Vicki Gunvalson Gives Statement After Josh Waring’s Arrest


As we reported, former RHOC star Lauri Peterson’s son Josh Waring was arrested on Monday for suspicion of attempted murder. This had the cast shocked, and Vicki Gunvalson is revealing how everyone is coping with the news.

“I reached out to Lauri this morning when I heard the news, and let her know I am here for her if she needs anything,” Vicki told RadarOnline. “As a mother myself, I can’t imagine how difficult this is for her.”

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13 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Gives Statement After Josh Waring’s Arrest”

  1. Bad manners Vicki… You should not be making any statement regarding this – guess it’s one way to get your mug into the news.

  2. Vicki ought to butt out and since when is she a friend of Lauri’s – I recall Vicki treated her and talked about her badly. The thoughts of a liar are not needed.

  3. Actually I disagree w the comments so far. I don’t care for Vicki much after last season and because of her dumbass son in law. But I give her kudos for reaching out to Lauri after all the nasti crap Lauri told about Vicki… Threesomes… Catching Vicki in bed w multiple partners… Etc. I really think Lauri said all this to try to get back in the show. I would never forgive her for that! It would be so easy to throw shade Lauri’s way.

    1. Her dumbest son in law that serves this country????sorry there is only one purr dumbest and that is vicki oops excuse me wrong she is just a liar. Vicki took up for her boyfriend over her daughter, naff said

  4. Way to make about you Vicki!!! She should’ve kept that information private for now and not say that and wait for the applause

  5. Stfu old goat. Not your son, not your family, not your business. Go play in traffic you stupid crazy bat shit person

  6. Oh Vicki. You are just trying to make this tragic situation a little bit go in your corner. Remember, you don’t give a crap about Laurie. My ears are still ringing from the season you were screaming at her on the ski vaca.

  7. you guys crack me up….. Vickie deserves every word of it. What she did is right up there with Tre and Troll Giudice. They may be felons but Vickie is a “Dumb Old Goat”!!!!!! Damn she is the same age as me.

  8. I think Vicki is just trying to rally the troups. She has Kelly, Gretchen, and now she thinks maybe she can get Lauri on her side. I really do hope though that Vicki was being sincere for Lauri’s sake. Lauri needs all the support she can get.

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