Vicki Gunvalson Finds Alexis Bellino’s Sob Story Boring


In this unseen footage from the season 8 Real Housewives of orange County reunion, Vicki admits she finds Alexis’ sob story about being bullied boring. The subject of Lydia not defending Alexis at the CUT Fitness party is brought up, and Alexis explains why she think Lydia should have had her back more that night. As Alexis carries on Vicki starts yawning and pretending to fall asleep. Vicki says she doesn’t get why they are talking about this subject and that it’s a “waste of time.”

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


2 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Finds Alexis Bellino’s Sob Story Boring”

  1. Vickie’s insatiable need to be the constant center of attention is REALLY boring.
    Please replace her with someone much more interesting and not so childish.

  2. Vicki, wake up! I,and many others are tired
    of you & Tamara beating a dead horse over Gretchen cheating on Jeff. ‘ nuf already.a least, Alexis has something current to say!

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