Vicki Gunvalson Questions Tamra Barney’s Marriage To Eddie


During part 2 of the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, Vicki Gunvalson’s gloves came off when her boyfriend Brooks Ayers was mentioned. Vicki was devastated that Tamra Judge allegedly told Lizzie Rovsek that Brooks was creepy and that she didn’t approve of their relationship.

“I could give a rat’s ass if you like him, but just shut your mouth,” Vicki told Tamra.

“She asked me! What do you want me to do? Lie?!” Tamra asked.

“You do it all the time,” Vicki fired back.

“F*ck you!” Tamra said to Vicki. “You sat back and you did nothing this year.”

“I had a great year, are you jealous?” Gunvalson replied. “If you’re so happy, why are you so miserable? You’re supposed to be getting better and better and better, but guess what? You get bitter and bitter and bitter, that’s what you do.”

Vicki also brought up Tamra’s marriage to Eddie…

“If you are so happily married, why are you so angry and ugly to the people who care about you?” Gunvalson asked.

“I am extremely happy in my marriage,” Tamra insisted. “Why are you going there, nasty person?”

Vicki continued, “Why are going in my relationship, nasty person? Stay the hell out of it and don’t ever say f*ck you to me ever again.”

Vicki told Andy Cohen, “I love Tamra. I’ve had amazing fun times with Tamra. Do I count Tamra as somebody I could count on thirty years away? I just don’t know.”

Tamra explained, “I feel Vicki and I are really good friends because I do know some of her deepest darkest secrets and she knows some of mine and things that we’ve never repeated to anybody.”

An emotional Tamra said to Vicki, “I am sorry for saying ‘F*ck you,’ but I am so hurt.”

Watch the video below!

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95 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Questions Tamra Barney’s Marriage To Eddie”

  1. Vic I almost like you this season. I hope you have turned a new leaf. BUT, if you ever turn on Shannon or Lizzie I will never forgive you. If you continue your friendship with Tamra you better be careful because you are now on her list. Brooks still gives me the creeps and that is the only thing I agree about with Tamra.

      1. Vicki is scared of Tamra . As tamra said she knows deep dark secrets. Tamra has told some of Vicki’s before but vicki has never told Tamras. I think that is it.

  2. Well, I have to agree with Tamra about the fact that Vicki didn’t do anything this season. Where did the Good-Old-OverTheTop-Drama-Queen-Vicki go? Miss her…

  3. Hey Vickie. What was that threat about? The one Tamra said you threatened her about spreading lies about her and Eddie if she didn’t start supporting your loser boyfriend Brooks? The threat that you responded ” yeah, well I didn’t do it?” What kind of person, much less friend threatens someone like that? What kind of sick mind even thinks of crap like that? And you try yo sit there all holier-than-thou. It’s abundantly clear that you deserve a lowlife bottom of the barrel pod scum dead beat dad like Brooks- because like attracts like.

      1. Thanks Aunt Bee! I like a lot of what you say too! I just don’t think a leopard changes her spots all of a sudden like Vicki is trying to act like she is all sweet and Zen this season. She just is clinging to ANYONE (Shannon) who will support her ignorant “love” affair with that pig Brooks -What mother would stand with a “man” that tell another man to beat her own daughter? What kind of woman stays with a “man” who calls her a whore? I think Vicki is an idiot. I mean Shannon said she got a good idea of who Brooks was after 3 days in Mexico. Yeah- like would she take a three day endorsement for a engagement for her daughter?

        1. Could be tamra. Never know. Lol. But tamra has told some of Vicki’s secrets . Like last nite , tamra makes those faces and say do you really want to go there or whatever. Vicki knows from experience with tamra, tamra will tell. Vicki’s in a mess.

