Vicki Gunvalson and Gretchen Rossi Have Wild Night In Dallas


Former RHOC enemies Vicki Gunvalson and Gretchen Rossi keep getting closer. The two just happen to run into each other Dallas over the weekend and partied the night away together, with reports stating now the two women have spin-off plans together.

“Vicki and Gretchen hit the town hard together and danced the night away until 3am!” a source reveals.

“Gretchen and Vicki randomly happened to be staying in hotels right next to each other in Dallas last night and they had no clue that they were both there until they learned it from their fans on Twitter,” a source close to Vicki tells RadarOnline.

“This is the third time that they both have been working in the same city this year,” the insider said. “It is just un-REAL!”

While in Dallas, “They first met at this club called Ocean Prime and had a few drinks there before heading out to a couple of other clubs,” said the source. “They eventually ended up at a country line-dancing hot spot where they stayed for the rest of the evening.”

Look who I found in Dallas Texas! @vickigunvalson lol (we literally end up working in the same town all the time)

A video posted by Gretchen Christine Rossi (@gretchenrossi) on

Gunvalson even danced the night away with Slade Smiley. “Vicki and Slade were line dancing together and it was hilarious,” said the source. “But they are both really good dancers so, obviously, all eyes were on them!”

“They had so much fun gossiping and catching up, but every time they see each other they just have a blast,” the source added.

When Gretchen left the show after season eight the ladies were not on the best terms. But this changed when the two teamed up with Kelly Dodd in effort to supposedly take Tamra Judge down.

“It was cool to see that they have finally put all of their BS behind them,” the source continued. “They were partying like a couple of ex-sorority sisters and stayed out until 3am!”

“Vicki really feels a connection to Gretchen because Gretchen understands what she is going through,” said the source. “The two of them and Kelly have gotten so close and are definitely a super sexy squad now!”

What do you think of Vicki and Gretchen as friends? Comment below.

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118 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson and Gretchen Rossi Have Wild Night In Dallas”

    1. Fu.. – off Amy, Rain, Daisy, Vanonna, and freedomgirl. All five of you have ugly personalities. Vicky and Gretchen look like they are having a wonderful time. Who cares what brought them together. They Look gorgeous. What fun, and dancing up a storm. “Turning over rocks to find friends”. My god you must have the I.Q. of a tree stump. God help your husbands/partners if you all have any.

      1. And you are stupid if you think anything thes two do is without a motive. No one else will speak to Vicki so she has had to go for ex housewives she couldn’t stand! Telling other posters to F off shows your level of education.

        1. Well said Suze. Funny how this person who we have never heard of shows up on a story about Gretchen and is verbally abusive to us. Guess Slade hasn’t found a job yet and has too much time on his hands:)

        2. was really me writing that vicious reply..As promised, I changed my profile just to argue with…KIDDING!!! The intent of this person is pretty obvious, so no need to sweat this writer 😀 As I said the other day, it’s always amusing when someone comes on here and writes nasty things about someone for writing nasty things about a housewife. It’s actually comical that they think they can get their point across but doing the same thing that they are accusing of the post.

          1. Lol I thought you were serious for a minute! I tried it but it didn’t work for me. I can do it to people like this idiot but not to myself or friends.! I’m just a wuss!!! Xoxoxoxoxoxo

              1. Ok, I think your point of view is crap! You don’t know what you are talking about! Just because half the site agrees with you it doesn’t make you right!

                  1. See, I told you I couldn’t do it, I used my old sign in for first comment then forgot to change it for the comeback! I’m giving up with two names now. I only used Sally as it used to be my sign in!

                    1. Lol…Suze, I LOEVED it..and you didn’t mess it up. I have a weird sense of humor and to me it’s 10 times funnier to see the same name argue with themselves rather than with another profile.haha. You are too funny! Watch, I’m going to try it now myself…What the hell, no new news today so may as well have fun!!

                    2. OH SHUT THE HELL UP Freedom girl…you don’t know your ass from a whole in the wall and these two beautiful ladies deserve to be out partying and together, while photographing the whole thing!!!

      2. Get a job Slade.. You apparently have too much time on your hands. We speak our opinions on this blog. We don’t insult others. Nice try.

      3. You know what Susanaileen… You insulted my intelligence and the others you named. You have no idea who we are, what we do or our level of intelligence. How about you let me know your real name and show yourself so we can see what kind of idiot we are dealing with. It’s really easy to throw stones behind a fake name. Your vocabulary is of a male (see we have higher IQs than you think).. And by your anger you have a tiny penis and no money or self worth. That is what fills you with your anger.. Now, you messed with the wrong chick.

  1. Oh cut it out you old hags!! You’re too old to go club hopping! And Gretchen , you’re NOT coming back to the show so stop it already with all the desperate attempts and the thirst !!

