Vicki Gunvalson Reveals Why She Brought Up The Hurtful Secret About The Beadors


Vicki Gunvalson is taking to her blog to reveal that she is fed up with Shannon Beador. Gunvalson admits that she does in fact know a secret about the Beador family that is hurtful and she is tired of Shannon hurting her. Vicki feels like Shannon is Tamra’s puppet. Vicki also says she’s done with Tamra dishing out her negativity towards her, and says if she’s not fighting or arguing with someone she’s not being Tamra.

“When I went to Meghan and Jim’s party, I went in with a thought that if I see Shannon, I will simply remove myself from wherever she was. She has continued to put out to the universe that I am a liar, and I’m fed up with it. Everyone who knows me, knows my heart and knows I would never do anything like Shannon is accusing me of. I didn’t lie about “his” illness and I don’t understand why she is so fixated on this topic. Everyone who knew “him” and I, experienced the same thing I did and also believe(d) he was/is sick. I don’t know anything more than that and I’m done talking about it. I’m also DONE with her and her continued negative attitude and bashing of me and her bullying me. I’ve told her over and over again, her desire to keep my ex-boyfriend’s name and the problems I went through with him in her vocabulary is her problem and her issue. I have zero desire to utter his name, speak about him or think of him ever again. It’s been over a year since we have broken up, I’ve moved on so why can’t she? She has zero compassion for what I went through, and I can’t spend any more time discussing it with her.

When Shannon came up to me at the party and wanted to confront me about not acknowledging that I called her, I thought it was inappropriate timing and just plain rude. I know after I was hurt, she really didn’t care about me or how I was recovering so why make a fake phone call. I think she called me only to save face because the other ladies were so nice to me and questioned her and her lack of compassion (without me prompting them to). I’m finding out that Shannon will follow Tamra’s lead around like a little puppet. If she thinks that Tamra thought she should have phoned me or come up to me at the party, then that’s the only reason why she did it. It wasn’t sincere at all.

Tamra thinks that I was upset that Shannon didn’t see me in the hospital which was true, but also I saw (as you all did) that Tamra and Heather thought she should have shown up too. It wasn’t just me. I had asked if one of them could run to the store and grab me some inexpensive sweat pants, t-shirt, and sandals so when I was discharged I had clothes to wear home since they were cut off when I got to the hospital. It’s not like I needed her to hold my hand, just a quick stop in to see if I needed anything would have been nice. I’m over it, moved on and really know now I can’t count on those two for help. It’s fine, I get it.

When I called Shannon a liar, is because she is. We all have lied in the past for something, whether it was a white lie, a malicious lie or something in between. I’m tired of Shannon’s negative attitude and turning so vicious towards me for nothing that I did to her. I’m tired of her continued rant that I lied about my ex and his health. I didn’t and if she has questions about HIM and the reasons he did what he did, she should contact him directly as she has his phone number. Again…very weird that she can’t let this go.

The truth of the matter is, I know something that is very hurtful about the Beadors which she has lied about. I have no desire to hurt her or her family, but she has hurt me beyond words and I don’t know what to do about her anymore. I simply want her to stay away from me, to stop talking crap about me and my family for attention and to just focus on her family and what makes her happy. I don’t like this type of friendship, and don’t have these issues with my friends outside of this circle of women. I have compassion for people that are hurting, and don’t want to make things worse for her or for her family.

Now onto Tamra. I truly think if she and I had our own show without all the other negativity it would be fun. When I saw our little shopping spree together, it made me laugh out loud. It’s definitely hysterical when we are together, no matter what we do we always have fun. Unfortunately, when Tamra gets in her little circle of “friends” (puppets), she changes and then creates problems (AKA: pot stirrer). I can’t figure out if it’s for real, or if it’s to cause drama and to get attention. When her and I are together it’s good and we have never had any issues. I’m at the point where I’m desensitized from her perpetual mood swings and screaming at me (which you will see more of when we get to Ireland). I just don’t understand her motive. Is this how she believes Christian women speak to one another? Is this something that is uplifting and inspiring? If she doesn’t respect me, or like me that’s fine. I’m tired of her dishing it out to me (and anyone else that’s in her path), and never being able to take it in return. I just want her to keep her negativity away from me. I’m not ok with name calling or hurtful comments from her anymore. If she’s not fighting or arguing with someone, she is not being Tamra. She’s done it every year with someone and quite frankly I’m tired of it…enough is enough.

