the whole thing was done behind my back, and the fact that Slade is not on the lease or the payment plan to begin with!! Grethen needs to RUN!!!! This is the beginning of things to come with this joker!! I don’t know if she realizes it yet, but the sharks are out, (Slade’s ex and her lawyers) that when the wedding takes place and those vows are exchanged- Gretchen is going to be hit with such a bill for his kids!!!! RUN GRETCHEN RUN!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Gretchen having a RR… Lol!Lol!Lol!Lol! Actually that’s not funny; it’s just stupid. Just as dumb as her dating Slade.

  8. First up, I agree with Chelsea…it’s a lease and it was openly discussed on camera.
    Next up, I agree with Robin…Vicki turns green with envy every time she sees Gretchen, hears news about Gretchen, or even thinks of Gretchen! Let’s face it…Vicki
    is obsessively jealous of Gretchen. That is all.

  9. I highly doubt Vicki, or anyone else for that matter, is jealous of Gretchen’s LEASED car, because of the way it was obtained — by Slimey himself– trying to ‘up’ G’s profile– using her dime. BIG WHOOP. And the fact that those two are riding around in a Rolls while they’re asking people to contribute to medical bills is mortifying. Where is their conscience? Sickening.

  10. It was stated on camera that this was a lease and that it would only cost a little more than her current lease – sorry, but if you lease a car, you don’t own it! Vicki didn’t need to know anything about Gretchen’s finances to make the statement that she did – it’s as simple as that! Gretchen contradicts herself all the time and is a shit stirrer to boot. I don’t think that Vicki’s jealous of Gretchen, I think Gretchen irks her to the bone! Vicki is self made – people who don’t get things handed to them appreciate what they have and don’t need to try to keep up with the Joneses to be happy!

    1. It is not being leased by Gretchen. The dealer gave her the use of it so she could be filmed driving it on the show. In their press release, the dealer said the car will be available for sale or lease this Summer. The whole “birthday surprise” was just more Bravo fakery. Neighbors of Gretchen have said they have never seen the car parked at her house.

  11. When you lease it, you don’t own it!! What kind of present was that unless HE makes the payments, which I doubt! Vicki has NO reason to be jealous of Gretchen because she has more than her and buys/bought it herself! Gretchen and Tamera are nothing but whining bit***s who thrive on fighting and turmoil!! Get over it Gretchen, no one wants your man who owes way more in child support than Brooks, Doesn’t make enough money to pay his child support but has enough to PRETEND he does! He is no better than Brooks!

  12. Just when you think Gretchen and Slade couldn’t be more stupid than they already are… So, Slade found a good deal on a Rolls Royce LEASE that’s a few coins more than her Mercedes lease and decided to surprise her with it… Really Slade? First off, its not a gift if your making your gf pay for it. Also, why would you want such ridiculously grandiose and luxurious car when you live in an average-sized house in Newport Beach with your deadbeat bf. How dumb do you look? Gretchen should focus on those hideous handbags (she might want to rethink that business venture because clearly no one cares or wants a Gretchen Christine handbag) and BUY herself a nice car. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID. Ehhh, Gretchen, Slade, jesus jugs and her disgusting and pathetic excuse for a human being husband NEED TO GO… NOW.

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