Vicki Gunvalson Regrets Repeating Information About Shannon Beador’s Marriage


Vicki Gunvalson is taking to her blog to wrap up the season finale of the Real Housewives of Orange County. Gunvalson said she regrets sharing what she knew about Shannon Beador’s marriage with Kelly Dodd and takes responsibility for the information becoming public. Gunvalson also discusses the end of her friendship with Tamra Judge. She calls Tamra a bully and a hypocrite for telling her not to gossip about others. Vicki also discusses the Ireland trip and says she wishes she would have had Kelly’s back. Read what else Vicki had to say about this season below.

“Watching this episode was really hard for me. I didn’t want to go to Shannon’s, but I wanted to support Tamra because she had asked me to go. Hindsight I should have just gone to dinner with Briana and Steve alone – it would have been a lot more fun. I know often times at these parties someone is always the target and I absolutely guessed it would be Kelly or I, so that’s why I wore red. I’d be easy to find. These women don’t scare me, and I’m tired of Tamra and Shannon saying that all I do is talk about them. The truth is I don’t, but if they want to continue to assassinate my character and call me a liar, I will continue to speak my truths. I don’t care about their personal life, I really don’t, but I’m fed up with “S & T” attempting to tarnish my reputation. All they do is talk about me. Whether I’m there or not, I’m always talked about, and it’s exhausting to hear them continuing this bantering. I don’t know what their motive is, but I have my own gut instinct, which I will share at a later time.

There is a lot that you the viewers don’t know on how hard it was to start this season without having to discuss my past relationship. It was lingering problem and it had a residual affect. The beginning of the season, I always felt like I was always trying to win these girls over. The truth of the matter is, I DID want to get back into social graces with them, but after seeing what I did on this week’s episode it’s not something I want to do anymore. It’s tough to swallow how mean and hurtful they can be. I never heard once from Shannon or Tamra, but they continue to expect apologies from me (which by the way they continued to receive). It’s so lopsided it’s a joke.

I want to go back to Ireland on the bus for a moment because I haven’t written a blog in a while. I did the wrong thing there and I have apologized to Kelly for it. I should have had Kelly’s back when the stupid fight started, but I chose to stay quiet hoping that it would just die down and hoped that I wouldn’t have to get involved. It was 3 AM in the morning, we were all tired and all of us had some cocktails in us except Kelly. I know that’s not realistic for some of you to hear, but I really don’t want any conflict with these women anymore. I’d rather walk away, than fight because I hate fighting, but there’s a fine line as I don’t want to look weak either. It’s a tough place to be in.

I’ve counted the last few episodes that Tamra has said she wants to “kill” Kelly or I more than three times in the past two weeks, and that’s only what we have seen. I can’t imagine really how many times this woman says “I want to kill her/him” in her normal activities. Her outbursts and her foul language is frightening.

Watching Tamra lately, I see someone who is fighting so hard to be relevant, to be the bully, the one who likes to attack, likes to stir up problems and go after others as her mission in life. I’m done with her antics and I see right through her. Tamra telling me to “stop talking about her”…is she serious? Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? That’s all this woman does is talk about people. Over and over again, she’s talking bad about people including me. She is never at peace with anyone. She always has someone she is upset with. Is that how she wants to be remembered?

Tamra passing out her stupid t-shirts was a joke. What was I supposed to do when she hands me a t-shirt saying I’m guilty of lying? What was her mission here? She knows me longer than any of the other ladies and although it hasn’t always been easy on us, I would have expected more from her. For her to do that to me in front of my new boyfriend Steve and the other guests, was embarrassing. I decided to laugh it off at the time, but realized this was a friendship I did not want any longer. I was done and for her to do that to me, is just disgusting and classless. Typical Tamra though. She loves to be hurtful. Needless to say, I don’t understand why she would go to the trouble of printing something like that when she knew it would go in the garbage…which is actually where it went.

In the past I’ve shared with Kelly that I was married and how I believe the stress of filming and the demands of my career were partially to blame for my divorce from my husband. I told her about my relationship thereafter with my ex-boyfriend and the demise of that relationship, which hindsight was a blessing. I don’t know how long I can continue this conversation about him, but I believed a man that I loved. That’s it. We all have been taken advantage of, lied to and unfortunately I am one of them. I learned the hard way, but I learned and that’s the greatest lesson of all and I thank God for protecting me in more ways than one.

