Is Vicki Gunvalson Friends With Her RHOC Cast Mates?


There’s no doubt that last season of the Real Housewives of Orange County’s events with Brooks Ayers effected Vicki Gunvalson’s relationship with her co-stars. Now, her co-stars are starting to speak out regarding how they feel about Vicki.

Shannon Beador had a lot to say about her current feelings towards Gunvalson. “I’m not mean and angry. I have forgiven her. I’ve moved on. I don’t think about her,” Shannon told E! News recently. “I don’t want a friendship with her. I’ve forgiven, but I don’t want to be her friend.”

“That’s where I’m at, I’m burned,” Tamra Judge told PEOPLE. “I said: ‘You know what, one more thing. One more thing, and I’m done. I’m done.’ ”

So where does Vicki truly stand with her cast mates? Our insider tells us EXCLUSIVELY that the only ‘Wife that is currently speaking to Vicki is newcomer Kelly Dodd. Are you surprised?

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6 Replies to “Is Vicki Gunvalson Friends With Her RHOC Cast Mates?”

  1. No, not surprised and don’t even care anymore. She’s burned so many bridges over the years with her narcissism and victim act, that I doubt anyone would talk to her if they didn’t have to film with her. On the other hand, I have my doubts that most housewives are actually friends outside of filming…even some siblings.

  2. It sounds like Vicki’s castmates (other housewives) did not speak with her between filming the seasons. When asked they said they have not spoken to Vicki even though Vicki did text Tamra about being a victim. The only reason they are talking to her now is because she is on the show with them and they are not allowed to exclude Vicki. Bravo will make so Shannon will have to speak to Vicki sooner or later.

  3. Vicki thinks because she is the OG she is never going to be fired or be asked to leave ., she throws that in all of the other woman’s faces .. I also think the other woman are pulling together to get Vicki fired .. So it will be interesting to see who prevails

  4. Both Vicki and Tamra are the worst friends any person could ever have. Nothing is sacred with them and they each have an open vault to their brains and “hearts’.

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