Vicki Gunvalson Quitting RHOC?


Vicki Gunvalson has had a rough season this year on The Real Housewives of Orange County and a source close to her is revealing the OG of the OC may not return to next season of the show after the heartache she’s been through this year.

After her co-stars started questioning whether or not her boyfriend Brooks Ayers really had cancer or not, the source says, “Vicki does not need the stress that this season has added to her life.”

Gunvalson also lost her mother while filming season 10, and her reaction was played for all of America to see. “Vicki has not decided yet if she wants to return to the show next season,” the insider tells RadarOnline. “You know, she does not need the money.”

According to the insider, “Vicki is going to wait until this season is done to sit down and reassess things before deciding if she is going to continue as the longest running housewife of all time.”

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79 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Quitting RHOC?”

  1. Bye Girl. Your screeching and hypocritical “thou protest too much” over-the-top-behavior over your loser boyfriend has grated my last nerve!

  2. Good riddance to this screeching windbag. She wants to leave cuz she looks like a fool. Can’t keep a man? Check. Dated and supported a degenerate loser? Check. Kids don’t like her? Check. Desperate? Check. Can’t accept responsibility for her actions/words? Check. Jealous? Check. Her 15 minutes have come and gone and she needs to slink back to her Coto Cave and lick her wounded pelt….. But I have a feeling she’ll be back. Too bad.

  3. Oh, they do this with every housewife who has a rough season. Having said that, I’d love to see the Old Goat gone. But that faker Tamra needs to go first.

    1. I like her too – most times anyways – but the only way I don’t see her coming back is if Meghan is still on next year. But I can’t see Vicki letting Meghan push her out. So I think she’ll be back. The likes being on tv

    2. I do too. In a way. She’s usually smart about money and gives good advice to the other women. As far as her daughter is concerned, I highly doubt without all of the extra money that Vicki has earned from the show, that Brianna would’ve been able to attend the best nursing school or had been gifted all of those expensive vehicles or would be living in that Coto de Caza copy of house in OK–all thanks to those BRAVO paychecks.

      1. Don’t get me wrong that is not an inexpensive home but Texas and OK have very inexpensive reality compared to other states, as in CA that would be close to a $750,000-$1,000,000 home in TX an OK that is a $200,000-$300,000 home. Like I said it isn’t an cheap home but our real estate prices are not near as steep as other states. So her working like she does, his income her income from the show they could have gotten that home without Vicki’s help. That is not uncommon for young couples to live in homes like this.

        1. Maybe. But I still think that Vicki helped them with a down payment and that’s why they had her come out, when they were looking at homes. Plus, Brianna is VERY lucky that she doesn’t have student loans to worry about, or a car payment, now either. ALL courtesy of the show.

  4. Objectively speaking, I don’t see it. Unless it comes down to the issues she has with Meghan and her pulling rank to get her off the cast, I see Vicki as a very strategic person who (especially now that she’s a grandmother) is focused on building wealth for her family. She seems to be in an emotional place right now due to all of the issues going on in her family/personal relationships , but I have a feeling that she won’t be scared off so easily by Meghan coming for her head. Actually, once the dust settles and Grandmaw get her wits about herself, I feel sorry for Meghan and whatever plans Vicki has for her.

    1. I see your points. Vicki is the OG of the OC…the queen bee. She may have a say in who stays or goes. Then again, we shall see. I think Vicki and her craziness is what makes the OC what it is…always quite bizarre. Her screams drive me crazy, but it isn’t boring for the most part. Meghan never has fit in, but she is someone who hasn’t shown fear of Vicki which, as a newcomer, was probably a very big mistakes on her part. We shall see. I don’t think Vicki will leave either unless they ask her not go return…doubtful

        1. Pulling rank hasn’t worked for Nene so I doubt it will work for Vicki. She will be back! Lisa V says she’s not coming back every year lol. Even if Meghan isn’t asked back, I doubt it will have to do Anythng with Vicki

          1. I love Lisa V but She does it after every season so her fans will say, oh please come back, we can’t do without you! Lol. She is my favorite! I hope Vicky goes the same way as Nene!

              1. It is correct as favorite in the US and favourite makes my spellcheck underline it in red, but I get your point. Color is colour for you too. Here, we drop a letter. Someone got lazy or couldn’t spell here maybe? 😉

                1. Apple annoys me that it corrects it! I have turned off auto correct but I don’t always notice if it’s underlined if I am in a hurry!

