Vicki Gunvalson Livid Over Not Being Invited to Shannon Beador’s Vow Renewal


Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson is reportedly livid that she was not invited to David and Shannon Beador’s vow renewal ceremony that we saw on this week’s episode of the show.

“Things between Vicki and Shannon could not be any worse right now,” a source close to production tells RadarOnline.

“Vicki really cannot stand Shannon these days, and she thinks that the fact that Shannon and David renewed their vows is just ridiculous,” the insider continued.

But Vicki and Shannon aren’t the only OC ladies fighting.

“The entire cast is at each other’s throats right now and everyone is living in fear because no one knows who is going to be cut next season and who is safe,” the source claims.

Whose side are you on?

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77 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Livid Over Not Being Invited to Shannon Beador’s Vow Renewal”

  1. Oh Satan’s scrotum pops out again! STFU Icky

    after the 70s party, why would Shannon invite her? Plus why would she even want to be invited, since she can’t stand Shannon so much?? Guess she’s pissed she was denied an opportunity to make a spectacle. And Vicki is the last person who should judge anyone else’s relationship, given her very strange obsession with Brooks

    I expect the other dumb dumb Kelly will write her blog and say the same nonsense. That’s of course after she sobers up from last nights bender!!

    I hope Andy fires Shannon or she leaves. I will have no other reason to watch this show. It’s a sad sad show . When will RHOBH be back ? If Yolanda is crossing over to RHONY , hopefully Andy will listen to me and move Shannon to RHOBH. They need a odd goof ball like Shannon 🙂

    1. I would love Shannon on BH. I would love to write off OC myself. I always watched NY and liked this season pretty much, but if Yoyo makes an appearance, let alone becomes a RHONY, I will quit entirely. That would be the end for me. The way it is now, I am barely able to watch BH with Erika and all of her Yo talk, and I am hoping she keeps Yo out of the picture. I may just quit all the shows. I wish they had chat here for Flipping Out, Below Deck, and Million Dollar Listings. I am so tired of all the BS on these shows.
      I hope you are feeling well, my friend.

      Have a great day, Rain!

      1. Hey sweetheart Sandy! ❤️ I’m glad you think Shannon would be good on RHOBH too , she can replace Rinna. I’m not sure how serious the rumors are about Yonlanda on NY but they may add her as a FOH or something. I don’t watch NYC so I don’t know any of the women . But ITA, tired of the nonsense and what these shows have become stressful to watch .

        I liked Erika but ready for her to not just be Yolanda’s friend. I posted a message the other day about Erika and Kyle being in Mykonos for an Erika show. No other HWs. So it seems Erika and Kyle are definatey friends
        I would so enjoy discussions on Million dollar listings. I love NYC and LA. SF was a disaster and I hope it doesn’t come back. I don’t watch ‘Below deck’ but maybe I should, a lot of people here rave about it! Have a great Friday RS ❤️❤️

        1. Hey Rain! Try Below Deck. It is always a bit different, since there are always different charter guests and with the crew, it is great people watching. They are usually in the Caribbean, thoigh last season was the Bahamas…which is the Atlantic and had more weather issues, but generally pretty scenery cruising too. Below Deck Med. was all in the Greek Isles. I like the Captain better on Below Deck (not Med.). He has to deal with all the crew who are partying too hard, fighting maybe or disagreeing, just lazy or not listening to their higher ups, getting drunk at times, too chummy with the guests, etc. Chef Ben is brilliant and funny. Well, yoi should watch!
          I think MDLLA is coming soon…just saw them running a bunch of them yesterday on Bravo. I must check on that. I love looking at the homes. I like the two Brits, David and James, though not brothers but could be brothers looking at them and both nice.

          1. You’ve definatey talked me into Below Deck, thank you Sandy xoxo I’ll see what available on my ‘on demand’ service and start watching!
            Yes I love the 2 Brits also and how they are with their wives and dogs . The houses are beautiful . Compared to MDLNY, LA seems like a bargkan, right? Lol

              1. The prices are insane! (That just reminded me of a Crazy Eddie’s commercial)
                NY is unreal. My son lives in Brooklyn and the places there are way more than before, so no hopes of buying, but he pays high rent.

      2. I am in total agreement. I enjoy those shows so much more. Below Deck? Captain Lee? YES! Flipping Out? Watching Jeff Lewis eat lunch is better than these hags. MDL? Josh Flagg? Hilarious. Agreed!!