I told Kelly about my volatile, unpredictable friendship with Tamra. I told her that I don’t think she can be trusted in a group of women. Tamra one on one is great and we always have fun together, however once she gets around other ladies, her mission is always to conquer and divide. I always feel like I’m a “game” with her and I never really know what her end motive is. I think she likes conflict, I really do. Ask any of the past ‘Wives of their relationship with Tamra and they will tell you the same thing. She’s hurtful and says whatever she can to cause chaos and drama season after season. Ask Jeana, ask Alexis, ask Gretchen, ask Laurie, ask Lizzie and on and on. They all have the same thing to say about her, so I’m not the only one. She is very rarely ever uplifting, never inspiring and never encouraging especially when your down and out.

Rumors about Eddie have circulated for years now. Let me get this straight with all of you…I don’t care one way or the other of his sexual preference, but WHY would Tamra continue to not hit it head on and talk about it? She’s heard it, everyone has heard it. If it’s not true, then laugh it off and/or discuss it. Why yell and spit in people’s faces and scream at them if they discuss the “rumor”? If she’s trying to hide some things she is aware of or knows about him, then why is HE off limits when she doesn’t allow other people’s “stuff” to be off limits?

When Tamra said that “I want the guys to look bad so my ex didn’t look so bad”, that’s the farthest from the truth. Tamra said she doesn’t want me spreading rumors about people, which I agree that I shouldn’t, and NOR should they. I shouldn’t have told Kelly anything about what I heard about Eddie and I should have let her find out for herself. In fact, what is interesting is Kelly had already heard about the “rumor”, and it wasn’t just me “repeating a rumor” because she already knew of it.

Tamra has made a mockery of me and has made “fun” of me and encouraging some of the ladies to continue bantering that I am a liar. I’m tired of her toxic mouth and her continued bulling me. It’s the same thing every episode, every year…she’s always talking crap about someone but when anyone talks about her or her family she goes crazy on them. Why is she off limits?

I was shocked at Heather as well. Heather and I have never had negative words to each other, but from the party it looks like that has changed now too. The truth is I like(d) Heather, however I am shocked at her negativity and rudeness towards me when there was no reason for it. We have never been super close, but we have always shown a level of respect for one another. It looks like Tamra has worked her little manipulation magic to have Heather speak so ill of me. This has Tamra written all over it, I can see it a mile away. This is not something I would have expected from her. Now, is that classy?

Now, onto Shannon. I ended last season with Shannon in a really bad place. For some reason, she took it upon herself to try and portray that she was a victim in what I went thru with my ex. It’s been a long time now, and the fact that she wouldn’t move on over a year later was interesting to say the least. Was this something that really affected her? Has she ever sat back to realize how it all affected me? NO!

She tried in the beginning of this season to be steadfast on convincing the ladies I was a “liar” and for them not to be around me. I’ve done my very best to enter 2016 on learning from my past, and attempting to be aware of the red flags in any future relationships and to keep those relationships more private. When Kelly and I talked, I told her how quick Shannon was to judge me, when in fact her marriage to David was anything but stellar. Hindsight, I should have never told Kelly about them and what I experienced with Shannon and let it come out on its own…because it would have eventually. I never expected Kelly to share that with her, but it is what it is. I’m not mad at Kelly for telling Shannon what I told her, I’ll take the responsibility for sharing it with Kelly. When I talked to Kelly about it privately, it was to tell Kelly how I never revealed something that would hurt Shannon, and how I chose to not share it with the other women even after how mean and vindictive she had been towards me. I never expected it to “get out”, and hindsight should have just kept it to myself. Problem is, Shannon continuing to call me a liar and saying “she doesn’t lie”, is not being truthful.

The reunion show was taped last week, and I’m glad it’s behind us. This season took a turn for the worse towards the end which no one could have predicted. Although Ireland turned out not so nice for Kelly, it was a decent trip for me and one that I felt some fences were mended which was nice which obviously now are not.

If I could have done anything different, I would not have shared what I know about Shannon and David with Kelly. I wish truthfully I never knew that information about them.