    1. I just love how she expects everyone to support her relationship with Brooks but she took such delight in bashing Slade for the same thing that Brooks actually went to jail for! I’m from the south, Mississippi is about 10 miles from my house and you have to be SERIOUSLY behind on child support for them to put you in jail. She needs to consider what everyone is saying to her about him. She claims that she’s all about family and her daughter, but her own daughter can’t stand Brooks yet she’s still seeing him. The holidays are going to be rough that’s for sure!

  4. I thought that it was a great show. I loved it when Vickie said you always do (lie). And the gloves are
    off. Notice who was doing all of the screaming. I’d hate to be her next door neighbor.
    Tamra would not know the truth if it hit her in the face. She would probably think that it was more

  5. I am grossed out by Tamra and repulsed by Heather. Lizzie was okay – she will probably get better with a season under her belt. Shannon is a live wire and is fun. Vickie deserves to be there mainly because she’s been there from the beginning. My two cents….

  6. What is wrong with you people?

    Why is suddenly everybody hating on Tamra? I mean, sure she is no angel and she can be called many names, but I for one can’t digest how suddenly everybody is so much in love with Vicki, her lowlife piece of crap boyfriend and how nobody has an ounce of brain cell left to see that any woman that stays with such piece of crap as Brooks is can’t be any good. Brooks crap? Hmmm… let’s not forget last season’s reunion and all the shit that Brook admitted saying…

    Also, why on earth is Vicki surprised that Tamra does not support her and Brooks? We have heard it for 2 previous seasons. She was very vocal about it. She never hid it. I mean, all Tamra said was is that she thinks Brooks is not good for her or right for her. I mean, don’t we all fucking agree? He is scum. He is not right for any woman.

    But no, suddenly Tamra is the biggest piece of shit.

    Plus, let’s not even get into Shannon the famewhore, she is so desperate to be on tv that she talked about her marriage problems and issues on this exact reality show… BUT… beware… she suddenly got all freaked up when everybody else discussed it. What the heck is wrong with you people? Are we watching the same show? Why is this woman not on some type of drugs. She is just as whacked as anyone of them. Why is she better than Tamra? Shannon stirs the shit all the time. She is trying so desperately to be relevant and to be famous…

    Why hate on Tamra?! Nobody is just black and nobody is just white, we are all good and bad.

    Sure I am a guy, I am not a woman, so perhaps I can not relate with the hate to Tamra…

    1. Dalimili, Maybe we aren’t watching the same show as you are. You must have missed the one where Shannon confided her heartache to her “friend” when she got the text, and Tamra told every other housewife. Or Tamra sitting around slathering with glee fomenting the (incorrect) speculation that Shannon has a drinking problem (of course, Tamra’s black outs are NORMAL for a social drinker). Maybe you missed the numerous times Tamra has lied, admitted she lied, and then denied she lied, but we didn’t. Maybe you’ve missed all the screaming she’s done at the other women, and the below-the belt comments and confidences thrown back into another woman’s face. Maybe you’ve slept through all the malicious attacks on a growing list of Housewives. I agree with Vicki (that’s a first!) that Tamra just gets more and more bitter.

      1. And she must have missed the shows where Tamra did tell some of Vickis secrets. Vicki didn’t tell Tamras secrets. Even when friends are mad that is off limits to tell secrets and tamra did a lot. So who could blame vicki if she did. But come on, we all know Eddie and tamra won’t last. Vicki don’t have to tell that.

      2. Tamra acted happy about Shannon and David having problems. And could not wait for it to come out on the reunion, she had to tell heather so heather could tell her group.

      3. So glad you told as it is. Every word you said is true, Deb. I do not think some of these people have watched all the shows. Or they think like Tamra. I still laugh about Terry. He thought he was the main housewife. Lol.

    2. I think Tamra has good points, but she is her own worst enemy, her anger and fear getting the best of her. I also think she is to blunt and honest for her own good. I think she funny and fun but reacts out of fear of being hurt so she strikes first. And she is so used to fighting she doesn’t know when to quit.

