Vicki Gunvalson Says Brianna Was Influenced By Bravo Production…

Vicki Gunvalson finally has a full love tank, but what a tumultuous season this was for her! She battled with her BFF Tamra Barney and even her daughter, Brianna Culberson. This is the 7th season we have watched Vicki on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Vicki told Bravo, “This season, I’ve been through the ringer as new friendships arose and old ones were tested on the show. I can’t predict who will be friends with whom next season, but I know now that my family and my closest friends are the most important thing to me.” But do they? Brianna has made it VERY clear she sees Brooks exactly for who he is, an opportunist who is only out for fame of the show. Vicki remarks, “As women, we are strong people! Women can go through hell, but we are strong, and stand up and fight for what we believe in. I’m happy to hold my head up high and look forward to what’s next! I’m a fighter, Bring It On!” Oh it must be nice to be so delusional, don’t ya think? I do credit her for her positive attitude. The woman attacked Vicki for being a hypocrite all season, for her rude remarks about them being attached at the hip with their partners and even her past comments about “deadbeat dad” Slade Smiley. Ironically, Vicki’s beau, Brooks Ayers, has been in jail for not paying child support! If you watched the reunion it is clear Vicki doesn’t see the hypocrisy.

Sad that she won’t even listen to her own daughter isn’t it? Vicki accused Bravo of “being in Brianna’s ear” before she appeared on the reunion show. We all know that Brianna has her own voice and can’t even be influenced by her overbearing mother, she has actually been the most sane person on the show since Season 1! Brianna should replace Alexis and be the next housewife!!

Do you think Brianna would make a good housewife? What do you think of Brooks?

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