Now, onto happy things. My daughter is healthy, my grandbabies live 10 minutes away in a beautiful home, my son is dating a really great girl and I’m approaching seven months with Steve. We couldn’t be happier as a family and I am extremely blessed to have Steve in my life. Briana and him are really close which makes me so happy. Answered prayers! You saw a few glimpses of him in this weeks episode and he is a pure gentleman and easy on the eyes to say the least.”

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39 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Regrets Repeating Information About Shannon Beador’s Marriage”

    1. THANK YOU. She isn’t intelligent enough to have written this. She’s way too old to still be acting like this. She’s way too old to still be drinking too much. She’s way too old to still be coyly (gag me) flirting with every guy who walks past her. She’s way too old to still be expecting everyone to sweep her shit under the rug and she’s way too old to be romping around like some sort of mental patient who’s off her meds.

  1. This blog is actually spot on about Tamera and Heather, and it’s well written (IMO), so I definitely don’t believe that Vicki wrote it. However..true to form, there is no responsibility on Vicki’s part for her previous actions, when she has happily joined Tamera in bullying and ganging up on someone..Gretchen comes to mind. At this point, addressing the Brooksgate issue isn’t even necessary anymore. It’s clear that she happily gossips and is vindictive when she is in good graces with Tamera, and the years when she is not in good graces, she becomes a contrite, soft spoken victim.

    1. I certainly hope Vicki didn’t pay someone to write this. The grammar and punctuation are so bad that, to me, Vicki looks pretty stupid. Actually, I didn’t think I could form a lower opinion of Vicki than the one I’ve been using for the last couple of years. I was wrong.

      1. You are right..I will make a correction to my post..When I said “well written”, I did not mean that it was grammatically well written. I meant the deflection was spot on when pointing out things about the rest of the cast, in my own opinion. I don’t think she is smart enough to articulate that normally. Her only defense and mantra as a come back is “me too”, or “so are you”. lol. I do agree that she doesn’t own anything of her own crap. That never changes.

  2. What a disgusting piece of work you are, Vicky. You were not lied to by Brooks, but was a willing participant in his gaming the system so you could get sympathy from the group. It blew up in your face. Liar! Now, you want revenge. You went after Shannon’s and Tamra’s marriages. Liar! There are kids involved here, but that doesn’t matter to you. You used Kelly to do your dirty work.

    Grow the FU*K up!! Your behavior is so embarrassing. You’re 54 but act like you’re 24. Despicable. You ruined a show that at one time was fun. I’ve stopped watching because of you. Liar!

    And, by the way, it’s not your show, bitch. We’re starting a campaign to have you gone. Liar! Bye Felicia!!

    p.s. by the way…you’re a LIAR!!

      1. Yes yes yes What The!!!’ Vicki repulses me at every level.
        Plus the whole ‘Shannon, Tamra and heather’ bullied Kelly , is really blown out of proportion. Kelly is a drunk! So the ONE time in 30 years that she said no to a drink offered by Shannon , and suddenly it’s made out to be like Shannon pushed Kelly off her AA wagon! Baloney!! Ironically, that SAME night that Kelly said she doesn’t want to drink, she and Vicki knock on Tamras door and want her to go out for a drink ! Hmmmm!!’guess that sober stint lasted all of 2 hours !’ Was Shannon wrong? YES ! But let’s not pretend Kelly is a Girl Scout who was been forced to have her first drink

        Love you What The and Amy ❤️❤️❤️❤️

        1. Good Morning, Rain. How is the SanFran hottie today?

          Vicky is repulsive. I’ll get the reunion recaps, if I can control myself and not go through the computer monitor to dope slap liar, bitch.

          Bring on BH and our girl Erika 🙂

          1. You’re so sweet Boston hottie xoxo ❤️❤️❤️

            Yeah bring on Erkia!! Every dress she wore on that trailer was gorge! Based on her social media , she and Kyle are besties

            My election anxiety is off the chart! I wake up at night and check my phone ! Sigh !

            1. Yes, she always dresses the nicest. I’m glad her and Kyle are friends. She said that they have a lot in common. Just as long as LVP doesn’t get jealous and stirs up some bs. I’m looking forward to the parties, clothes, travels and will tune out the rest.

              Yup, my anxiety is through the roof still. Sigh! Let’s think good thoughts and drink more wine 🙂

  3. lick lick lick – lick lick lick – that’s Vicki licking her wounds by deflecting her crap onto other people – she nicely skirts the entire issue the women have with her and it’s the fact that she has never once admitted to them that she knew he was lying and she has never apologized for dragging them through the mud with that story line. She used every single one of them in her lies and she conveniently forgets that part. Terry going to her house and putting in an iv – crying to Shannon and having her set up top notch doctors for him then never bothering to follow through (because there was no cancer!)