Watching Michael and Kelly interact with each other the night of Heather’s book party was hard. I know they have gone through some tough times, and it is always heightened when alcohol is involved. Steve and I have spent one on one time with them and they are a lot of fun and I know they love each other. They are working through their “issues”, and how to manage them especially in tense situations. Kelly has been a good friend to me, and I to her. We have each other’s back when the heat gets turned up by these other women.

I’m so proud of Heather and Terry and personally I don’t know how Heather manages to do everything she does with four kids, writing a book and the show. I haven’t read her book yet, but when I get some down time I’m definitely going to take them up on their advice on how to age gracefully and look our best.

Now onto Steve who you met in this week’s episode. My daughter told me when I wasn’t looking, a great man would appear and it would be in God’s perfect timing. Well my daughter was once again right and God is good. He has blessed me with an incredible man when I was least expecting it. We met at a charity event back in April and have been inseparable ever since. He’s kind, he’s a Christian, has a great career, he has a beautiful family and my children and grandchildren love him. We are taking it slow, but we have a respectful, loving, and happy relationship and I am one lucky lady.

I hope you are all enjoying the season, we are on the home stretch. The reunion films in a few weeks and I still don’t have my dress picked out so if you have any ideas, let me know what you think I should wear. I’m always down to the wire on this.”

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Oh! Oh! Where is a shovel for all her BS? She aided and abetted a man who lied about cancer. She lied about calling Terry for an IV. She lied about City of Hope. She lied about the binder. She doesn’t get a do-over. Now she is threatening Shannon cuz Shannon doesn’t want to go back to where they were? It’s called moral fiber, something you don’t have. Tamra doesn’t have puppets nor is she one. She’s sick of you. Everyone is sick of you. Your latest bedmate is a liar and abusive to women. Same Brooks. Stop throwing the… Read more »

I so agree with you gigicat!!!! So sick of that witch…she refuses to take responsibility for anything she does…pathetic woman with no class at all. I would not buy a doghouse from this dishonest person.

EXACTLY…and why she thinks for one second that the dirt she has on Shannon will be believed by anyone….she is incapable of telling the truth about anything…


Wow lol you seem really invested in all of their lives. I say you have a nice and relaxing spa day and take it easy. It’s not that serious. You are just a very angry person, I couldn’t imagine putting this much energy into typing all that hatred out no matter how mad I was. What’s that saying? “Holding into anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die”

We just cannot stand liars in particular trollops who lie about cancer. Everyone is entitled to their opinions! That’s what a blog is for if you don’t like it just ignore it!

Many of us here have watched our loved ones die from cancer, many of us here have cancer, many of us have family members with cancer and many of us here are caregivers to those with cancer so STFU about how we feel about her LYING ABOUT CANCER. Moron.

Wow Megan.. seems you took your precious semi valuable time to read the article and comments about The Old Goat.. Apparently you have time to invest yourself to do the same. Please be kind and don’t disrespect others for doing the same. Just because they took the time to comment on what they read makes them NO different than yourself.

I agree with Gigicat and all of you here who find Vicki a repulsive human being who lied about cancer for her own personal gain. My husband is getting radiation as I write this and my dear friends and family are struggling with it. It is heartwrenching.
Vicki makes the show unwatchable and I will no longer watch it because of her. She should be off IMO.

I’m so sorry about your Husband’s illness, Sandy. Sending my best to you and him and wellness wishes out into the Universe. And my prayers. ❤️

Hi Sandy, I’m sorry your husband and you are going through this and I agree Vicki is nothing more than a low life POS.

Thanks, Vanonna. ❤️

It isn’t nice when you know what we all saw her say with her own words,she has lied about cancer and it affects people and not in a good way.

I agree 100%, she is a very angry person and sounds to me not a very nice person either. She needs to get a life and quit putting so much hatred into this woman that could care less.

Thanks for the condescending attitude MEGAN!!!’ The majorly of us here happen to agree with GIGICAT and we have even said worse !! So yeah we are an angry bunch I guess. In the future , please don’t comment on the posters themselves and just state your opinion . You don’t know us or our lives

Oh, great. Another shrink imposter, telling us all what we should do, and how we must think and feel. Why don’t you show us the way, oh great one, instead of assuming you know anything about anything. This is called a “blog.” Real Housewives is the topic, which means when we click on, we talk about them, the show etc. Get it? God, another bombastic, grandiloquent poster…..

