Did Vicki Gunvalson Have a Heart-Attack in Iceland?

The Real Housewives of Orange County headed to Iceland this week and the episode ended with Vicki Gunvalson having a major health-scare, as she was rushed to the hospital via ambulance.

Vicki returned to the hotel after a hike and before she was supposed to join the ladies for dinner she was violently throwing up.

“I feel so sick,” Vicki told friends Kelly Dodd and Peggy Sulahian. “I don’t know what’s going on.”

Meanwhile, Kelly Dodd was annoyed with Peggy Sulahian for getting in her way of helping Vicki.

“While we were getting ready for dinner, Vicki tells me she’s not feeling very well,” Peggy explained to viewers. “Her face turned white, her arm gets numb. She’s complaining about her heart really, really pumping. I’m really worried for her. Vicki doesn’t look good, her color’s pale. I’m honestly thinking that Vicki’s going to have a heart attack.”

“Since yesterday I’ve been not feeling well,” Vicki told Kelly, who said she was having an anxiety attack. Kelly informed Peggy, “She [Vicki] has heart problems.”

“I feel like my heart is racing a billion miles a minute and I don’t have a watch,” Vicki told the girls.

When the police arrived, Kelly told them Vicki was having heart palpitations and they told Vicki she needed to lay down and wait for the ambulance.

“I haven’t felt good all day,” Vicki said. “I’ve been telling everybody.” Flashbacks showed Vicki complaining about not feeling well. “I’m just tired. I’m not feeling well. I feel weak, I just don’t feel good,” Gunvalson said throughout the previous evening. “I feel so sick. I don’t know what’s going on with me. Since yesterday I have not been feeling well.”

“I might be having a heart-attack,” she told the police as the ambulance sirens were coming closer and of course, the episode ended with, “To be continued.”

But Vicki seems to be okay now and even made a joke about the incident.

“They tried to kill me,” Gunvalson joked in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in July. “That’s my story: They literally tried to kill me.”

The situation was so bad Gunvalson said she blacked out while filming, making her unable to “remember a lot of it.”

“They all asked me, ‘Do you want us to go to the hospital with you, or what do you want us to do?’” Gunvalson said of the other Housewives’ reactions. “I said, ‘Stay back and whoop it up’ — I think they did.”

What did you think of this episode? Do you think Vicki had a heart attack?

Watch the show highlight below:

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35 Replies to “Did Vicki Gunvalson Have a Heart-Attack in Iceland?”

  1. In the West Indes we purse our lips and make a sucking kind of noise which sounds like this…….schupps……(my sister from another W.I. monther, Starr, can attest to this). It is an expression of disgust.


    Vicky is at it again. “Look at me. Have sympathy for me. I deserve your love.”


    1. Lol Michelle, Sometimes watching this show, I do so much of that-that my new name should be “Steups” or “Schupps”.
      You know the thing.

  2. I am soooooooooo sick of Lydia..and Peggy . They get Shannon going when she is minding her own business then poke at her and when she tries to defend herself they are not happy until she is in tears, then THEY play the victim and say Shannon is over reacting. Leave Shannon the heck alone. Lydia you are such an obvious ego maniac along with your side kick Peggy.

    1. Exactly! It’s been clear from day one with both of them that their words and actions have all been planted in them by Vicki. That way Vicki can keep her hands clean while others do her dirty work. I saw it on Twitter last year the weekend that Gretchen and Lizzie attacked Tamra and Shannon over and over. They were at some event for the weekend and tweeting horrid things and then I happened to notice that during all of that Vicki stayed quiet… but she was at the same event.

  3. Welp we didn’t need a psychic to see that coming? That’s the first thing I thought when I saw that visit with the doctor last week. I’ve lived with the same things she got told she has for years.

  4. Just like when no one liked her and the accident with the four wheeler happened and she said if it takes me flipping over to get all the girls to like me again, so now, she’s using what her Doctor told her just a few days earlier to pull the same thing, I say I’m sick and could be having a Heart Attack and everyone oh poor Vicki and the drama queen she is was loving it, a few fake throw up sounds wets her face and I’m so sick, same of crap different day. But thsi time I don’t think everyone is buying it and it backfires on her. Her time has come and gone and she should be gone to, she brings nothing to the show, it’s time for her to go and bring in some more new blood to make it worth watching again.

