Vicki Gunvalson Did Not Have a Heart-Attack in Iceland

RHOC OG Vicki Gunvalson has been accused of “faking” a health scare while filming in Iceland on the cast trip, but that isn’t the case according one of Vicki’s friends who spoke with RadarOonline.

“Vicki reached out to her friends the day she got back from Iceland to say that she wasn’t feeling well and explained what had happened. Since then, her health has gone up and down,” the source said.

“She is battling high blood pressure and everyone is genuinely worried about her. But she is staying on top of it and is continuing tests with her doctor to determine what is really going on.”

On this week’s RHOC episode we saw Vicki make up with Tamra Judge just before collapsing while on a hike.

“She did not have a heart attack but it was definitely a huge health scare and wake up call,” the source said.

“Her doctors advised her to relax and minimize stress in her life but those who know Vicki know how hard that is for her. She is always on the go.”

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  1. Did I miss something? When did Vicki collapse “during a hike”? I know she got sick afterwards (and was feeling a bit sick during), but I don’t recall her actually collapsing while they were hiking.

    1. because if didn’t happen lol.
      She made sure to film her doctor visits to show her ‘broken heart’ problem on camera, this sh*t is hilarious, and then for all you know she’s having a heart attack on a trip, she’s too much. I’m sure it was just from exhaustion or something because there was no real night time there and she was out the day before partying, and probably didn’t really sleep, and makes it seem like she’s having a heart attack. Still wanting that casserole.

  2. Vicki loves attention/drama… I am not saying she did it for show but is she not bored of herself at this point? I prefer fun, silly Vicki. Not the vindictive and attention seeking one.

  3. So glad it was not a heart attack as her mom passed suddenly from possibly just that.
    Yes, Vicki has been under tremendous stress for over two years now. Her mom’s death, Brooks/cancer scam, Brianna’s downward health, the non-stop battering from her supposed friends, her job. Stress is a killer.
    Why cant they forgive & forget? how difficult is that?! Life is stressful in & of itself, live & let live.
    I hope she gets her health in order–for herself.

    1. I agree Starr- I read on another blog- did/has anything she did personally effect anyone’s lives (really) -and if it did by a Reality HW- perhaps look within- I do not condone a lot of the HW’s behavior, but it is a reality show and I believe some what scripted..It is time as you said Forgive & Forget /Live & Let Live– ( you are very smart/mature imo)

      1. Do we know if anyone bought the drinks she was pushing in an attempt to help “cure” their cancer? I’ve battled the disease myself and believe me, at times, you will try just about anything for a little relief or maybe just a couple of hours where you’re not suffering. What Vicki and Brooks tried to pull off was beyond disgusting. I may have believed that Vicki was duped by Brooks but when she tried ANOTHER cancer scam, I just could no longer believe anything this woman has to say.

        1. Thank you for a great post and I am very sorry for what you have gone through, it is real and it is rough.

          Anyone trying to make a buck in any way, and in any deceitful way, off of that horrible illness is beneath contempt. For me she should have been fired and still should be fired.

          Best best wishes to you justanothermary for good health and hopefully being cancer free today or soon!

          1. Thank you! I have been cancer free for two years now, I had five in last time before it returned so fingers are crossed here that this is the end of it.

      2. Thanks DindiSue, we all are in error of making mistakes, small, large, medium. But to hold on to hatred & to be so unforgiving, affects mind, soul & body. I, personally cant live like that, I really prefer to forgive & forget & move on & think kind thoughts about that person (s) rather than unkind negative thoughts. I’m a happy camper for my choices. They are so intent on festering & holding on to so much hatred & thriving on it that they are the ones suffering. No one else. It has to be a horrible way to live.

        1. You sound lovely- I agree- Let It Go, Forgive-Forget and Move Along-I am human and I have my days/times, but I usually go to a private place and pray for help- He listens to me a lot- LOL TGIF

          1. You sound so lovely & fair minded as well. I Love That!!!
            Like you, I depend on Jesus a lot for my every thought, word or action. We’re all human & make mistakes, but HE understands & forgives us, so why should we do less.
            Continue along God’s path, it’s the best way all around & God bless you.

    2. As I said, she is like the boy who cried wolf. She has lied so much that if she is actually telling the truth, she is hard to believe.
      I don’t wish illness on anyone, and if she is legitimately unwell or was, then she was, but there is always that doubt now which is sad for her, yet what she has done is the worst, and has she really learned from it? That is hard to say, but she seems to have a pattern of this which has made her unwatchable to me.

        1. No, I believe he was publicly humiliated on Television and. then, lost his cushy Bravo Gig!
          Oh, wait ….
          No, that was Phadera Parks!

    3. Your so right Starr and don’t forget the constant hate spewing her way from people that have posted here even. Must be buddies of Shannon the biggest Debbie Downer I have ever seen!

      1. Yes Sherry, now posters are being attacked by other posters for having a different take on things. Ignore, best solution.
        We cant change others, only ourselves.
        Last night’s episode was disgusting as Shannon showed what a really jealous, spiteful person looks like.

