Vicki Gunvalson and Lydia McLaughlin Talk Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge

Vicki Gunvalson and Lydia McLaughlin appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Monday night after an all new episode of RHOC. The two ladies answered viewer questions and caught up with the TV-host about the upcoming season and the drama that has happened so far.

Andy asked Vicki to respond to Tamra Judge’s comments about her from last week where Tamra said, “I mean, clearly Vicki hasn’t been in the parking lot of a gym in a long time, so she wouldn’t know if it was full or not.”

Vicki called the comment “ignorant” and said she works out a couple of times a week. She also complimented Tamra’s new look after her recent facelift when asked by the host what she thought.

Andy noted that Shannon Beador and Tamra had been tweeting letting viewers know that they had asked Lydia to stop talking about Vicki several times at Ava’s birthday party.

“Did they show that?” Lydia fired back. “I feel like I could say a lot of things too, but that’s why it’s video and we can all watch what happens.”

Tamra replied with a peculiar tweet.

“I’m confused what she means?” Lydia responded, while Andy assumed that she had told Tamra and Shannon stuff Vicki had said about David and Eddie. “I don’t know. I can’t follow,” Lydia added.

A caller asked Vicki what her thoughts were about Shannon holding her responsible for her weight gain. “I think it has to do with middle-age, because it’s difficult when you turn, 50-55, to keep your weight off… unless you work out everyday like Tamra. I also think hormones and I also think I’m not responsible for it, but I’ll take the blame again. If she wants to blame me, ‘I’m sorry.'”

The next caller asked Lydia if Ryan Culberson (Vicki’s son-in-law) ever apologized to her mom for freaking out on her for putting her feet up on the couch. (Season 8)

“We’re not talking about that,” Vicki butted in. While Andy responded, “Well, we are because I just asked the question.”

“No, not yet…” Lydia awkwardly replied, with Judy adding that she was “so over it.”

Another viewer asked if Vicki and Tamra would have made up by now if Shannon wasn’t in the picture. “What do you think?!” Vicki said fiercely at the TV screen. “What do you think?! I think yes!”

Andy said that without Shannon in the picture we don’t know what would have happened. Lydia added, “I think that Tamra has been hurt, and I think that hurt would be there if Shannon was there or not, but sometimes it’s nice to have an alliance with somebody.”

A viewer also asked Vicki if she misses her friendship with Tamra and added that Kelly isn’t good for her. “Well, I like Kelly and Kelly hasn’t hurt me yet,” Vicki said. “I totally miss Tamra. I’ve told her that and I said, ‘I want to bury the hatchet and I want to be friends again.'”

The next caller asked Lydia if she could clarify how Shannon is just like Vicki. “I wasn’t allowed to finish my train of thought because someone was yelling at me, but I was trying to say that they both have been hurt. My intention really was to bring them both together, but all I got out was, ‘You guys are alike,’ and she didn’t let me ever finish that thought.”

Another viewer asked Vicki what the current status of her relationship with Brooks and this didn’t make her very happy at all. “Oh my god, kill me. You guys, why doesn’t anybody talk about Donn? I was married to Donn for 20 years. I dated Brooks for 4 1/2, it’s like, ‘C’mon!’ We weren’t engaged, we weren’t married. There is NO status with Brooks. He’s moved on, he’s in Indiana.” Vicki claimed she knew that information through one of their mutual friends.

Andy asked if they think Brooks was watching and Lydia waved to the camera and said, “Hi Brooks!” Vicki added, “When are you going to pay me my money back?!” Interesting…

“I don’t love Brooks anymore,” Vicki continued when asked to clear up something she had said prior. “He was a person in my life, in my past, and I cared for him at that time, but no, I don’t love Brooks!”

What do you think about what Vicki and Lydia had to say?

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14 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson and Lydia McLaughlin Talk Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge”

  1. I find it hard to even watch anymore…I have never seen grown, wealthy and educated women say/do such deplorable things to each other. regardless of anything else, it’s apparent that each of them has survived tremendous pain in their lives and they have zero compassion or empathy for each other. I’m most concerned about @OCLydia the most. As the most outspoken Christian, who for one had attempted to help Tamara’s walk with Jesus, as well as being surrounded by what are apparently non-believers, or at least maybe unsure believers … she has an enormous responsibility with all of the other women. and the Bible is totally clear that she, @OCLydia, or anyone else in her position, will be held accountable for the eternal life of the other women… especially Tamra. I think it would be wise for her to hit the good book and review things like gossip mongering, causing believers and non-believers to stumble and her “punishment” for behaviours that would cause a baby Christian like Tamra to stumble in her walk with Jesus. Be ware, Lydia. don’t get drawn in by wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    1. Absolutely on the mark, Deborah, my thoughts as well. Lydia is a good woman of God & these women are the “Do as I say, dont as I do” types. If she spends time with them, they will stain her soul. Truly wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  2. I think Lydia will be the most interesting addition to this season. Outside of a few girls on RHOA, the OC franchise has the most openly self identified Christians as cast members, yet treat each other horribly while subsisting on little more than pride, unforgiveness, rage and retaliation…and the liquid courage they get from copious amounts of alcohol. I can see she is there to shake up the current group dynamic, that’s clear. But I’m interested in seeing HOW she does it, and if it can be accomplished on her behalf without straying from her principles.

    1. Bon, so much sense with your thoughts. One of my sisters once told me that if she sat with a certain group of women long enough, pointing out a better way, God’s truth, which they dont want to know, far less receive, that after awhile, your spirit becomes so tired, you join them. What she did was remove herself from their toxiticy . Lydia has a hard battle in front of her for sure.

  3. 1. I believe Vicky has multiple personalities and needs help, and 2. She is not remorseful about anything! She comes off all soft and meek when she want someone to act a certain way; she is the “wolf in sheeps clothing”!

    I believe Lydia when she said she wanted to get VG and Shannon communicating again. However, she could have had a one on one with Shannon like she had with Vicky, and maybe the situation would not have turned out the way it did (in a crowd). It seems to me that happens often enough…

    1. I could be wrong but I wonder if she talked to Vicki alone because she knew her but talked to Shannon with Tamra there because she didn’t know Shannon?

    2. I agree. Vicki is trying to win the public over, She is sorry for nothing… And Lydia was asked 4 times to drop it. It is classless that she continued to badger them. That is rude in any book. So she finally gets Shannon worked up and whines about it. So obnoxious

  4. Both Vicki & Lydia were as forthright as they could possibly be. Open & honest. Enough with Tamara & Shannon’s bitter hatred & resentment. That’s not how decent people behave. They seem to thrive on bitterness, plus 2 negatives cannot make a positive, they are not good for each other.

    1. are we watching the same show? Vicki has burned them both over and over again – plus all the lying – they like the rest of us are done. And who does Lydia think she is? She really thinks she can do no wrong and everyone will just fall down when she talks and follow her?

      1. Has everyone forgotten, especially Tamara & Shannon how ghastly they ALL treated Vicki in the past? Heartless & relentless are the 2 main words that comes to mind. She’ll never be forgiven for cancer gate. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. They are dining only on bitter resentment & it shows. Time to forgive & move on.

  5. Lydia made an ass of herself. The poll on WWWL said it all. Everyone sided with Shannon & Tamra. Lydia was totally out of line. She was meddling and wasnt even present when it all went down.

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