Vicki Gunvalson On Brooks Ayers, “My Heart, Mind & Checkbook Are Guarded!”


Vicki Gunvalson is opening up about her relationship with Brooks Ayers in her Bravo Blog. Vicki writes that she leads a fairly normal life, and after some odd tweets from Brooks, Vicki explains that her heart AND checkbook are guarded. Vicki says she a smart woman and asks viewers to trust her opinion. Vicki also reveals that it will be a very long time before she walks down the aisle again, if ever.

Vicki writes, “My life is pretty normal; I spend a lot of time with Troy and Briana, in my office, and in my personal dating life. I clean my own home, plant my own flowers, cook, grocery shop, and attempt to stay as fit as I can in my private time. I’m a hard working Midwestern girl, with Midwestern values that is trying to find her way in life. . just the way most of you are. I make mistakes, get angry, laugh a lot, and also am very sensitive and emotional. Most of these things you already knew about me from watching. I’ll make mistakes. I’ll own my mistakes because I’m human and I’ll always attempt to never repeat them again.

I know a lot of you have voiced your opinion on Brooks and although I appreciate your opinion, keep in mind I am a smart woman and I know him more (other than his family) than most of you. I don’t read the comments people post on the blogs because I have seen the level of anger and meanness there. I do my best to get on Twitter @vgunvalson at least once a day, but sometimes it can even be a week before I can answer some people. So please be patient with me if I don’t respond right away.

I have learned a lot about relationships in my lifetime and what I do know is my checkbook is guarded, my heart is guarded, my mind is guarded and it’s going to be a very long time before I am walking down that aisle again (if ever).”

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7 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson On Brooks Ayers, “My Heart, Mind & Checkbook Are Guarded!””

  1. Vicki glad to know that you have your heart and pocket book guarded,, what you need to turn off for a while and guard is your crotch. That girl gets us into trouble all the time.

  2. Oh Please Vicki we all know you cannot stay away from Brooks and Brooks cannot stay away from you money. You were warned about Brooks and he even told you see said he was seeing other people. So why do you think we will believe you know????

  3. All I could think about during the 100th episode was Vicki getting in the middle of Simon and Tamra. Vicki telling Tamra she needed to choose Vicki over Simon, but then when Tamra turns on Brooks, Vicki flips out. She really is a hypocrite, and the sad part is that she doesn’t see it. If she owned that she was wrong, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but instead she goes on the defensive claiming that it’s different. Brooks is a slime and I have no idea what she sees in him.

    She says that her friendship ended with Jeana because Jeana messed with her family and her money. Well, Brooks has done the same thing! Did she finally kick him to the curb?

  4. Vicki, no one is trying to be mean to you. Everyone is trying to protect you. You’re a beautiful woman so
    please don’t settle for someone not worthy of you.

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