Vicki Gunvalson: I’m Not Proud Of How I Treated Lizzie


Vicki Gunvalson is taking to her Bravo Blog this week to let viewers know that she is not proud of how she treated Lizzie Rovsek. Vicki says since the incident she has apologized to Lizzie for her behavior. Vicki also shares that she was upset with Tamra for talking about Brooks to Lizzie at the dinner table.

Vicki writes, “Watching this week’s episode made me very upset on how I treated Lizzie when we first met. All I can say is that is not the person who I want to be, nor am I proud of how I talked to her when we were in the limo. There was a lot more to that limo ride which you didn’t get to see, but either way, it was wrong of me and I have since apologized.

I felt bad that Heather was upset about me asking her to change seats so Shannon could sit by me. We happened to be in a conversation that wasn’t finished yet, so I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal to have Heather move down. Watching this episode I can see how both of them could be “bugged.” Sorry, Heather! Sorry, Shannon!

Having Elaine and Shannon come to my office to talk about feng shui was so interesting. I followed Elaine’s recommendations 100-percent and the results were phenomenal. I have had the highest sales production in my career since this was done. Call it a coincidence or not, but I’m all about it now. She didn’t have me do drastic changes, but enough that made me a believer.

I’m very upset with how Tamra talked crap on Brooks to Lizzie when to his face she says something different. I don’t know why she continues to say one thing to other people, and then something else to him and I. I’m at the point where I have to do what’s right for me and not care anymore what others think. Only I know what’s right for my life, and just like I have continued to support Eddie and her, all I ask is for her to do the same with whatever and whomever I choose to date. It’s getting “old.” All I have to say is stay tuned, because things do change in upcoming episodes.

On a side note I just returned from spending the Mother’s Day weekend with my beautiful daughter and her family. Troy is getting so big and he definitely knows how to win my heart over. Leaving their car yesterday at the airport with him crying in his car seat because I left made it so hard. Someone told me that crying is good for you as it helps cleanse your body of grief and sadness — guess I’ll be cleansing a lot.”

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  1. geezz…. Vicki has been nasty from day one…. we expected nothing less…. Maybe Vicki should take us all by surprise sometime and show the world she really cares about others and not just herself.

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