    3. Dalimili- you do have a point about Shannon – she talked very openly about her marriage troubles on camera and then became enraged with cast members for talking about those same details that she just talked about on NATIONAL TV…huh?
      Then she had some very questionable (drunken) behavior that also was caught on camera and all the other housewives caught it as did the viewers and only Tamra was honest enough to put a name to it- alcohol consumption. But then Shannon and the others turned on Tamra with plenty of help from Lizzie and Vicki to make it seem like it never ever crossed their minds that Shannon drank too much.

      1. We disagree here Karen. I really like Shannon and feel she was new at the time and had no idea what she had gotten herself into. I think she has really done a turn around.

    4. DALIMILI… Love your pay and I’m a woman. . Great points and I completely agree with you! I’ve been thinking that all along. It’s funny how all the “ladies” twisted Tamaras words.

      1. DALIMILI… Love your post and I’m a woman. . Great points and I completely agree with you! I’ve been thinking that all along. It’s funny how all the “ladies” twisted Tamaras words…Then turn against her.. Shannon is most definitely a pot stirrer.

    5. I do not agree with your opinions. But I honestly did not know men watched the show. That is good you watch. My husband watches his car shows. Even though we have different opinions, I am happy you watch. Do you watch every season? Tamra acts like a man, especially her mouth. But, this is not the first season Tamra has been disliked.

    6. I absolutely love this post good for you!! I may not agree with it all but I can’t stop laughing a bloke wrote this…fabulous stuff…can’t get enough of posts like this!!!!

    7. I agree with you on all that. Let’s not forget that Vicki has had her fare share of sticking her nose in other peoples relationships and has made negative comments about the other women’s partners. Even when she accused Slade of being a dead beat dad, it turns out her scum boyfriend had been jailed for the same thing and she gave him a reference at his trial. I don’t believe she has changed one bit and we will soon see the real vile screeching Vicki back again soon.

      I also cannot believe that she would have a Bali themed dinner party when all she did whilst holidaying there was complain the whole time. She is such a hypocrite in every thing she says and does.

      As for Shannon – haven’t warmed to her yet. I don’t think she is as sweet as she is portraying herself. There is something not right about her but I’m sure when next season comes around we will see a different Shannon just like all the ladies who have played it sweet the first season they are on then become bitches by the second season. She clings onto Vicki too much although when she said she had never been away on holiday with her girlfriends before, my first thought was either she doesn’t have many friends or the ones she does have don’t want to spend too much time with her which would explain why she is so clingy with Vicky. Maybe next season we will see a mini-me Vicki.

    8. I definitely agree with you on this. I truly don’t understand why folks seem to really like Shannon. She struck me as MORE than a little cray-cray. Lizzie to me was kinda boring, Tamra is the same as she always is…VERY blunt. I especially agree with you about the whole thing about Shannon’s marriage and that dang email. Did she forget about all the cameras being around? I think she IS trying to drum up sympathy AND drama griping the whole time about the email. SHE shouldn’t have opened her mouth if she didn’t want anyone to know about it. Did everyone forget about how she basically lied about the confrontation at Heather’s? She laid it on a bit thick about how Heather asked her to leave. She WAS getting hysterical and with kids within earshot, I don’t blame Heather a bit! If that had been me….I would’ve grabbed her by her frizzy hair and tossed her out on her behind.

      1. I did not hear any children in ear shot. But I could smell a lot off bulls relieving themselves.
        But , wait Heather with the feather didn’t care. That’s where you take your puppies to train.

    9. Relax.everyone is reacting to how someone can talk about you behind your back,but to your face,smile and pretend to be your friend.this is not about be quiet.

  7. Oh one more thing Vicki- if and I’m sure Brooks does want to marry you cuz he wants the $$$- will you have to buy your own ring like yon had to buy your own fur coat like last season? Bwha ha ha! Truth hurts.