          2. Ah, but there is an art to pulling rank and Nene doesn’t have that. People forget that Vicki ain’t just peddlin’ health & life insurance, her company is also in the financial planning business, with a successful business model clearly based on the art of persuasion to get people to do or spend what you want them to- she’s going to know how to sit down at a negotiating table and carry herself as a business woman. Nene’s whole schtick with pulling rank was that she was fabulous,the other girls were not, and therein lied why she should stay and others should go; while I understand in Andy’s own words that RHoA is the house that she helped build, sorry, Nene, that’s not a very good argument . Beyond that, I believe Nene’s issue (in addition to being not into the show because her actress opportunities were blossoming) was that she was simply holding out for more money in the end- and it backfired. Vicki’s situation is different: unless she truly wants to leave, she may be in a good negotiating position, simply by being able to properly articulate (behind closed doors) why Meghan is a potential threat/liability/detriment to the show. This is a very different case from Nene; the only bottom line affected in that case is hers. In Vicki’s case, you have a new cast member willing to use the show as a backdrop against which they are willing to attempt to violate federal HIPPA laws…if they could get away with with it…and would likely admit it happily during filming as a willing part of their storyline. Nah…that won’t fly.

            Anyhoo, we don’t know if the reports that Vicki leaving are the least bit true, so…you know…grain ‘o salt…

            1. Excellent points Bon, especially about Nene! But I’m sure it was a hard decision for Bravo! RHOA is the highest rated HW franchise (literally DOUBLE RHOC and slightly less than double RHOBH), and now bravo is nervous that the audience won’t be back without Nene. I guess we will find out when the show airs. For me, I stopped watching since last season because it was just a horrible trash fest and just wasn’t worth my time

              1. Rain, I’m telling you, I stopped watching, too! Iow that you mention it, I wonder if the network is going to ever get it that we want drama, but we don’t want trash fests? It’s like the production companies they’re hiring keep pushing the toxicity envelope every year. I like watching cast trips to check out the resorts they use on most of the franchises, but last year on Atlanta, I checked OUT of watching….if for nothing else than Porsha and Phaedra not knowing how to properly dress for a resort vacation- I mean we had a girl happily posing for Instagram in a lace stripper thong as the Queen of Thotland, for gawd’s sakes. Coupled with her low IQ it was just LAYERS of wrong, lol. But then, when you look at the show’s head honcho producer Carlos King (as he now hosts reunions for the projects he produces with Todd Tucker productions), he is a VERY messy type. I imagine he fancies himself as some kind of urban/hip hop style version of Truman Capote or Dorothy Parker (or even a would be Andy Cohen), but he has not the wit nor composure. However, I’ve done production work before, and unfortunately it’s a business where it’s not about how nasty you are, it’s all about whether you produce results. Arrg, maybe things won’t get better with these shows, after all, sigh…

                1. Hopefully more viewers will join us and abandon ship 🙂 🙂 when I saw Meghan on the first episode, I thought OMG, this is Andys new tactic, dumb girls! First we have Porscha, now Meghan and then who knows who. And don’t start me on Phaedara!! So yes bye to RHOA -!: and I’m sure you already read that Porscha and Cynthia had a physical fight! No no no

      1. Yup, we’ll see, indeed. I think that Meghan’s problem is that not only is she a hothead, but she doesn’t know when to slow down, observe, and plan strategically to jockey herself for position on this show like a rational adult with long term plans. She seems to be incredibly immature for 30 years old, and is more hellbent on making a splash on the show by being brash or going for in hard towards this cast member or the next for screen effect; it reminds me a bit of Brandi Glanville, who set the tone and trend on these Bravo shows for being a so-called “truth cannon” by trying to demolish anything in her way at any cost. Meghan doesn’t even have the patience and wherewithal to tone down even when her husband asks her to. That, to me, demonstrates a kind of recklessness that can come back and bite a person in the bum for the long run. It’s a strategy that can win you a battle, but not necessarily a war…not to mention it looks terrible for her husband who has businesses to run, partners to answer to, and a job as a legitimate public figure that depends heavily on positive, hero-style branding.

        On these shows we often see people showing up built for speed and packing punches left and right, gaining them mass bottom feeder popularity in the process (and I completely understand that hustle, some folks have to get in where they fit in), but, honestly I would place my money on the person that’s built not for speed and thrills, but for ENDURANCE. Vicki gets on my nerves like anyone else, but it cannot be denied that she has far more experienced than Meghan in “politicking” both on and off the show, with the network, its’ sponsors & she knows how to navigate the relationships with the other girls without taking so too far that she might alienate advertisers. It’s a very dangerous and slippery slope when you get a cast member who shows so little respect for boundaries as to pretend to be a cancer sufferer in order to sniff around medical facilities, and is taking the time to track down someone’s family members/loved ones (past, present, doesn’t matter) to dig up information about them… that is NOT normal behavior & it begins to bleed ever so slightly into stalker-ish territory…and that’s a detriment to any business entity Meghan is associated with.

