Vicki Gunvalson Reveals How She Felt Her Co-Stars Handled Iceland Emergency

Vicki Gunvalson had a traumatic health-scare in Iceland during the RHOC cast trip, so was she happy with the way her co-stars supported her?

Vicki shares that this was a “completely different” experience. “I was really injured in that ATV accident for a long time afterward. I’m good now,” Vicki shared. “But this wasn’t an injury. I’ve had some blood pressure issues [Vicki was diagnosed with elevated blood pressure].”

It turns out that Vicki is very happy with the way the women handled her hospital visit this year. “The ladies were very kind, very nice. It was really nice to get back to the hotel, actually. They were really concerned,” she said. “Peggy [Sulahian] went with me to the hospital, which was nice.”

Vicki admits that she wasn’t surprised that everyone joined together to help her. “No, because that’s compassionate. When somebody’s sick or hurt, you do the right thing,” she told Bravo. “You put all your anger aside and your animosity aside and you do what’s right. You be there for each other.”

Vicki also shared that Diko Sulahian helped with the situation even though he was in California. “Diko called [my boyfriend] Steve [Lodge], he’s like, ‘We’re going to Iceland. We’re going to get Vicki.’ So Steve’s like, ‘Hold on a second. Let’s see what’s wrong,'” Vicki shared. “So [there were] actually high emotions. When somebody’s in another country, and you get rushed by ambulance, it’s scary.”

As for what happened when Vicki returned from the hospital? “When I got back, the viewers [saw] some really interesting emotions that we went through as a group. Those cast trips are always something else, aren’t they?” Vicki said with a laugh. “A lot of things happen on those trips. But I’m a big believer in everything will be OK.”

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17 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Reveals How She Felt Her Co-Stars Handled Iceland Emergency”

  1. Perhaps you should stop going on those trips…something always happens to you. And the way you say “cast trips” is a reminder that this is just a tv show.

  2. Well, Vicki finally got the casserole she so desired.
    Just one more casserole to come, if it ever does–dont hold your breadth in anticipation Vicki. Shannon will never, ever forgive you, she too much into herself, wrong & strong for no right reason.
    Her jealously was so obviously blatant & her horrible true colors were pure black when Vicki & Tamara called a truce. She is to be pitied. Honestly, my pity is for David.

    1. You mean like Vicki’s was when Tamra and Gretchen were friends?
      Shannon won’t forgive her that much is true… she doesn’t deserve it. Did you catch the part the other night where she admitted she lied about the abuse? She said on camera for all to hear “I got a call one night with Shannon screaming so what was I supposed to think?” Um maybe not just assume and lie that she’s being beaten?

    1. I laughed at that too. Yes, even Steve realizes that, just because Vicki says there’s a problem and even goes so far as to have herself drug out of a hotel by whaaambulance, does not mean there is actually a problem.

      1. Did you see them on WWHL? He was the bartender and Vicki was the guest of course. Andy asked if the “I love you” had been mentioned and Steve said yeah something like that. lol I’ve thought from day 1 he’s paid for his performances. He’s NO saint either though – crooked cop. Google OcWeekly then search on that news site “Steve Lodge” and you’ll see. When they mentioned he carried a gun cause he’s a cop I thought um no he isn’t… he’s a former cop… disgraced one at that. I cannot figure out why none of the ladies haven’t even brought that up? Vicki probably threatened the producers to not allow it.

        1. My Godfather lives in Costa Mesa and was in City government there. He knows Steve and says he’s a real dirt bag. I tend to believe him

          1. Yep from what I read he’s not the saint that Brianna claimed he is one time. Tamra even hinted at it in her talk with Vicki when Vicki said people came to her with stories about Eddie and Tamra said yeah and people have come to me with things about Steve too. The guy before that who lives here by me in the Phx area is a cowboy wanna be bar owner. His bar is a joke. I went there once right after I moved to the Valley many years ago and being from the midwest I looked around at all the “cowboys”, chuckled to myself and walked out. He tossed his ex wife or girlfriend into a bonfire on purpose. She’s got a “douchebag” magnet

  3. And then she comes back from the hospital to drink for several hrs. afterwards! What I find telling was when Vicki relayed her health scare to Brianna and told her she thought she was going to DIE, Brianna said something to the effect “well, that doesn’t surprise me – or something like – that figures” ! Even Brianna knew that was a stunt.

    1. yeah I was thinking the same thing…dude you just got out of the hospital where they told you you had high bp and I am sure gave her medicine and here she is drinking…….drama queen……she was just tired from all her whooping it up and it bit her in the a88…

  4. Ummmm – Peggy did not go to the hospital with Vicki. Lydia was there to begin with. Is Vicki so far into her lies that she can’t even understand that we SAW what happened and Peggy DID NOT go with her. Vicki is a very very sick woman but there isn’t and MD in the world who can help her until she realizes how sick she is and gets herself into therapy.

  5. All I saw was the the other broads were eating, drinking and enjoying their trip; they did not really give a rat’s ass for the fake heart attack and they gave her a casserole to shut her up…that’s what I saw

  6. I don’t watch the OC anymore, but if Viki still drinks like she did during the seasons I did watch, maybe that is one of her health issues. I know for a fact that alcohol and high blood pressure don’t mix. I used to wonder how anyone could put away as much liquor as she could and be conscious. Scripted or not, that part was real. She really does make me sick, that’s why I don’t watch anymore, her and Peggy are both below the wire.

  7. Has anyone explained the towel over the head yet? WTF was that all about? She was likely under there cackling and thinking she was fooling everyone.

  8. I read that Vicki is a Fetal Alcohol Syndrome baby. Anyone know if that is true? It would explain her ears, totally weird nose and mouth.

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