Vicki Gunvalson Would Love To Be A Part Of Real Housewives All-Stars


Real Housewives of Orange County stars Vicki Gunvalson and Shannon Beador represented at the Bravo Upfronts last week and teased the new season when they spoke to E! News.

It seems like you guys are still friends after filming this season otherwise you wouldn’t be standing this close together.
 We are.

What can you tease? There are trips coming up.
 Trips always bring a little bit of drama. No, I’m sorry, a lot of drama! Somebody that is typically the one that’s the instigator of some issues finally gets called out, and I’m not going to say who.
 Right. There’s a lot of drama and betrayal on its way.

Sounds like the best soap opera ever.
 You couldn’t even script our drama.
 Right? I know it. It’s crazy.

Will there come a time you’ll say goodbye to the show?
 I’ll be in my walker, “Do I still look bitchin’, Shannon?! Is my spanx showing?” I have no idea. That’s up to Bravo…I’m having a blast.

Fans have been dreaming about a Real Housewives All-Stars series. Like, all the ladies on a cruise or something.
 Wouldn’t that be a great, great show? Oh my god.

Would you do it?

As the new girl, do you find it hard to watch yourself?
 It is a little hard. Some of your most dramatic and worst moments are shown, but you walk forward and it’s been a fun experience.

Shannon, would you come back next year?
 [Laughs.] Stay tuned.
 Yeah, stay tuned. That’s a good one.

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3 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Would Love To Be A Part Of Real Housewives All-Stars”

  1. Put the most psycho wives, Vicki, Theresa, Ramona, Brandi, and Kenya in a luxury house for a month with cases and cases of wine. Five housewives enter, one leaves. The Real Housewives: Welcome to Thunderdome!

  2. According to an insider, Season 10 of RHOC will come back. All the girls will be asked back. Producers might add another friend of the housewives or a new regular. The only fate that is undecided is Danielle’s.

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