Does Vicki Gunvalson Have A New Boyfriend?


It sure didn’t take the OG of the OC very long to get back into the dating scene. We all know from Vicki’s comments in the past she doesn’t like being alone and on a recent episode of WWHL she mentioned “how weird it was to be alone” and is always saying “hello” out loud to see if somebody will answer in her empty home.

Entertainment Tonight reports that Gunvalson was spotted on a date. “The two were seen boot-skoot-and-boogying the night away at The Ranch in Anaheim, CA Friday Night,” a source shared. “She looked really happy with this guy! He was by her side the whole time they were there.”

An insider close to the reality star confirmed that Gunvalson was on a date with the white-haired gentleman… her third in a row! “She’s moving on and incredibly happy.” the insider added.

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      1. From what I understand she has very bad skin. I think that’s why she cakes on her make-up. I try not to comment on her looks though. I feel a person’s outward appearance reflects their inner self. By and large, she is usually well dressed & styled, but I think she would be better served working on her issues.

        1. It’s not her looks, I don’t comment on people’s looks, particularly on people’s skin, my son had the most horrendous acne for four years. it was the position of her arms made her look like one of those Indian, Hindu gods with their arms going all ways. Also the funny look on her face.

          1. She does have a strange positioning on this pic. I think she tries to call attention to her self in any way possible. She’s a big girl & uses her hands in exaggerated movement ALOT. I have deleted so much because I don’t want to be mean, but dang it’s hard because I dislike her SOOO much.

  1. AllI can think is, “Out of the frying pan and into the fire.” She is always on the rebound…just my opinion. She should just take a year off and work on healing her family. The love tank can go empty for a while, but then again it’s Vicki. She is a bit delusional to put it mildly. She is all about Vicki first. Woo hoo! Whoop it up Vicki!

    1. If I can add to that she is hoping to come back next season so needs a storyline! I think if she did come back, people would think more of her by taking a break from men and healing relationships with family and cast mates. I’m done with OC!

      1. Yes, her life is a reality show. it is delusional really, to live your life so that you remain relevant and have a storyline, regardless of who is affected in a negative way around you. The fame goes to some people’s heads. It is not about the money. It is all about the fame IMO.

        1. She is a classic narcicist. Not in a street term sort of way but in a clinical diagnosis sort of way. She meets many of the characteristics, including an inability to live alone. And like a classic narcicist she won’t seek help because she isn’t sick/wrong, it’s everyone else. I used to feel sorry for her but I don’t anymore.

  2. Seems to me on her Instagram she was in Chicago-so how can she be in two places at once? I smell another Vicki trumped this up story.

    1. Naynay really two skanks in one post what are you trying to do to me! I have enough problems thinking of them one at a time!!! Yuck yuck yuck

  3. Good for her. We are all so quick to judge but life is short and regardless of what people see on tv, she’s still human and we ALL make mistakes. No one is perfect that’s for sure. Hope she finds someone who will treat her family well and make her happy but dating is a good thing. Don’t jump too quick. 😉

  4. I fail to see how it is anyone’s business who or when she dates again. Also this could be like the lady from the food network Giada who every time she hugged someone or shook hands to say hello they were then sleeping together or dating. This could be someone she has know for years and is just friends with or someone she just met. However if they are dating it’s her choice.

    1. Cassy I don’t understand your point of view on this, normally I think we agree on most things. Vicki is part of a reality tv programme, This blog and this thread is about her new/ or not boyfriend. What are we supposed to discuss if not this? It’s late here maybe I have misunderstood your comment?

  5. We’re all just commenting on this story, this woman tried to pull the wool over the public’s eye’s with her con-man boyfriend, and now their’s a story she’s dating again, we’re going to have a good gossip. As long as these woman are on reality TV it will be our business to comment! If They don’t want anyone in their business or commenting they need to leave reality TV ASAP 😉

  6. Hey I hope Vicki is dating already — and a good-looking man at that. Hey Vicki if you are reading this, don’t think you have to settle for the “white-haired” types — even if that is your “type” they can always dye their hair, lol! You could be in cougar-land if you want! Ask Adrienne Maloof…just have fun and whatever they tell you, TAKE WITH A GRAIN OF SALT GF!!!

  7. Vicki Gunvalson is pathetic. Any woman who has lived to be 50 years of age and cannot be alone and enjoy her own company for even a second had some serious issues.

    1. I totally agree, huge issues, I’m not on my own but I would never have another man in my life! Not even for the DIY as I’ve been doing that for thirty years!!

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