Vicki Gunvalson Irritated With How Disrespectful Meghan Was To Shannon


Vicki Gunvalson couldn’t attend the Napa trip we saw in this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, but she is taking to her blog to share her thoughts on the trip. Vicki says she was irritated with how disrespectful Meghan Edmonds was to Shannon Beador and thanks fans for their support of Brooks.

“This week you don’t see much of me other than packing for my trip to Florida. Every year my FMO holds an awards banquet based on the previous year’s production and I was proud to be acknowledged as one of the top producers in the Insurance & Financial Services industry. After my conference was done, I flew Briana and Ryan and their two boys from Oklahoma to Disneyworld and we spent another five days together. I just love being with my grandkids, Briana, and Ryan so there was no place I’d rather be…even Napa with the ladies.

I was proud of Heather’s new champagne that she unveiled this trip. I have no idea how that girl does what she does. I mean she’s building a house the size of a hotel, raising four kids, launching a skin care line, filming a reality show, and lastly champagne.

It was fun watching this episode because I really didn’t know what they did when they were there. It sure looked like a lot of fun.

I got very irritated with Meghan on how disrespectful she was to Shannon about the charity event she was hosting. Shannon told me about it afterwards and seeing it unfold on camera just confirms that Meghan is definitely overstepping her boundaries. Shannon did nothing wrong there, and Meghan was definitely trying to push her buttons.

For those of you that have emailed to me regarding Brooks cancer, thank you for all the encouragement. Some of your stories have been so touching and we have received a lot of great recommendations to what you have done to rid your body of cancer. I have received so many emails of cancer survivors and all of the confusing information on how to treat this disease. I truly believe you can’t do only 1 thing, it must be a combination of alternative medicine, holistic treatments, and western medicine. It’s a complete lifestyle change on not only eating, but also positive thinking, lots of prayer, and surrounding yourself with the best professionals there are. We are so happy that we found Lenka at as she has brought so much knowledge to Brooks and I about eating raw fruits and vegetables, juicing, and using FOOD as our medicine. Please visit the website and become a member to learn how you can rid your body of toxic chemicals and start fueling your body with what it needs to get healthy.

So keep your stories coming. They are inspiring for Brooks to read and thank you again for all your support. We love you and appreciate all of you.”

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37 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Irritated With How Disrespectful Meghan Was To Shannon”

  1. I don’t think Meghan was being disrespectful at all towards Shannon. I don’t understand where Shannon’s anger and irritation is coming from. I think she has displaced anger and is a tiking time bomb.

    1. Yes thank you Karen once again we are on the same page.. Shannon is very angry and I honestly don’t think all the lemons or feng shui can help her bottom line is I think she needs to just do some soul searching understand who she really is and work on herself from the inside out. Choosing her battles with her husband might be start instead of sweating the small stuff. Jmo 🙂

      1. I feel for her- I do- but she, like last year, misplaces her anger and it explodes inappropriately and she refuses to acknowledge it.

    2. You are right, Shannon is a ticking time bomb, it’s wrong bring those girls into their problems on national T.V. why is Vicky always on about people being disrespectful, why should people give it if it’s not returned.

  2. Totally agree with you, Karen and Tam. This is one angry and defensive woman. She could benefit from intensive therapy and an anger management class (or two)!

  3. Oh. My. God. I don’t loathe Vicki, she can be entertaining at times but really? Shut up Vicki. She admits to be the FIRST to scratch out the eyes of any new cast member. I swear, she takes any opportunity to try and make herself look a little better.

    1. I’ll go one step further Monica- I loathe Vicki. She is so mean and that voice! It voukd kill brain cells through the TV if I didn’t lower the volume when she screeches! Argh!

      1. You aren’t the only one! She always hates the younger prettier girls!! A little green eye, maybe a lot!!! Lol

      2. LOL Karen! I gotcha! She is just REALLY stupid. I just don’t have any feeling strong enough about her to call it “loathe”. She’s kind of a clown to me, ya know?!

  4. Vickie – it’s 100% YOUR choice to live with a lying, mooching con-man. It’s clear that you have real issues in the “male selection “area. I’m not one of those fans who can write advise to this supposed man you choose to love. After watching all of his interactions with the ladies….but especially your DAUGHTER. …Brooks makes my skin crawl.

  5. I honestly think the show is way too much stress for Shannon. I worry about her totally breaking down. She is battling way too many demons to also be on camera. The kindest act for Shannon is to drop her from the show. She would be better served to be in family counseling off camera and try to work out their problems in private.