How funny…you got that line from Bethenny Frankel, so what does that make you………….

Not invested in their lives Megan, just commenting on a liar who created a storyline about cancer with her boyfriend and who continues to deny and play victim. This is called a comment section and that is what is being done. What is the purpose of your comment? Do you have an opinion about this liar? You seem pretty invested in these comments.

Well said Gigi, again nothing more for me to say, reading her blog I went from laughing at her to fuming about the lying witch! Now going to read my book and get away from this trollop! Xoxoxox

Dang, did you read my mind? My thoughts exactly, in fact, she is the reason that I have stopped watching most of the RH franchises. Turned off NJ and NY. Sick of the fighting, the nasty attitudes. If Ickie is the Christian woman she says, and I know she has said this more than once, “oh, I wouldn’t hurt children, even if I detest the parent” why is she threatening to blab something that will hurt the whole family. What did the daughters do to her? And jumping on the In-laws wagon, again, she doesn’t like people n her families… Read more »

You are absolutely right with your post Anonymous. I’ve stopped watching most of them too. The only one I watch is RHOBH and thank goodness changes were made because I was about to quit that one too! If this is how “real” women behave, I guess I’m not “real”.

I will follow you anywhere, wonderful, Gigicat. Speak the truth, girl. You nailed it perfectly. You are my heroine.

You can say that again!!!

Here Here! You are spot on GIGICAT!


I luv vicki, she knows how to have fun when ready always had a great work ethic …I. Still wonders what most of the housewives do outside of the show ..before the show in fact …. not much..vicki had her own career before the show ..I think she should stop bailing out her daughter tho Briana has a husband that should be loooking after her financially …

Did you not see Vicki trying to pull off a cancer scam and make money selling club detox doing it? Are you unaware of the killallcancer “charity” that she is a part of, which is really just a way for her generate insurance leads? Did you see her in Dublin acting like a complete slut? She’s the OG all right – old grifter – and she should be anywhere except on our tv screens.

All these ladies got mess to over come.. Heather and Meghan are the only housewives on the show with morals. The rest of them are liars and drink wayyyyyyyyy to much…

But I can say I love Vicki crazy ass. She does know how to turn up. I just hate she let that lying ass Brooks mess her rep up. I just think she was Inlove and caught up… When your in love you say and do dumb shit. Until the smoke clears you can’t see a clear picture. After you feel real dumb. I’m glad she finally has a man that can stand with her everywhere. Best looking man she has had. Hope it lasts. She deserves to be happy. I wanna know what she has on Shannon. It’s gonna… Read more »

shame on Andy cohen

Just tell us what it is.

She’s just trying to scare them. She’s got nothing. She’s can’t keep a secret.

Anyone who can try to pull off a Cancer Scam deserves all the hate they have coming towards them she is a Vile human being nothing but a LiarFace old Hag

Totally agree with you of course YoYo! Xoxoxxo

You all need to get a life! Also it is nice to know there are so many perfect people out there, able to judge others, I always thought, that was best left up to the Lord!

As many of us have stated before this is a blog, you state your opinions on the housewives not on the commenters! If you don’t like the comments don’t read them. Vicki deserves all the negative comments she gets for lying about cancer then trying to play innocent. If you had someone seriously ill in your house or had lost someone close you may think the way most of us do. For now please stick to commenting on HW’s and not on us!!

Oh, hey there “JEN” I didn’t know you were speaking for the Lord now. So, while telling a bunch of strangers on a blog that you also read BTW, then instructing us to get a life, you have the balls to bring the Lord into it. What a fucking hypocrite. “Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord.” Until then we have been given a voice, and YOU don’t speak for Him. It always kills me when casuists come on using God as their reason for disliking a post, I have never once seen one of THOSE people be kind, say kind… Read more »

Suze xoxoxo


She wants to know what she should wear to the reunion. Hmmmmm – why not try something that fits and is age appropriate? Leave your boobs in and your mouth shut and make sure your dress is your actual size – not the size you’d like to be.

Perfect comment xoxox

I too am sick of Tamra’s fake crap, always stirring the pot…and can’t even begin to relate to what transpired between her and Kelly in Ireland, like seeing a different species or something, can’t even re-watch it, makes no sense whatsoever…some of these things are just downright immature and stupid and this trip so far is one of them…

I agree. TAMARA is always picking on the new person. Remember The new Shanon and the “taking the Beadors down comment?” All from Tamara stirring the pot. Great Christian.!!!