          1. Kate is now lesbian, or at least she never let on before, and Ben seems taken aback by all of it in previews anyway, since he always had a love hate relationship with Kate. Wasn’t the last Chief Stew also into girls?
            I watch Flipping Out too. I love Jeff, Jenny and Zoila, but not Gage.

      3. The New York ladies will decimate Yolanda. Can you imagine Bethenny and Ramona mouthing-off to her. It would be a trainwreck….but kind of fun! The New York ladies have really turned out to be the best of the bunch! I might be saying that because I am an East Coast girl myself.

        1. Bethenny would put her in her place maybe. I just am not into any more of Yolanda with IVs and whatever, complaining on and on. I had enough. Yo needs someone like Bethenny and Ramona in her face. 😮
          Yes, I am east coast too.

    1. Yuck! Vicki and her woe is me attitude. I agree!
      The expression is, “You made your bed, now lie in it.” Vicki really has no remorse, and sometimes sorry is just not enough after something so big and terrible. She did this to herself.
      Kelly seems to think sorry is a cure all too. Nope.
      Some things just cannot be erased and no one will be able to trust a liar like Vicki again if they know what she has done. Vicki icky. Maybe a change of face and identity, like the Witness protection program and a new start somewhere else would be the place for V icki.

  2. So everyone’s suppose to feel sorry for someone who was involved in a cancer scam??? What is this filth still doing on TV. Good for you Shannon no reason for Icky Vicky to be there she probably would have somehow made your evening all about her. Shave that scrotum away

  3. I highly doubt Vicki was livid not to have been invited to the birthday/renewal party. After everything that happened, I’m sure she never expected to be included. That would’ve been the height of hypocrisy on David’s part.
    The entire season is the pitts.
    Is Yolanda really heading to RHONY? Lol, Bethanny will slice her in half & make lemon aid.

  4. Vicki, too bad and boo effing hoo. Go cry into a big glass of alcohol because NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOU ANYMORE. You were handed an opportunity to do good and instead, you blew it. We’ve watched you for years while you were/are screeching, lying, back-stabbing, judging, hating, conniving, bossing, abusing, cheating, coveting and finally… AIDING AND ABETTING IN A CANCER SCAM. You are so done, you are charred and the edges are curling.


  5. I think things might have been a little bit better if KELLY DODD had not come on the show. Let’s hope that she is not back for next season. She adds NOTHING to the show and when she drinks (like the fish she is), she just gets so crude. She says her daughter will never see the episode where she called Shannon the “C” word or the reunion…..well, trust me when I say, someone will be happy to show this to her. This woman (and I use the term sparingly), simply adds nothing to the show. As for sides between Vicki & Shannon……… doubt Shannon has principles and Vicki does not. She was so intent on keeping her “love tank” full that she alienated all her friends for that slime ball Brooks. Oh Vicki, who is still around you and who is not???? I don’t know who is worse here, Vicki or Luann de Lesseps…..both seem so desparate to get a man they are disgusting & repulsive. And Gigicat……love your post – it is priceless!

    1. ITA Karen , love your post ! Kelly’s mouth is dirtier than the toilet sears at Chipotle ! Sadly I’m sure she’s coming back! Sigh ! Xoxo

        1. No more Chipotle now. 🙁
          Just kidding! Love your posts! Cannot stand Kelly at all either. What a trash mouth and a person who is not likeable in the least.

      1. All I can say then is…………UGH. Love your analogy! She is absolutely disgusting, vile, crude & rude! She contributes nothing to the show. I want to know how she can keep insisting that Shannon “set her up”. She had only met Kelly twice before her 70’s party. Those circles are so small and absolutely NOTHING is sacred, so I don’t know how she is making this all about Kelly! What a b*tch she is.

  6. Vicki has become down right gross. Between the screaming, whoooooooo hooooing, fake throw up gags and stupid mouth movements she basically reverted to a 3 year old child’s behavior. She needs to be put in time out like the toddler she it. Albeit a permanent time out.

  7. Morning ladies,
    Happy , Happy Friday!

    Vicki, Time to move on! I don’t know what to think of this, it could be just P.R. stunt.

    There was no reason for you to be invited. 70′ s party ring a bell?
    Regardless, close the Shannon chapter; she wants to sit on her ,” Grudge Stool,” so let her.
    She isn’ t worth it. Take comfort in that she is a hypocrite, caused she LIED her butt off at Meghan’ s party. Shannon doesn’t lie; that is a bald face lie!

