Vicki Gunvalson Reportedly Asked Andy Cohen to Bring Back Gretchen Rossi to RHOC


As we previously reported, Vicki Gunvalson is at war with her RHOC co-star and former BFF Tamra Judge. Now, an insider is revealing that Vicki wants to get Judge’s nemesis Gretchen Rossi back on the show just to spite Tamra.

As we’ve shown you, Vicki has been posting a lot of photos hanging out with Rossi on social media. An insider is revealing that Gunvalson reached out to Andy Cohen and asked him to bring back Gretchen!

“While the ladies were at lunch, Vicki busted out her phone and texted Andy Cohen to tell him to bring back Gretchen and Lizzie Rovsek,” the source shared. “After Andy didn’t respond, Vicki called him to tell him that she thought having them both come back would be awesome!”

“Vicki is not stupid,” the source told RadarOnline of Vicki’s new friendship with Kelly Dodd and Rossi. “She knew that posting a photo of herself with Gretchen would absolutely drive Tamra mad!”

“What is really happening now is that Gretchen and Kelly have totally hit it off. They’ve been spending a lot of time together recently,” the source shared. “Kelly says whatever the f*ck she wants and is scared of no one. She would never stand down to Tamra.”

Happy Happy Happy 4th of July weekend! Having fun with these two beauties 😘😍 @rhoc_kellyddodd @vickigunvalson

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How would you feel about Gretchen returning to the show?

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19 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Reportedly Asked Andy Cohen to Bring Back Gretchen Rossi to RHOC”

  1. Ok, so I haven’t yet watched last night’s below deck, but I will say that the couple that are on this last charter are obnoxious to the help. Danny having his phone taken away is such a sign of the times at the work place. lol. This problem is everywhere these days 😀

      1. Actually, I can’t remember the details of that reunion so I kind of which I could see it myself. Sometimes when seasons get far enough advanced, they don’t show the older seasons anymore. Season two brought on Amy, who I think you will like and her very hot brother as a deckhand. It also has the new chief stew Kate and the old one Kat. I personally could not stand Kat in the second season, but that is her last season anyway. I don’t want to give you too many spoil alerts but Ben is in every season. He misses part of the last season, but eventually comes on board to save to the day 😀

    1. That Danny needs to get thrown overboard. He is BEYOND obnoxious and does not understand his place in the pecking order nor his limited obligations as being a “party host” to the guests. I hope this was all scripted. I’d hate to think this idiot is this stupid.

      1. I am not sure how this show works. I don’t think they can contrive like they do with the housewives, but I do think the producers set up the circumstances…Like maybe setting up guests that are going to act in a certain way. What I wouldn’t give for a behind the scenes, or tell all show from the guests’s perspective..especially AFTER the show has aired. That would be interesting. As for Danny, I think he was picked for this reason as they might have known that he wasn’t there to just be a Deck hand, but to create “moments” for the guests. lol.

  2. I think they need to dump Tamra, Heather, Kelly, Shannon….. bring in some ladies who are not so self centered and bitchy…. only problem with Gretchen coming back is that she would be bringing Slade with her…. Bring back Alexis and Jeana!!!! Keep Vicki – dump her daughter and son-in-law who I considered an asssssss. I like some drama but I am finding myself fast forwarding thru Tamra, Heather and Shannon’s storylines…..

      1. lol…. yes she is certainly self centered and bitchy!!! Since she is one the first and only one who is a constant thru all seasons – guess I feel she earned her spot…

    1. Hi Sweetie! Hope alls well? Time for Liarface to go maybe get her own show with all of her genuine friends!

  3. Vicki is down to scraping the bottom of the barrel of everyone she’s ever met. Why Gretchen would have anything to do with her is an indication of how badly Gretchen wants her 15 minutes of fake fame to go on. Vicki is despicable.

  4. Ok # 1 I still prefer Capt. Lee and his crew to Med.
    # 2 Right or wrong this is my opinion of the OG of OC: she will be here forever because she is blackmailing Bravo and Andy with a tell all book with Crooks about what really happens with these RH shows. She will tell how they are scripted and how producers and directors make things happen to keep viewers interested. She is evil and I wouldn’t put anything past her. The fact that Bravo gave this BITCH a new contract against so much public opposition proves my point in MHO.

  5. More proof that Andy does what Andy wants. He’s not swayed by the audience or the OGs or anyone. He will only agree to something if it’s what he wants

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