  8. I want to know the dirty secrets Vicki and Tamra have on each other?? This would explain sooo much, these two have got some really bad dirt on each other and with all the sh*t we hear on these show’s it’s got to be so bad hahaha probably could write a book with the dirt!!..I have enjoyed Vicki this season but if she has turned a corner why is she still with Brooks aah that man has got to be the most gross dirty old man gold digger YUK!!!

    1. Surely vicki sees why we don’t like her with Brooks. Tamra uses her voice and that look to warn vicki that she is going to tell something on her. Tamra has told Vicki’s secrets a couple times on reunion shows. And vicki forgave her. Wish we could hear some of nasty Tamras too . See vicki won’t on Tamra. Tamras dress looked like a homemade dress from heathers pattern. Lol

      1. hahaha Teresa the dresses where awful what was Tamra thinking in all that pink Yikes!!..yes I remember the last secret that popped out last season and yes they have got a ton of sh*t on each other!!!

        1. Tamra used to remind vicki that Vicki was older. She has not lately. Wonder why? Lol. I like Lizza some, but she is not pretty to me.but her husband is. I just do not think eddie is good looking. He looks nasty all the time with a mouth full of food. Tamras son looks nasty too.

      1. Ann, omg could you believe when he said that WTF is wrong with that idiot, could have said nice hair, great figure, beautiful soul!!! NO he went with the veejayjay!! hahahaha

  9. Eddie has a problem with sneaky lying and tamra . Your right about tamra being same color. Reminded me of cotton candy. I haven’t got to see her new haircut. Vicki sure did look pretty to me, I don’t care what other people say.she could get better than. Brooks. Did anyone read that Vicki has a new lawyer boyfriend? He looked good too. If it’s true tamra will be looking. You know they all thought Eddie was a prize at first.

    1. Did you read where Tamra says she is addicted to Botox. It shows her picture. But she has more than Botox. She has lumps in her face.

  10. I do think tamra and Eddie have something wrong with the marriage. I thought that before it was mentioned on the reunion. No telling.

  11. I have been reading some different posts. Telling how big vicki is. So I looked it up and she is a size 6. Heather must be -0.

    1. LOL! If Vicki is a size 6 I’m the queen of England! NO WAY is she a size 6! I wear a size 6 and I’m not even close to being as “thick” (trying to be P.C.) as Vicki is. I’m 5’8″ and weigh about 135lbs.

      1. That’s what it said when I googled it. I was trying to get some idea of their sizes. I just read it and told what I read. I would really like to know the size. But she is bigger than the others. Nothing wrong with being bigger. And Heather needs some of Vicki’s curves. But we all are not perfect so oh well. I ain’t got no edchycation. Lol. So what do I know ?

        1. Lol. Vicki’s foot is bigger than mine, I’m sure. Even though I’m not educated I’m not making fun of big or fat people. And you know I said how pretty vicki looked and her curvy body. But she is bigger than the others. But heather did look like a stick in a dress. Really though I am not one to make fun of sizes. I may type funny but I am educated.

          1. First your educated Teresa then you are not educated. What the hell is it ?
            You go with the poor me and then you speak normal. My leg is beginning to get
            sore. Come on someone else have to have seen this. Hey.

            I mean I don’t care. But how stupid,

            1. I am sorry. Typing is not like talking. It’s hard to know how things are being said. I’m cutting up about not being educated because of what Jessica whoever said. Do not take me as poor me. When I first started getting on here, there was 2 Teresa’s. I think it’s because you don’t hear my expression like talking. Like I felt like Lia was cutting up with me , but she thought I took her seriously. I am like she said very soft hearted. I always go for the under dog. But I think you all are kidding me. I really didn’t know why you all were laughing at first. But I do love making people laugh. I am sorry I have you mixed up. I don’t like that. I’m not a mean person, but I don’t know. I ask you or Lia stuff I don’t know, because you both seem genuine. But really 2 Teresa’s used to be on here and I even commented on it. But I’m not poor Teresa . I’m sorry I gave you that impression.