    Shame on you Vicki – you truly don’t deserve good friends – what you have with tamra is a friend like you – ugly isn’t it

  4. Wow!!!! Yes, Vicki was wrong to divulge confidential info on Shannon & Tamera, but Tamara has done the same more than once & even fessed she should keep her big mouth shut, but never does. Other than that, All the other women thrive on confusion & creating confusion & I’m glad to know that Vicki, who has continually apologized, is no longer going to. Enough is never enough with confusion makers & hypocrites. Kelly was the target for the entire season, but she saw clearly who & what they are & their dirty plan to attack her & has finally refused to accept their constant nasty behavior anymore. Frankly, Meghan the youngest, shows more maturity than every last one of them joined together. What vipers!!!.

    1. After 108 years!!!!! My own Dad was born in Chicago, and the last game they had won was 8 years before he was born, all his life he rooted for them. What heart that team must have had this season, it is so inspiring. Cubs fans are such loyal fans, too. It is great to see that, GIGICAT, loyalty. Yay for you honey, I am so happy for you.

    1. I haven’t watched this season because of her lies about cancer – my way of boycotting! I still keep up with the blogs and see she still is the POS and a liar this year.

  5. Poor Vicki always being picked on and called a liar. I couldn’t get through her whole blog – just too much BS and more lies. I couldn’t take it anymore. Her views or her ghost writers views are completely delusional. I agree with the comment that this was well written – someone else HAD to have written this. I also saw a preview of the reunion where this liar said I think to Tamara if you don’t like it – get off my show. And that is this liar’s mentality.
    Hello to all!

  6. Apparently Viki doesn’t have the ability to watch old shows, as I do. She went to his chemo appts, SHE SAW HIM WITH THE CHEMO GOING IN HIS BODY. Then, she was in the waiting room, for 4 hours? Then, she picked him up at the entrance.
    SHE PUT TOGETHER A BINDER WITH ALL OF HIS TEST RESULTS AND DOCTORS APPOINTMENTS, VERY DETAILED. Then, she saw the bider. Then, it was in the stuff he took with him?
    SHE HAD TERRY DUBROW COME GIVE HIM AN IV, then she actually admitted telling everyone that, after telling Heather she had no idea what she was talking about, that she said that to get some sympathy from her friends. She expected casseroles. Spin doctor for real.
    Then……….what? Please. Her own daughter would have benefitted from the attention she gave this prik. Maybe Brianna’s illness could have been diagnosed if Viki didn’t NEED so much. Even her daughter sees who she is, sad.

    1. You nailed it all! She only remembers what is convenient for her. She must expect the viewers to be too dumb to notice or have short term memory!

  7. Kelly takes it 2 far sometimes, but I think deep down she does have a heart. At least she does tell the truth. It was so great to see her husband support her. Pleather, Tamrat, & Shanut have been gunning for her all season. Sure she gave them some ammo, but what they did is far worse in my opinion. I hope Kelly returns. I’m glad Meghan called Heather out. Vicki has made a lot of mistakes, but I would rather have her than the 3 nut jobs. I wish they would bring back Jeanna & Lizzie.

  8. Vicki what a piece of work. You are no role model for ANYONE. Your lying ethics and morales cancel out any career success you may have accumulated. What goes around comes around. Liar.

  9. Wait Kelly said Vicki told her the rumor about Eddie but Vick’s blog says Kelly had already heard that. So if that’s true then it’s effed up Kelly would blame Vicki & I am no Vicki fan. But if it’s not true then it must be one of vicki’s non lies. As for Shannon ordering alcohol , I never saw her force Kelly to drink it. If Kelly knows she is a mean drunk then don’t get drunk. Kelly doesn’t want to own the consequences of what she does or says when she is drunk. Seriously you get drunk , say ugly low blow things then apologize , pause repeat ? Heather should not be diagnosing mental illnesses, calling anyone trash or making comments how she feels sorry for Kelly’s kid. The only one that will be able to judge Kelly’s mothering skills will be her daughter . Didn’t heather learn you criticize the action not the person.

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