    1. Why are they too old to go club hopping? Are you f…ing kidding me?
      How sad. I’m willing to bet you go through life judging everyone and everything in a negative light. Change your name from Rain to Muck.

      1. Yes they are too old to go club hopping. Good god Vicki has to be 55 and Gretchen 50. Nothing wrong with their age what so ever but they don’t need to be in nightclubs. They act and dress like they are 25. Vicki is a grandmother. And yes Vicki is Turning over rocks to find friends

        1. Vicki is too old to be wearing some of the outfits she wears too. It seems, at least for me, a woman in her 50’s looks ridiculous in a tight dress, especially when the body isn’t so great and something way short. Nothing wrong with flaunting it if you got it, but when you don’t, you shouldn’t!

          1. I ❤️ U vanonna 🙂 ITA agree with you ! Vicki and Tamra wear very inappropriate outfits for their age. Kelly looks like garbage, period!!! The RHOBH women are head and shoulders best dressed

            1. Love you too Rain! I guess I grew up with not showing everything can be just as sexy especially for someone that age. Not even going to say anything about her body! Have a great weekend!

              1. I respect the hard work Tamra put on her body and the competition but there are better outfits to showcase that . Looking like an aging cheerleader is not pretty 🙂 you have a great weekend too lovely lady z❤️❤️❤️

          2. I haven’t seen Tamra this year but I always thought she looked good, maybe that’s changed. Viki has looked inappropriately dressed almost since the beginning IMO. Her Christmas Party the year Ryan went off on Lidia’s Mom she looked dreadful. She wore a white dress that made the already 50 pounds she carries look like 75. Brianna isn’t far behind, if she sin’t there already. Does it show them together, Brianna and Ryan? Does anyone know?

          3. I absolutely agree. Must think she looks sexy with saggy boobs, big knees and flabby arms . Not that there is anything wrong with that but dress appropriately please . She would look much classier if she covered up a little. Guess that’s what Crooks liked.

      2. Hahaha Susanaileen/sherry/Elolo and all the other names you have. Do I have that much power to get this far under your skin?????. I’m honored! You’re welcome , but we al know who you are . 🙂

    2. Hi, girls. That was hilarious. I might try it next time some sad mad coward decides to enlighten us all by showing us the “way.” It simply proves what idiot really stands for when a person???, tries to insult everyone to explain why we shouldn’t insult others. 7th grade education maybe?
      We could all guess what level of education this multiple named poster made it to…..
      Sorry, I’m being mean. I do get mean when a bunch of garbage stinks up our wonderful site. Especially with the real life stuff that goes on in our lives, that we share here every day. I very much dislike it when someone attempts to allow their black heart to invade here.

      1. You are right 3 D, it’s too good a site to spoil with idiots like that! But I told freedom girl I would mess up and did, it shows I could never have to sign in names! Xoxoxoxoxxo

        1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❌ I would have to think really hard, too, with my memory, hahahaha. I can’t even remember that the name is of someone’s sister!!! Then…I would have to wait for moderation, and I have exactly no patience, so mine would be a joke too. It was funny, so that made the entire thing a success, all in all‼️♥︎ We all had a laugh, which is always good for the heart and brain and soul. ♦︎❀

  2. Vicki is desperate to find a friend and Gretchen is desperate to get back on RHOC! 2 pathetic people. After the way Vicki talked about Slade and Gretchen?

    Hello to all! Hope you are all well!

        1. Hi Daisy. How is it in your part of the world? It is Fall here, too. My Ornamental Pear hasn’t started coloring yet, but soon. I get really good exercise when the leaves fall. It is WAY more than it looks like when they are on the tree. I have never seen a more colorful tree in my life, even Maples. Every color. Red, Peach, Lime Green, Maroon, Pink, Purple, Orange, Champagne, Yellow…..Just spectacular. I always hope for hot days and cold nights as that makes all Fall coloring trees give us their best show. I have to run out, sometimes in my J’s, to gather them for my compost and leaf mould before the wind carries them elsewhere. One of the things I love about this part of the World is all 4 seasons have their own time. I mean, it has hailed in July before just knocking the shit out of every flower bud and bloom in the entire garden, but Nature will have it’s way.

