Vicki Gunvalson Responds to Engagement Rumors

RHOC star Vicki Gunvalson is still going strong with her boyfriend Steve Lodge and the couple just responded to the reports that they are engaged.

Vicki and Steve were asked about the engagement rumors on The Daily Dish Podcast. Steve laughed and said, “No it’s not.” Vicki proceeded to hold up her hand showing an empty ring finger, as Steve said, “There’s nothing on that finger.”

Vicki joked, “Is there something you’re going to tell me tonight? Are you surprising me on Watch What Happens Live?”

Well, Steve didn’t propose, but Vicki went on to talk about how she manifested Steve on a vision board.

“I have four quadrants on my vision board. And I did it in January of 2016 and by April every single thing was manifested and came to life. And one of them was him,” she revealed. “I put George Clooney in the middle with a suit and I said I want a good-looking man. I want a man that loves his family and loves the Lord. And I wanted a man that was a businessman and had his own money, had his own career. And I wanted a man that was charming, good looking, that my daughter would love, and literally all 10 things were him.”

But Vicki made it clear that if Steve asked her to marry him she would say yes. “I will say yes, honey. I adore him,” she shared.

Do you think Vicki and Steve will get married? Do you think they make a good couple? Let’s chat about it.

Photo Credit: Bravo