Does Vicki Gunvalson Miss Heather Dubrow on RHOC?

RHOC star Vicki Gunvalson has spent many seasons filming with former Housewife Heather Dubrow, and she recently spoke with The Daily Dish about what filming season 12 without Heather was like.

“Heather left, obviously, this season. And for me it was fine,” Vicki said. “I didn’t really appreciate what Heather did last year. She got on the bandwagon of Tamra [Judge] and Shannon [Beador]. Heather and I had always had a really great relationship. And I support and condone and appreciate her show with Terry [Dubrow] with Botched and all. But when she started getting into the mean girl sector, it really took me off guard because I had a really great relationship with Heather. So, for me, it was time to get the mean girl separated a little bit.”

Ever since Vicki found out Heather isn’t coming back she mentions that they don’t talk very often but they do see each other every, “now and then.” “Heather sent me a text the morning that she decided not to join this season, and that was the last I heard from her,” Vicki shared. “So we never really kept in touch, anyway. We were very vanilla, we were very dear to each other, but I wouldn’t call us close friends.”

Despite all the drama between the two ladies, Vicki wishes nothing but the best for Heather going forward. “I think it was good that she kind of took a step back and is focusing on her family and other things she’s doing,” Vicki said. “I wish her the best.”

Thoughts on what Vicki had to say?

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  • Bon Vivant

    Bravo recently uploaded that drive to the airport during the Ireland trip and I have to say, I was absolutely appalled by Heather’s behavior. It was DISGUSTING the way these women were wallowing in the proverbial mud one with one another. But, I also believe nearly everyone has redemptive qualities, and I’m glad Heather left the show so she could focus on positivity and productivity. It’s done wonders for unearthing how multi-dimensional she actually is, and I think getting out of a toxic, spiritually shaky environment has allowed her to get in touch with a much more spiritual, grounded side that we would never see on this show…because it’s all about conflict and catfighting. I’m sick to death of all these feuds to be honest. The individual and duo filming is working fine for now, but at some point I would like to see the show focus on the cast as an ensemble without them all trying to kill each other.

  • starr

    Both Vicki & myself do not miss this doubled daggered woman at all. Miss know it all cared for miss know it all–alone. Not missed period.

  • Aunt Bee

    Vicki was the original mean girl so she has no right to talk about Heather. Vicki is the reason why I no longer watch this mess but still keep up with the blog.

    • Rain

      I know!!!!! And now Vicki is leader of the mean girl swuad

      • Rain


  • Cin

    Very low tolerance for Heather. I found her shallow.