    No one never, ever, needs to beg anyone to be their friend.

        1. Ah yes I remember you mentioned something about that . Hope it won’t take long. I had my kitchen redone a little , about 2 months ago and it was traumatic lol. Enjoy your escape this weekend! Love u more ❤️❤️

    1. Morning Southern happy Friday and weekend! Enjoy and I don’t blame you for deserting your house! Renovations are no fun! Xoxoxxo

  8. The vow renewal ceremony that was MOST ridiculous was Vick and Donn’s. If I remember correctly during the ceremony she mentioned how much his ring cost her or the size. Vicki you are just one hell of a jealous conniving witch and I sincerely hope you are gone next season.

      1. That was absolutely the dumbest thing she could have done. Surely she knew that Don wasn’t that “in to” it! But, Vicki tends to do whatever the hell she wants and I see she still wears the diamond ring! How ridiculous is that?

        1. Karen, I disagree. Don’t looked over the moon happy at the ceremony. He was crying, shocked, etc. Vicki was the one, who was faking it. Don’t you remember her telling the Preacher to give him buckets of conch meat to eat. Natural Aphrodisiac, Viagra? Lol.

    1. SO agree that renewal was a farce. Who has to constantly talk about their $? Insecure obsessing Vicki, that’s who. We are all over Vicki, Bravo. She and Kelly Dud need to be fired Andy.

      1. Vicki DID say how much Donn’s ring cost……$4000 comes to mind. She and Kelly do need to be fired. Vicki may be the OG of the OC, but she has pretty much run her course. Who wants to watch a dried up old prune bemoan the fact that “being alone sucks” and she comes across as a 50+ nymphomaniac. She is sickening and hear tell her new love interest is crooked as all get out. How in the world does she meet these people, much less attach herself to these nefarious characters???? She reeks of desparation. ICK and EWWWWW…………. As for Kelly, I’ve said it once and it bears repeating, she is rude, crude and lewd, double ICK and EWWWWW!!!!!!

  9. Didn’t Vicki just state the other day her and Shannon were friends only for a season, so why be livid? While this Liar continues to rant about moving on, she obviously can’t as she continues to bring this up as much as possible as the poor victim.

    1. Totally agree and yes she did say friends for a season! I’m surprised Vicki has any friends at all left. You can’t count foul mouthed Kelly! Xoxoxo

  10. If this is true, Vicki needs to think about her behavior since she’s become friends with “The Bully” to when she wasn’t a friend to Shannon and she’ll understand why she wasn’t invited by David. It was a surprise after all.

  11. Oh Vicki I love you and believe me all you missed at the vow renewal was a whole lot of fakery …and possibly some good food & champs. Producer driven drivel IMO.

  12. I don’t believe she’s livid and I don’t think she even cares enough to say anything about their vow renewal because that ship has already sailed so far as Shannon is concerned. Sounds like typical Radar click bait based on the usual “source close to production”

    1. Amen. Vicki didn’t look livid when she and Kelly were out to dinner (liquid). She casually mentioned it and Kelly’s response was, “they are just mad because they AREN’T US”. Oh really??? I don’t think any of them are upset that they AREN’T Vicki or Kelly. These are two of the unhappiest people I have ever seen. And the “livid” comment probably is Radar’s click bait. I haven’t seen this line anywhere else!!

  13. Can someone tell me why would Vickie be invited anyway? David obviously planned the evening and he and OUG had words which ended with a comment about his affair. How does that get you an invite to the evening? Vickie your problem is that no one likes you at all. They deal with you because of the show but other than that your just a nasty old lady. By the way Spanx yours are getting pretty stretchy time to hug in the rolls and rear. Do they make a size for
    a huge rear like that.

    1. David & Shannon should have NOT invited Vicki to their vow renewal, why would they? She has been nothing but nasty and hateful to both of them. And her comment to Kelly about her “taking David down”, does she really think that she is so amighty powerful that she could do something like that???!!! Why in the world would someone say something like that about a father of 3 girls & a wife to support. What a hateful old hag she is. She may have lost some weight at the beginning of the season, but to look at her now,one would never know. She does love her alcohol and food. She makes enough money that she could buy herself some new Spanx………..lordy, lordy. Whew Vicki, you seem to have an awful big ego and a huge opinion of yourself. Too bad no one else thinks you are as great as yo think you are. STFU Vicki. No one wants to hear you anymore.

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