Vicki Gunvalson Reveals She’s Still With Brooks Ayers


In Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki Gunvalson revealed she is still with her controversial boyfriend, Brooks Ayers. She revealed to Tamra Barney and Heather Dubrow that Brooks is part of her happiness.

“Yeah, absolutely,” Vicki says when Heather and Tamra ask if they are dating. “We didn’t talk for about two months and I was very, very sad. I missed him. He went to counseling, I went to counseling… separately. What my therapist had told me is to let the dust settle, then you and Brooks live your life. If you want to see Brooks, see Brooks. And Brooks if Vicki is too much for you and all this drama, then go back to Mississippi. And he said she’s worth fighting for. And I love her.”

Vicki also sat down with a therapist to discuss how her relationship with Ayers has affected her relationship with her daughter Briana.

“Brooks and I, were trying to get past the past and I want Briana to trust the decision I’ve made. Briana harbors on this ‘I’m never forgiving him.'”

Telling her therapist that she knows Briana doesn’t HAVE to accept her relationship with Brooks, Vicki tells her doc she would LIKE her to.

“I have to accept Ryan. I don’t like or agree with everything he’s done or said. We have such a small family to begin with and I want us to be a tight family.”

“Part of me thinks it would be easier to NOT be with Brooks,” Vicki says. Watch her therapy session below.

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18 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Reveals She’s Still With Brooks Ayers”

  1. I was so disappointed to hear Vicki is still with this loser. I think she has absolutely no self esteem and doesn’t realize she can do better than this weirdo. While I feel sorry for her that Briana doesn’t like him and she’s in love with him, I think if she found a man that treated her nice and gave her the attention she needs she could get over Brooks.

    1. Maybe just maybe she should have been nice to DON! From the start she has always treated Don like dirt! She always screamed at him and humiliated him in public in seasons past! Always talked down to him! I don’t feel sorry for this piece of garbage one bit! I feel sorry for Brianna whos mother chose a piece of crap over her!

    2. Would you like your Mom’s boyfriend that told your husband to start beating you ???? And admitted to it!!! Team Briana!!!

  2. I have to say I’m obsessed with this site. I love that you added the like buttons in the comment section. Not only is your material good but you are constantly improving the blog. Good work!!!

  3. vicki is an idiot no man is more important than your family . but apparently to her there is so pathetic. he is only using her and shes to stupid to seit

  4. How is “Vicki’s Vodka” doing? What is Percentage of Brooks’ cut?
    Vicki had a black eye at a dinner they were having together. Heavy make-up and hair partially hiding, as well as camera angles helped to keep most from guessing. I think Brianna and Tamra both knew about it at reunion.

  5. Vicki’s personal relationship is nobody’s business but hers! Unfortunately, we all have to learn the hard way. I do understand her loved ones wanting to prevent her from getting hurt but this is something she will just have to go through on her own. Brianna needs to show her mother some respect and take a look in the mirror. RYAN IS A CASE STUDY!

    1. If a man ever said Quote “You need to knock her around”speaking about my daughter!!!! There is no way in hell I would be with him! My Kids come First over any man!

  6. Vicki is an insufferable hypocrite. Her therapy session really bothered me when she spoke about not wanting her daughter and grandson to move away and not ever turning back on family ( or something to this effect) 1) Brianna and Troy can’t move from Vicki but it was fine for Vicki to move her kids away from their father and grandparents 2) she says she’s all about family but she’s been divorced twice… at some point the common denominator (Vicki) may be the issue. Anyway for someone who doesn’t turn back on family she threw in the towel on 2 marriages. Vicki seems too only like to use the family card when it fits her agenda

    1. My take from last night’s episode was Vicki trying to come to grips with her daughter moving to Oklahoma. I didn’t see her trying to stop them from moving to Oklahoma. That is hard for any mother to take. I also thought it was healthy for her to get advice from a professional concerning how to separate her personal life from that of her daughters.

    2. She also turned her back on her daughter when she choose Brooks after finding out he told Ryan to start knocking her around !!! She is SCUM of the lowest kind!

      1. I don’t see her turning her back on Brianna. I see her finally drawing a line in the sand that says Ryan and Brianna can no longer dictate her life.

  7. Think about it. There’s only one thing that comes to mind when a woman dates another with no apparent good qualities.

    S E X

  8. If Vicki can”t do any better than Brooks there is something wrong with her He knew who she was before he ever wormed his way on the show. He watched the show and saw this pathetic women begging for attention and he went after her and her money, she can deny all she wants, but that is what he is after.

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