Vicki Gunvalson Reportedly Wants To Keep New Boyfriend Steve Lodge Off RHOC


Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson introduced her new boyfriend Steve Lodge to viewers last week on the show and according to a new report after a new wave of backlash, Gunvalson is now keeping her relationship private.

If you are a Vicki fan and are hoping to see her new relationship blossom on the air, “that is not going to happen! Vicki does not want to destroy this relationship by bringing Steve on the show as a cast member,” an insider revealed, adding that it’s not just because Vicki wants to help hide his skeletons.

“Vicki just does not want to make the same mistake that she did with her ex, Brooks Ayers, by allowing him to be a regular on RHOC,” the source told RadarOnline. “Vicki is still very skeptical! She knows how much the rest of the girls would love to destroy her and Steve, just as they did with her and Brooks.”

Even though the network is pushing Vicki to bring Steve on the firm, she’s standing firm on her decision. “The network is begging her to bring Steve on to film a bunch of episodes but Vicki says she is not going to budge on this. She does not want fame to go to his head and change him like it changed Brooks,” the insider added.

According to the source, “She is absolutely happy right now and they are very much in love. Vicki and Steve are perfect for each other!”

“Vicki is head-over-heels for this guy and she does wants to get remarried one day,” said the source, adding, “Vicki wants the happily ever after. But what girl doesn’t?”

Love attending the Hispanic 100 Lifetime Achievement Awards event with @lodge4anaheim #Chavez

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33 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Reportedly Wants To Keep New Boyfriend Steve Lodge Off RHOC”

      1. Amen to you both! As soon as she needs a storyline – he’ll be on. I’m amazed that this liar sees her relationship destroyed by the women. She’s never accountable for anything. I guess it was their fault she cheated and divorced Don too.

  1. Good morning Rain! ♥️♥️♥️ LOL So we’re not buying this story already are we! I will say he is kind of handsome. But that’s just packaging right?! Let’s give it time I’m sure something has to come up through the woodwork. I mean we’re talking about a Vicki boyfriend here after all. I don’t want to be right but it’s not a stretch to be wrong!

    1. Didn’t they already find out he’s been in legal trouble of some sorry ?? Hello Miss M ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Seriously, Rain?? Already??? haha that didn’t take long. What kind of trouble do tell! How are you feeling today my friend? I hope you’re doing well. xoxox

        1. I forgot what kinda trouble lol. He’s an ex cop so it’s not like a major thing. I wanna say insurance fraud to something but not sure LOL
          How’s your back Miss M ❤️❤️❤️Get it together soon gurl, those men have needs LOL

          1. Oh shesuz there you go again Rain you funny funny gal! You better believe my poor husbands been patient. I told him if he had to he could get a hooker for a while – with major protection. Tomorrow my MRI and next day consult on findings and what kind of surgery and when. My back hurts this morning and radiating abdominal pain, I hate it when that happens. Feels like menstral cramps. I can take it though I’m tough. :/

            1. I’m so sorry you’re in pain sweetheart and I hope everything goes well for you ❤️❤️❤️ I hate to keep sounding like the Ganja queen but it’s great for pain. I am know the person your parents warned you about … ‘just say no’ lol

              Hopefully no hookers are necessary lol !

    1. You know it’s what most of us are thinking. haha..Not that anyone is interested in watching him, but it sure would beat the heck out of listening to her ass on the show 😀

    2. Me too, Aunt Bee! It’s hard not to laugh when you’re here period. ♥️♥️♥️

  2. He’s a liar too. Google him and read all about how he used a hispanic last name to garner votes when he was running for office in sleazy anaheim. He didn’t win. So he LOVES attention and I have zero idea what he sees in that loud mouthed drunk except access to be on this show.

  3. Exactly Gigicat . It’s been proven that he’s a liar just like Vicki . Didn’t he also throw some random lady into a fire ?

    1. Goodness knows, I can’t keep up with her and don’t want to. Has there been one in between him and Brooks? Don’t answer I don’t care! Lol xoxoxoxoxx

  4. “Even though the network wants her to bring him on the show she stands firm. She doesn’t want fame to go to his head and change him as it changed Brooks.” OMG now she is blaming the network. Vicki you are one deplorable POS. I am glad even trash mouth Kelly saw you for what you are last night. As her FRIEND you should have at least tried to quiet her rant instead of ” staying out of it”. You are despicable.

  5. Good. Sometimes it’s simply more peaceful for your personal life in the end not to have every single piece of every private moment for viewers or strangers itching to peer in. Keep something for yourself.

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