    2. I agree. Everyone hates Meghan. Vickie will use the awful way she was treated as well as all the viewer’s distain for her as leverage to oust her! I hope ! Shannon drank the cool aid and went to the dark side, like they all do once .. (She’s bffs with Tamara now ) but if Vickie comes back and gets Meghan kicked off, Shannon is gonna have hell to pay next season. And she deserves it honestly. She kept saying that all the others were saying awful things and that she just wanted to shut them down but the truth is that she was doing just as much shit talking as the others. Maybe more.

      1. And Shannon says continuously that Brooks’ not going to “her” Drs has been a point of frustration for her ?! Wtf right does she have to be frustrated? It’s none of her business! Vickie is the person on the show, not Brooks, he’s just the boyfriend. Yet, every season the entire storyline revolves around bashing him. I don’t get it. I sure hope he’s getting a big check from Bravo bc he’s given them a storyline at the expense of his character for several seasons now. God have mercy on these women if he actually does have cancer.

    1. Tamara sucks !!!! She will be the next one without a husband. It’s a pattern when she happy at home she’s humble, when her marriage is getting sticky she starts trouble. Bitch ///////

  5. Rough year? She brought most of that on herself. Wouldn’t listen to others or the obvious. Now she is probably so embarrassed, I’m thinking the Brooks “Cancer” being fake is true. Makes me wonder how her business is so successful if she acts that way.

  6. One can only hope…. I feel Vicki needs to take time off the show and take care of her mental health issues… ladies don’t scream, lose their poop, etc. at the point of life she is in so I can only assume she needs a bit of help. Wishing you well Vicki….

  7. She won’t be leaving. She loves all the attention and causing the drama. She’s so up herself that she wouldn’t dare let anyone take her spotlight. This is just her getting more attention on herself yet again.

  8. Please please there are five seperate stories today revolving around Brooks cancer or not! Please can we have something else! I have just had a tantrum on last nights and apologize to nearly all! Sorry

  9. She’s not going to quit – OG of the OC will make sure Meghan leaves first. Frankly, I love watching both – each so repulsive in her own special way.

      1. Why ewww?…having the love tank filled is a natural urge….how do you think you were made?…in a Petri dish?

  10. I think Vicki is hysterical! She has offended everyone with her screeching and better than thou attitude. She certainly is the OG of the OC, but I wouldn’t brag about that. Besides the screeching, the over acting (especially concerning the death of her 80+ year old mother), she wears clothes that are too small and not for her age group. She is an embarrassment to women over 50 who try to keep it together, looking and acting their age!

  11. If Brooks doesn’t have cancer, I can’t see how Vicki didn’t know – could that be why she is leaving? She may not need the money, but I think the “fame” went to her head. She has become obnoxious. I think the wives need to be rotated after awhile. There are no storylines and only drama.

  12. Bye bye crazy old goat! Won’t be missed after your behavior this season. I am her age so you can’t critize me for calling her an old goat. She critizes others for their age so it’s fair game with her. No way no hell would I take out an insurance policy or trust her with my investments after seeing her behavior this season. Understand she lost her mother but many of us have. She needs serious counseling

  13. Good Riddance! And take your bff Tamara with you!!! How about Meghan too. She just doesn’t belong.
    I will miss Brianna though, as she always seemed to be the voice of reason.

  14. The OG of the OC is totally too self-involved, self-absorbed, disrespectful to others including her family. She has lied so much this season that her credibility as a business person is questionable, at least, in my mind. If Vicki can’t get her temper under control and outright thinks she can lie and it is OK, who would give their hard-earned money to manage? Do you honestly think your bank is looking out for your best interest? They are business, not a charitable organization. Vicki is in business, the business of influencing people and their funds……..last person I would want taking care of my hard-earned dollars when she clearly cannot manage her life very well. Just sayin’……………………………..

  15. Vicki is like the house guest who has stayed too long.time for her to go she has made a mockery of herself yelling and screaming…. and Brooks dumped her she probably wants him back and he IS A CONMAN he will no longer want her in the spotlight.

  16. I’m hoping like hell that she kicks rocks.

    I’m still waiting for Bravo to start casting adults. I think I’ll pull up a chair and grab a cool drink, because I’m sure it’s gonna be a while. They seem to think that their viewing audience is full of brainless idiots who are waiting on baited breath (with a bowl of popcorn in our laps) for the next catfight. NOPE!

  17. She’s too embarrassed because now the world see her like the idiot fool that she is. Brooks took her for a ride ! That’s what happened when you kick people down it’s always come to you !!

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