Vicki Gunvalson Reveals How She Felt Her Co-Stars Handled Iceland Emergency

Vicki Gunvalson had a traumatic health-scare in Iceland during the RHOC cast trip, so was she happy with the way her co-stars supported her?

Vicki shares that this was a “completely different” experience. “I was really injured in that ATV accident for a long time afterward. I’m good now,” Vicki shared. “But this wasn’t an injury. I’ve had some blood pressure issues [Vicki was diagnosed with elevated blood pressure].”

It turns out that Vicki is very happy with the way the women handled her hospital visit this year. “The ladies were very kind, very nice. It was really nice to get back to the hotel, actually. They were really concerned,” she said. “Peggy [Sulahian] went with me to the hospital, which was nice.”

Vicki admits that she wasn’t surprised that everyone joined together to help her. “No, because that’s compassionate. When somebody’s sick or hurt, you do the right thing,” she told Bravo. “You put all your anger aside and your animosity aside and you do what’s right. You be there for each other.”

Vicki also shared that Diko Sulahian helped with the situation even though he was in California. “Diko called [my boyfriend] Steve [Lodge], he’s like, ‘We’re going to Iceland. We’re going to get Vicki.’ So Steve’s like, ‘Hold on a second. Let’s see what’s wrong,'” Vicki shared. “So [there were] actually high emotions. When somebody’s in another country, and you get rushed by ambulance, it’s scary.”

As for what happened when Vicki returned from the hospital? “When I got back, the viewers [saw] some really interesting emotions that we went through as a group. Those cast trips are always something else, aren’t they?” Vicki said with a laugh. “A lot of things happen on those trips. But I’m a big believer in everything will be OK.”

Photo Credit: Bravo