    1. Betty, I’m so on board with that. There’s something off about Shannon’s situation. Not entertaining at ALL, it’s actually quite awkward to witness!

  6. I’m in the minority again, I guess. I like Shannon. I love her quirky, goofy personality (whenever Heather tries to loosen up/act “cute,” it comes out fake and forced, VERY uncomfortable to watch). So what if Shannon’s into crystals and Feng Shui? I am, too. I suffer from chronic pain. Whenever I go to the dr., I just get drugs that knock me out and leave me with no quality of life. You BET I seek out alternative medicine and whenever I can, I pass my knowledge along to others.

  7. like Vicki & I like Shannon even more. Wrong time, wrong place to confront her. Just cant seem to like the newcomer Meghan at all. Just her look somehow irritates me. And yes, Vicki does have a screeching voice when angry, but has anyone witnessed Tamara angry? She makes Vicki look like a saint.

    1. Oh you mean at last year’s reunion? “that’s MY OPINNNYYAAAAAANNNNN!!!!” Yeah, Camera Tamra does have a shriek on her.

  8. When Vicki gets her knickers in a knot over one thing–like the questions over brooks illness–she seems to go out looking for a fight like a junkyard dog! She’s picking on Meghan because she thinks the new hw is vulnerable. Don’t count on it! She won’t be vicki’s doormat like the others. Brooks is creepy top to bottom, but he is perfect for Vicki.
    He feeds her giant ego almost as much as Andy Cohen does. Can’t fast forward fast enough any more when Vicki is on screeching out ignorant and hateful venom.

  9. I’m on Shannon’s side here. if a stranger phoned me on my private number, talking like she knows me and asking me for advice on something that I didn’t do, while I was busy with my kids: I’d be a little peed off too. and so would all of you.

    1. Exactly. Especially when knucklehead Meaghan didn’t identify herself properly, in the first place. An why not say, hey can I meet you for coffee, at your convenience and ask for a little help, putting this all together? But, I guess that’s what polite people, with common sense do.

  10. Shanny and her “private number” makes it like she’s some big star that is being besieged by strangers. Get over yourself, spend some of those millions on some legit therapy and get off TV before you end up on that network with wives that kill and all. Other site smone called Vickie ” a screaming Betty Broaderick” . I died laughing! (Watch some video of Betty if you’re not familiar) , has V EVER been nice to any newbies that were younger and better lookin? You insecurity is showing Vic, no plas surg for that. That woman shd retire with all her finan plan bs, hope she has saved enough to support Brooks/crooks cuz he doesn’t seem to be terminal at all or going anywhere soon (esp to a job!)

    1. Just Sayin, Vicky vs Betty Broderick. Tie. They are both crazy. Agree with you completely and Shannon made to big of an issue of her number. Vicky, Betty and Shannon need therapy badly!

    2. Betty Broderick….now that’s a loon whose name I haven’t heard in ages. Crazy, demented, shrill = Vicky to a tee. Watch out Vick. I sincerely hope Crooks doesn’t “force” you to kill him in order to rid yourself of his conning, mooching azz (If and when you come to your senses).
      Regarding Shannon and her phone “private” number – I doubt she cares if a stranger calls her. More likely the problem is an attractive, much younger woman potentially near her cheating hubs. Shannon’s marriage is a weekly farce on nat’l tv. I don’t care how many times she tells the Bravo camera “I am committed to my marriage” & “divorce isn’t an option “. It’s obvious to this viewer that Shannon’s marriage is in its final death throes. I think it’s why she’s becoming more unstable & appearing mentally unhinged.
      These 2 OC blondes are 2 sad ladies IMO. They are putting their lives & relationships “out there” for public consumption. Unfortunately both are hardly indicative of success or anything I’d consider worthy of aspiring to/for.

  11. megan definitely showed how ignorant she is when she couldnt seem to understand that shannon was short because she thought it was a sales call ! lol idiot she should have simply said oh and they should have laughed it off ! she is so desperate to be a part of the story she will do anything to appear relevant lol .

    1. Yes and I don’t doubt that snotty, stuck-up, creepy Heather, is using Meaghan to do her dirty work. Especially since the Dublows received such nasty viewer backlash, last year.

        1. I dont like Meaghen at all; not even the looks of her. She looks like a bug or something. She comes across as a cold cruel snot nosed person similar to Heather. You dont lecture another adult on their behaviour, especially someone you dont even know yet. Reminded me of how Heather treated Shannon when Shannon was new on the show, repremanding her for being late and so on.

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