Have Vicki Gunvalson and Gretchen Rossi Made Up?


RHOC stars Vicki Gunvalson and Gretchen Rossi never got along while they filmed the show, but in a new interview Gretchen is revealing the former enemies have made amends!

“So ironically Vicki and I made up this last year, which was really cool and nice,” Gretchen explained to the Daily Dish. “And we talked a lot in the last season and I stayed in touch with her just to check in with her and see how she’s doing.”

“A lot of people found that to be very odd because she was going through a lot of scrutiny that she herself and Tamra [Judge] put me through in regards to my relationship with Jeff and with [current fiance] Slade [Smiley],” Gretchen said. “And the truth is, what kind of person would I be? I would be just as much a hypocrite if I all of sudden did to her what she did to me. So I chose to rise above that and say, ‘You might have done this to me, but it doesn’t matter.'”

Gretchen also spoke about the controversy surrounding Brooks Ayers. “I really just told her I felt bad for her, that’s the bottom line,” she said. “I felt bad that the women attacked her as much as they did. I know what that feels like. It’s a horrible feeling. And from my perspective, the only thing she really did wrong was fall in love with a man — and that’s what I felt happened to me, too. I felt like everyone was harping on me because of the man that I fell in love with. It’s really not fair, and if people are your friends they support you no matter what. I don’t know if Vicki knew or not about the situation, but from what she’s told me she didn’t. So as a friend, you have to believe that person.”

As for the rest of the cast, Gretchen is still on good terms with almost everyone… “The Dubrows and us, it’s not like we go out for coffee or anything but we like them very much and we don’t have any qualms with them,” Gretchen explained. “I still talk with Lydia [McLaughlin] a lot. Alexis [Bellino] and I just recently had a mending of fences, so that was kind of nice. When she wrote that letter into Tamra on the reunion show, I reached out to her and told her I was really proud of her and I really liked what she did. And we talked a lot, through that whole thing, that was great.” Gretchen recently teamed up with Lizzie Rovsek on a swimwear line, Gretchen Christine for SunKitten Swimwear. “At the beginning of this year we started talking about collaborating and doing something together,” she said. “When Lizzie and I started talking, we decided it would be a perfect match because we have the same kind of style and we work well together and we’re definitely girly girls. We like sexy, functional type looks.”

“I’ve met Meghan [King Edmonds]. Meghan actually texted me at the end of last season about some stuff she was going through with Vicki and we talked through that,” Gretchen continued. “Shannon [Beador] and I have met a couple times and then when we met on Watch What Happens Live we kind of butted heads, so that was funny. But it was because [I told her] she was drinking the Tamra kool-aid. But she’ll figure that out soon enough. Tamra turns on everyone eventually.”

But one thing hasn’t changed and that’s Gretchen’s feelings towards Tamra. “Clearly Tamra and I don’t talk and whatever,” Gretchen said. “It’s not like I hate her; it’s just that she’s a non-issue in my life.”

What do you think about what Gretchen had to say? Would you like to see her return to the show?

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15 Replies to “Have Vicki Gunvalson and Gretchen Rossi Made Up?”

  1. I had to stop reading this it has sickened me! Gretchen you are a creep the only reason Vicki is giving you the time of day is because everyone can’t stand her for what she did.

    1. Oh my gosh me too.. I stopped after the first few sentences. Knowing Vicki only befriended her because she had no others and Gretchen is so desperate to get back into the show she went for it.. Disgusting !!

      1. How I wish that were true! In the house it is my husband knows I am right whatever I say! Hahahaha! Xoxoxox

  2. Gretchen is the non issue, What a fool, Vicky is talking to her because they both are with losers only brooks is 10x more swamp scum than Slade. Vicky the vile one probably tried to get Gretchen back on the show. Lizzy be careful Wretched and Slimey will be underhanded and try to steal your business or sue you for something.

  3. A non issue? Her “fiancee'”? To be engaged one needs a ring ( got it, bought it yourself ) AND A DATE. How many years has it been? Slime Smalldi actually makes me gag. I can not imaging having to be close to that filthy facial hair, blehhchchchch. And Wretchen, well, she won’t be a housewife again, & grethcen christine, well, it hasn’t come to my local Marshall’s yet, so I haven’t had the pleasure of going past it to find something of quality. I get my bags at a Virginia City leather shop and my shoes online, my SOREL boots being my latest purchase. I don’t wear bikini’s anymore, and never wore those. Mine were cute. I usually don’t even read Viki or Wretch pages because I want to have a nice day. There seems to be a lingering feeling of disgust, and I don’t take my hot bath until nighttime.

    1. The more I think about this for about another ten seconds, I realize I just don’t care, they are welcome to each other. One will do anything to keep her Old Git place and the other will do anything to get back on. So have fun desperadoes! I will not be watching anyway!! Xo

  4. These comments are so ridiculous don’t you realize it’s a show e have bombings close to France people killing another no one died here. Time to act like adults if your feelings are hurt. It is bravo it’s happening now to Yolanda w lunar disease

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