Would Vicki Gunvalson Get Married Again?


It seems like RHOC star Vicki Gunvalson’s love life is always making headlines, but will the Bravo star ever get married again? After her daughter Briana attended a wedding this weekend, the OG of the OC shared on Instagram that she would consider getting married again.

“Had a great night babysitting my grandsons. I took them to the beach while Briana had Ryan went to their best friends wedding. I love weddings. Maybe someday again,” she wrote on Instagram.

Vicki ended her four-year relationship with Brooks Ayers last August. Following their break-up, Vicki spent a lot of time answering questions about Brooks allegedly faking his cancer diagnosis. In February, she thanked fans for their support after she went out on a date with her friend Jack Losey.

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14 Replies to “Would Vicki Gunvalson Get Married Again?”

  1. I dont think Vickie appreciates marriage, shes too selfish and greedy, and thinking everything is HERS. I remember how she treated Donn, and how she didnt want to give him his fair share under the law. Just because she was infatuated with Brooks, she thought her husband should just get out of her way and leave with only the shirt on his back. I dont think that part of her will ever change. She doesnt seem to be able to have a partnership, its all about fulfilling her needs and her being in control.

  2. And Brooks was a total bust! She definatly didnt vett him, prior to imploding her marriage. Her ego totally runs amok and she thought she had a great love, when in reality I dont believe Brooks had any intensions of ever lasting with her. He was taking advantage of a mark as long as he could or wanted to. Thats why he had zero problem leaving, only Vickie was on the floor in tears. You could tell twords the end he couldnt wait to leave. Vickie learned too late, that charecther does matter.

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