Vicki Gunvalson Opens Up About Her First Marriage To Michael Wolfsmith


In a rare interview with Star Magazine, Vicki Gunvalson is opening up about her first marriage to Michael Wolfsmith, the father of her children, Briana and Mike. Vicki was 21 when she married Michael, and she shares that he “was an alcoholic. He abused me verbally. He had many affairs during our marriage.”

“It was a very hard life,” she said. “I can’t fix his abusive nature and his screaming and his lies… it really gave me the initiative to go out and make a better life for myself, for my children.”

According to the mag, Wolfsmith was sentenced to jail in 1997 for disorderly conduct and bail jumping; evicted by his landlord; hit with a $14,337 tax lien in 2010 and had a warrant issued for his arrest in 2014 for unpaid child support to his second wife.


Neither of Vicki’s children are in contact with their father. “I don’t talk to him,” Vicki’s son Mike says. “He’s a loser. He hasn’t been a part of our lives for years.”

Photo Credit: Bravo