  5. As Michelle said, I would say “Steups” but not at Vicki, not this rounds, but I would steups big time at the whole of this season & the bad behavior the women have displayed.
    I have no time for nonsense, far less women who thrive on negative.

    1. Hello my West Indian sister, even though our onions of Vicky are different I will say that this season has been screechy………………is that a word? I’m team Shannon all the way but I do think she’s having a hard time this season and needs to take a break and get her head and marriage sorted. It’s all been too argumentative and abbrasive.

      1. I completely agree that Shannon needs a long sabbatical to sort her muddled brain & clear all the crazy turmoil going on in there. If she wants to save her marriage as I’m sure she does, she has her work cut out for her.
        I am not team Shannon, but I feel bad for her. I am team Vicki & I feel very sorry for her.

          1. I agree. I’m sure a lot of people feel that way as well. But Shannon is holding on to straws for dear life. David checked out eons ago. To me, it’s just a matter of time.

          1. Hi Michelle, Why? because I tried to wear her shoes & understand why she did what she did for Brooks who did not deserve it. I also saw how the women ganged up on her like a bunch of vultures & the torment they put her through for that whole season & two seasons thereafter. They were & still are relentless. Plus, always I ask: ‘What would Jesus do?’ You know what, He would forgive her & forget her wrongs totally. That’s why. AND, she has begged for forgiveness from them over & over.

            1. Fair enough. I need more time to see her in a different light.
              I think there are a few factors going on here with Vicky.
              #1 Vicky flip flops about Brooks cancer and her involvement. I believe she was involved for a variety of reasons
              #2 Vicky has never apologized for her involvement. She makes these off the cuff, “I apologized. How many times should I apologize?” or “I said I was sorry. what more do you want?” Well, just a simple, “No excuses…..I was an ass and made a bad decision and hurt a lot of people. I’m sorry”
              #3 In my opinion, the women had very good reason to gang up on her like a bunch of vultures because they/we witnessed a decaying corpse in her lie after lie after lie.
              #4 I think Shannon and Tamra are angry with her for the malicious comments she’s said and spreading like its a fact about their husbands which in turn affects their lives and children’s lives. They’re vicious and malicious and again, she’s never apologized for them. she defends them with, “I just repeated the rumour” or “I have texts”.

              I don’t know if they will forgive and move on, I’m not them. If they do…..good but if they don’t you in turn can’t blame them for the agony they are feeling. You can’t tell them not to feel what they feel.

              I don’t like Vicky because she is sooooo desperate for attention that she will say and do anything to achieve it even if it means she has to hurt without conscience. I don’t think she has any scruples, morals or ethics. I think she is quite despicable. I need more time.

  6. Who didn’t see Vicki’s “heart attack” coming from a mile away. It all started with a setup from that dr’s office visit. I knew it was just a matter of time, so Iceland was the perfect opportunity. Her feeling bad since basically the beginning of the trip sure didn’t stop her (and Kelly) from go out drinking until 3am! IF she was even remotely telling the truth, I agree with others – it was a mixture of toooo much alcohol, staying out until 3am, being too out of shape to climb that glacier and of course, the high altitude. When the chips are down, the health issues come out. She’s FOS.

  7. OK, as a ♥ attack survivor myself (last year) this bitch is really annoying me now. First she makes a mockery out of cancer, and now the disease-of-the-week is heart disease. Actually, I saw this coming last week after we were subjected to that absurd scene when that quack told her “they ran tests” and she has heart problems … “but not to worry!” LoL

  8. And we now present to you the new Yolanda … Ms. Munchhausen

    Look at me, feel sorry for me, pay attention to me…

    fat bag

  9. I don’t wish heart problems on anyone. I will say though, before you can have a heart attack you have to actually have a heart

  10. Well if you find 7 bitchy fame hors all pretending that they like each other ‘vacationing’ in the vast wasteland of Siberia, you might enjoy it.

  11. The whole situation smells like bovine manure to me,..she has no story, that´s why she has to make up something to justify her presence in the show

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