              1. Teresa sweetheart toughen up I love your posts it’s all shits and giggles for me and Ann we laugh a lot and sometimes it may be taken out of context please don’t think we think you are dumb because as I said it’s all SHIT”S AND GIGGLES for us

                  1. Thank You Aunt Bee and nothing is done in mean spirit this site gives me so many laughs…oh except when I told that person to wack it up there ass I meant that one hahaha

          2. Teresa some of them stay on so much one most the time thinks she is a real house wife do not pay attention to them. Think it has gone to heads. She should be off to pray her self.

              1. Can they see what I’m saying to you. The one you sent me, was guest. Do u know who I was talking about? But that was today.if they can’t see I will tell u something

              2. No I have been upset since how I was treated by. Ann. I don’t won’t ppl to know I got my feelings hurt. It’s not u , Lia . O

                1. You know I love your posts Teresa…I think i know who the coward is they are idiots they have said same sentence before they are cowards…love your posts Teresa!!!

                  1. I guess you are like Ann and them. Liked you a lot. Seems like you didn’t just pick at me, unless you were nicer and kidding. Would never be mean to you. That Jessica girl was bad enuff. I’m really friendly n everybody likese . But I can use my tinge running my mouth. Had nothing to do with you. I could just hear what all u all were saying about me the whole time.hop

                    1. Sweetheart i had to go off line for a minute but I have explained I think 10 times now that I love your posts Teresa…Sweeti you haven’t got me mad I had a root canal the other day and I am just mad as hell full stop…I love Ann i don’t think she meant anything of it…just saying some of us may have had a glass of wine or cocktail before they got on hahaha don’t make me tell you again I love your posts Teresa now that situation should be done!!

                    2. Ann hurt me and embarrassed me if it had been private all fine. I’m glad your not mad. Take care of that root canal.i though u got mad over that guest post. Still can’t figure out how that Jessica types all that bad stuff about me n a few days later it had guest on them instead of her name. I just don’t understand all my friends and I get along goo and full of meanace. Think I’m not use to this. Gosh used to stay on computer at home and work. Phones are harder. See how I talk. Good nite young lady , and I’m not a Lizzy. Lol

  12. Vicky is right on about Tamara’s marriage. She is just a miserable person. I think the whole marriage was a sham and Tamara did it to get the money.

    1. Yes I thought that then. She always manages a story so she can stay on. And the wedding made some more money for her. That was rigged I feel.

  13. We have all sizes in my family and friends. So I don’t make fun like that. I do think curvy women are pretty though.wish I looked like that in my clothes. I knew she wasn’t a 6. I’m not that crazy.

    1. Teresa I believe you are kind of heart and are not being mean in any way sense at all…as for me I will poke fun and make jokes it is just my nature, maybe she use to be a size 6 a few years ago but we know those boobs aren’t fitting in any size 6.

    2. Teresa I just got back on there is way to much past. However, it seems that I have unknowingly
      hurt you. Like I said to much backlog to read. I am sorry if I have.

  14. But I hope vicki has changed, her and Tamra together do make a good show. They could scare all the women off. Tamra and Heather need to be picked on big time.Maybe next season Heather will get ganged up on.

    1. Yeh babe I’m starting to call bullshit on this one too..dragging on to much I think it is children with not much else to do Call BULLSHIT!!!

        1. My thing is fuck off to all fuckwits if genuine then you will not need to prove it so my thing is FUCK OFF seriously what are you a fucking child this bullshit has carried on to point of ridiculous and I am pretty sure that the person running this show will work that shit out so FUCK OFF!!

  15. I have been off for about a week and a half. Now, in this particular item I feel like I am in the
    Twilight Zone. Lia, help Aunt Bee, Teresa where are you? And GUEST yes I am a Real Housewife.
    Just don’t get paid as much.
    So be my GUEST and if you know (which I am sure that you do) how inhale deeply and go blow.

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