        1. It’s a bit chilly here. But going down to London Friday to see the kids so looking forward to slightly warmer weather! Xo

          1. Oh!!! London. I loved London. My Sister took my entire family there about 18 years ago. We rented a flat that was so great. Very near the underground, and right in a neighborhood. The kitchen was so cool, all stocked and it had the best coffee. A TV room, a garden, just wonderful. We were there 8 days. We were walking down the street one day and heard music, we followed it naturally and it was an outside Opera. Two women were singing in a piazza that had benches on all 4 sides, OMG, it was so beautiful. At the end we took out all the money we brought for the day, I don’t even know how much, every one of us were digging in our pockets/purses and just poured it into the hat as they came around. One of the Opera singers came over during the performance, my handsome husband was sitting between all of us girls, she put her hands on his cheeks and sang a part of the song to him!!! He was the only person she did that for. It was an unforgettable experience.
            I know you know it well, so I hope so much you have a wonderful time. Raise a glass for all of us here, aye? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❌⭕️

            1. Thanks Sweetie, I won’t be going into London as too difficult on the tubes at the moment, I don’t have a lot of energy still. Plus too much to do with the kids. Hopefully we will get into Richmond Park with them. I am guessing you were in Covent Garden? I was at college not to far away from there. My sister used to take me to the ballet in Covent Garden. That was from the age of four to when she started having kids when I was 12. I’m looking forward to meeting my sons future in laws. It is really nice of them to drive all the way up to meet me. Xoxoxoxoxoxox

                  1. Don’t worry Suze , I’m sure you will have a nice trip . Just try to stay comfortable . That’s great you get to see your sister . I haven’t seen mine year’s . Have a great time you certainly deserve it

              1. Yes, Covent Garden! I meant Train Stop when I said Underground, BTW. I was thinking of a different city when I said that. I hope, then, you have a love filled day and maybe a picnic? It is great they are driving down, showing where she got her good manners and kindness. How exciting to meet them, wow. oxoxoxoxoxo

    1. “Desperate to get back on RHOC, pathetic”??
      Unfortunately…….It is your childish, unoriginal, comments here, that are pathetic. You must be a real treat to live with!

      1. Who exactly is this and why are verbally attacking on this blog? No need for your aggressiveness. Funny you show up now isn’t it Slade??

        1. Lol Amy! I just wish whoever it is had used a different name, I don’t like sharing my first name with someone like this!

          1. Me either. I’m most certain its Slade. Who would get so offended if they were not attached to Gretchen! Vicki gets slammed all the time. Gretchen is rarely on this blog. The verbage is male. He needs to get a life.

            1. I think you could well be right. It’s the sort of thing he would do. If he came back I would never watch again! Xoxo

              1. Amy, Suze, Daisy ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Ignore the trolls ! They hate our peaceful blog and come to stir trouble

              1. Just the truth. Everyone who comes across your path is brightened by you, you are one of the most special people I have ever been blessed to know. Just considering this here blog, there are only the trolls who say anything otherwise, & they are not worth any more time.
                On this blog, as I was saying, you have filled every single person’s heart here with your humor, your warmth and your generosity. I consider myself truly blessed.
                Many here have followed suit, me among them, and this has become a place of genuine care for humanity.

                1. Now you have made me cry! I’m laying in my sons spare room waiting for a reasonable time to get up to make myself a coffee! I think the curry last night kept me awake! Kate came over last night so we were all together and she will be back this morning. I think we will go home Sunday but we will see. Xoxoxoxoxo

      2. Susanaileen , how many names do you have here? I pity you , you sound like a lonely , bitter person . Oh and you can kiss my big fat ass sweetheart

      3. How did I ever miss your reply? I could give a care what you think. But speaking of pathetic – add you to the list. Others say you are Slade. Are you really Slimy Slade sticking up for your girl? Sweet!

  3. Ex-sorority sisters???????????? From when, WWII error ????? These two are far from college years, well at least Vicki is…. Give this a rest, as this alliance is so fishy that it stinks (no Joanna Krupa jokes please) 😀

            1. Rain you are such a sweetie! Love you and slurpy kisses you and Miss Moneypennyxoxoxoxoxxo❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Oh this is rich. Vicki and Gretchen whoopin it up. They must’ve found each other on that online site ‘Rent a Bimbo’

    1. On a way more interesting (show) note… Gigicat? Isn’t it you who likes Below Deck too? Did you see last nights show? If not don’t want to spoil it for you but check out the hotties they are catering to, real studs of the sea. And a happy surprise regarding one of the crew 🙂

        1. Hi Amy! Me too love the show. And I’m not going to say anything about Trevor so I don’t ruin it for anyone but I feel the same about that poor misguided little boy….

          1. I just watched it!! Of my gosh what an ass Trevor was.. And what’s up with the English accent he picks up when he’s drinking.. Wtf!! Sierra needs to toughen up a bit.

            1. So you saw the current show?! Oh my gosh the poor guy honestly, he’s so insecure in reality to act so so…I don’t know. I do feel a bit bad for him but he had to go before he got thrown to the fishes

  5. So you saw the current show?! Oh my gosh the poor guy honestly, he’s so insecure in reality to act so so…I don’t know. I do feel a bit bad for him but he had to go before he got thrown to the fishes

    1. You know I typically feel embarrassed or bad for people that act that way.. But he was out of control. His comments and his he thought he was above everyone.. And his hair model crap.. Omg.. Wtf.. I take it they didn’t use his face in the hair modeling shots .

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