  4. Then what did she have?
    “Since then her health has gone up and down,” the source said. What does that mean? No clarifications there.
    She collapsed on a hike. I did not watch, so I have no idea what it was. Was it exhaustion from just not being in shape or from suffering jet lag, or was it something else. We will never know. I am not saying she faked it either. It could have been anything.
    I myself had some sort of cold/flu after receiving my flu shot. I had not one symptom of a cold (though my son had a bad cold) and 3 days after the flu shot, I was unable to move without aches from extreme exhaustion…and I had cold symptoms and a massive headache and for nearly two weeks I was not right with a lingering cough and soreness.
    Vicki lies so much, it is hard to feel sorry for her, but I would not wish illness on anyone.
    I just think this story is not saying too much, but she did not have a heart attack, anyway.

      1. Yep and it didn’t take a psychic to know that she was gonna milk all the attention she could get either. Why else would she have taken the film crew to a doctors appt?

          1. Just like she was “bleeding out her a&&” when it was actually hemorrhoids lol Or she had “brain surgery” to remove an abscess behind her ear.


      2. Vicki may (most likely) have wanted attention. She always does. She will always be like the boy who cried wolf now.
        When can anyone truly believe anything that comes out of her, really.
        It is one thing to be ill, if you are actually ill, but for the most part (barring a few exceptions) most of us do not want cameras in our faces if we are ill and in the hospital, etc. We don’t invite them in to our doctors’ visits either. She loves attention of any kind and will stop at nothing to get it.

    1. If it were anyone but Vicki Gunvalson I would be concerned. Because it is Vicki I simply cannot believe a word of it and she was just seeking attention. At most she may have been having a little trouble adjusting to the elevation and that can be uncomfortable, but if Vicki had a pimple on her butt she’d be hollering about her flesh eating disease. She can’t help herself, she’s a liar.

    2. She didn’t pass out on the hike later after her hike.Maybe her night before whooping it up till 3.? Complete attention getter.How did they expect the EMs to take care of her with everyone in the room sucking out all of the air for her to breathe

  5. WOW! It’s hard 2read many of these comments! I get U guys don’t like Vicki but is there no civility! Never believed in mob mentality. Clarification: I’m not any 1’s cheerleader! Forgiveness is 4, 1’s self! Maybe that’s why Tamra& Shannon R so miserable. When Ur BP is not stabilized& Ur at a high altitude U can develop many symptoms that mimick an MI!
    BP= blood pressure
    MI=Myocardial Infarction (heart attack)!
    Not preaching, just an observation!
    I’m out. Peace!

    1. Will you relax cripes you’re always rushing in on a tear declaring everyone’s this n that and then run out peacing everyone. Chill!

      1. Every single one of her post end with I’m out. Peace! This is her way of saying I’m going to say what I want, whenever I want and I won’t be reading or responding. More or less…being selfish and centered.
        I’m not out, but I still wish you peace. ;0)

        1. Seriously tho she reminds me of the white rabbit in AIWL….no time to chat or talk I’m late I’m late I’m late! Hahaha

  6. Exactly. Most of us have known people like this in our lives and they can be exhausting. Vicki needs to get herself some real help, a mental health provider, and NOW.

  7. Here’s my opinion, take it for what it’s worth – I think Vicki knows she’s on thin ice with Bravo. I think she’s really scared she’s going to lose her Bravo paycheck, but more than that, she loves her “fame”. I think all the stuff relating to her health this years is to cover up for her if she gets fired. This way Bravo can fire her and she can tell us all that she left due to her health and she can leave with her head held high because she thinks people believe her. JMHO

      1. I was shocked when Tamra was placed in the center of the picture, holding the orange in both hands. I am quite certain Vicki pitched a HUGE fit about that and it does say a lot. They have to be sick and tired of Vicki’s demands and attitude and I’m actually shocked they didn’t let her go long before this.

        1. Agree, Mary. Tamra in the forefront was very telling. Plus at last reunion telling Shannon to get off her show. I still think Bravo is trying to repair her image by bringing Peggy in. That way “see how awlful these women are gossiping again about cancer” when Peggy and Diko has been very unclear on what is going on. Vicki keeps shooting herself in the foot though on Eddie talk and lying about inviting that guy to her birthday party and still feeding Kelly information IMO.

    1. From your lips to @Andy’s ears. I don’t care how she goes as long as she goes. It’s no fun holding 2nd orange.

  8. Vicki is so predictable. Kelly Dodd exposed her comment about Terry Dubrow killing patients and suddenly Vicki has yet another health scare.

  9. Alas no. Today is moving day. The weekend to unpack and do one night of babysitting of my grandsons. Hopefully next weekend will be better. Do you have fun plans?

    1. Moving Day? Yikes!
      Hang in there, Sweetie!
      Having a Girl’s ‘Chick Flick Night’ tomorrow..
      Our Men are off on a Golf Weekend.. ( ⛳ ick!)
      So, tomorrow night is Audrey Hepburn Film Night!

  10. Actually it was hilarious to see the other broads eating, drinking and having fun while Vicky faked her heart attack at the hospital…they just could give a flying poop about her fake medical state

    1. Because deep down they were not convinced that this was a real emergency. Peggy unfortunately, fell for the act, hook line and sinker.

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