Is Vicki Gunvalson Quitting RHOC? Preview of Season 12 Reunion

The first preview for the season 12 RHOC reunion has been released and it is quite shocking. We admit this season of the show was a bit dull, but the reunion looks very interesting.

The trailer comes with normal Housewives drama, including plenty of yelling and name-calling, a glimpse of an emotional Shannon Beador preparing to drop the bomb about the end of her marriage, and an early walk-off from newbie Peggy Sulahian, but it’s the final seconds with the Vicki Gunvalson that shocked us.

“I’m off this damn show!” Vicki yells.

Tamra Judge yells, “Are you f*cking kidding me,” Vicki storms off the set, went to her dressing room and said that she’s “off” the show.

Lydia McLaughlin is taken to task for her outspoken opinions and actions. Vicki gives an update on her relationship with Steve (they just bought a vacation house), while Kelly Dodd and Shannon open up about the state of their marriages.

Kelly and Meghan King Edmonds will hash out their text message feud. Peggy will air her problems with Shannon, while an unexpected turn of events leaves everyone in a state of total shock. The longest-running Housewife in the franchise proclaiming she’s done.

Watch the preview below:

Do you think Vicki is really done with the show?

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32 Replies to “Is Vicki Gunvalson Quitting RHOC? Preview of Season 12 Reunion”

  1. Please let be done!!! She is totally yesterday’s news. Lies,lies,lies are the only thing relevant she brings to the show. She hoped to bring her daughter on board, but thank you daughter and son-in-law are moving far away. Go back to Brooks Vickie, it’s where you belong!

    1. Peggy…ugh….she sure has a way of making trouble and then acts all innocent and victimized. I really liked her in the beginning but – she needs to grow up.

      1. She sits silently and bats her eyelashes. It’s quite ridiculous. Can you imagine her and Vicki in a fight for victimhood? That would be epic.

  2. She really needs to be done. My personal feelings for her aside (I’m not a fan), she has really had no good story in recent years. The Brooks story made most people hate her, and other than that, her stories usually revolve around her and Tamra having a fight, making up, and then having another fight. I’m ready for some new drama on this show and not reruns of what we’ve seen for the last 5 years. It’s always Vicky vs Tamra, and the cast vs whatever new girl they introduce that year. Let’s move on to something new.

    1. I think they should all go away. I’m team Shannon and even though she’s made the right decision for her and her family by divorcing David, she needs a little time to regroup before coming back on the show. It’s all getting too predictable with them all.

  3. I hope Vicki & Peggy comes back. I also hope Tamara & Shannon both have better attitudes & more heart. Now that Shannon is divorcing, I’d like to see what & who next she finds to complain about. She is definitely the proverbial nag.
    Kelly has become a pushover for the bullies as she’s desperate to belong.
    Meghan should stay home & be a mother & I understand she wants another child—Why??
    Lydia must return.

  4. She did the same at the Season 8 Reunion, she walked off and said that she was done with the show!! So we know she’s not going anywhere!!!

  5. I’m with you on this one Rain….I’m sure she just meant ‘I’m done with with reunion taping’… that dip shit will never leave the show.
    Much to my dismay ;(

  6. Awww, you got my hopes up that Shrieki Gonefullofsh*t was actually quitting! Her flip out was a fleeting moment. That bovine bitch would never leave “her” show, unless by force.

  7. I doubt that Vicki is leaving the show but will say that if she does, the others will end up turning on each other because it’s impossible for them to all get along. There always has to be one or two that are the outsiders that the mean girls don’t like.

  8. Your right Rain…. we have all had enough of Vickie for years now. She is like a bad rash, she just keeps coming back. Her threats don’t mean anything anymore she has made this proclamation before and walked off the set multiple times. This is just another one of her attempts to get people to say “Oh don’t go Vickie” I say YES VICKIE GO. YOUR
    a horrible mother, terrible friend and you are bi polar… your up your down like the scale you step on (although your scale seems to be going up up up.). Bravo if you care about the viewers get rid of this rude old lady and give her a send off. ALSO….. Im not sure that Brianna has any idea what she is doing. She said she hated OKLAHOMA, honey North Carolina doesn’t have twisters but they have their own issues. North Carolina won’t be much better for her. its a lower class living situation, (Not low class people) Laid back and Malls are hard to come by.
    She will be back in the OC very soon. I give it 3 years. We can only hope that Bravo listens to the viewers and gives icky her walking papers. She has run her course……. a very long time ago.

  9. If only this was true. I will keep fingers and toes crossed but she luvs her money and recognition way too much. Her last facelift needs a bit more lifting. It’s sinking.

  10. Vicki is not going anywhere. All storylines lead to Vicki. Shannon wudn’t have a reason 2get up in the AM if it were not 4her pure hatred 4 Vicki. That woman is insufferable! She needs some serious electro-shock therapy. Her life has fallen apart bc she is soulless. Tamra spends her time b_tching abt the gay rumors. Funny but this was not pursued after his friend saw him make out with a guy. Why was that? I cud care less what Eddie is but this is Tamra”s objective in life thanks 2 Vicki. Was it wrong yes! Not defending Vicki just pointing it out. Meghan well she needs2 go! Who breast feeds while they drink alcohol? And don’t get me started abt her ridiculous candle party. Everybody knws that they just slap their name on some1 else’s product. She can’t walk & chew gum at the same time! Kelly has bcome a real sellout. If she thinks her new drinking buddy Shannon, is her friend she better think again. Kelly was cruel towards Peggy then turns around & said she wasn’t making fun of her!! Seriously? This show has turned in2 a cesspool starting with Tamra& Shannon! I’m out. Peace!

  11. Please stop teasing us Vicki ! Every year same thing. Your ego is too HUGE. Never happen but we can dream. Take Tamara with you

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