Vicki Gunvalson Files Police Report Over Employee Who Embezzled Money From Her

According to a new report, RHOC star Vicki Gunvalson has filed a police report because she caught one of her employees stealing thousands of dollars from her business.

TMZ is reporting that Gunvalson recently noticed huge discrepancies in the books of her insurance brokerage… a few thousand dollars at least. We’re told she did some digging, and it led to a guy who was hired just 2 months ago.

Insiders claim Vicki believes the employee embezzled sales commissions to his personal account and poached clients from Vicki’s son, Mike, who’s a VP at the brokerage.

Vicki fired the guy, and filed a police report 2 weeks ago. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they’ve opened an investigation.

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29 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Files Police Report Over Employee Who Embezzled Money From Her”

  1. Seems stealing from ones employer is done all the time, sadly. But it didn’t go on long in her case. To think anyone would get away with stealing from Vickie, LOL. Dumb she’s not.

    1. In the words of Forrest Gump, “Stupid is as stupid does.”
      Vicki may not be stupid when it comes to business, but then I don’t know what she does at work, but she has seemed to be doing quite well.
      Vicki is stupid when it comes to dating, and she lied for a con man from all that I could see too. She lied about Crooks’s cancer when she covered for his lies. Is that stupid? I would say that counts for stupidity. I don’t think she was ignorant or naive, because those words do not fit V icky. She fell for a guy, bought him everything including new teeth, and then he took her for a ride. She gave him a lot more than a few thousand dollars too.
      She is stupid when it comes to acting out in public and whooping it up to the point of embarrassment of everyone around her, especially those who are not drunk. She is not the brightest bulb when it comes to some of her decision making. She let Crooks steal from her…in many ways, but she was too stupid to stop it, and she just kept up the lies. She is hard to like. I cannot stand her. I tried, but I can no longer watch this farce of a show.

      1. Good grief Sandy, I was just talking about money being stolen at her work place. And by the way I don’t think she’s stupid.

        1. I do. Her business success is the big surprise to me. She’s basically a den mother to a bunch of unruly kids who do her bidding. Do you remember when she spanked one of her employees. SICK! As for someone embezzling from her – that’s just Karma.

          1. Well you must not have been watching this show from it’s very beginning. One of the biggest complaints Vickie used to get was that she could never leave her work behind. Whether on vacation or not she brought her work with her. That is way she has been so successful. A den mother? Hardly…..

      2. I have to say I too find it shocking that she is successful. She must be doing something right……………..I just can’t figure it out either. I don’t think she’s stupid but she says and acts so stupidly which makes me jump to the conclusion that she is! It is selling insurance, right? The early shows had her working from her home office then branched off to outside offices……..and I’m guessing for her to have bought the house she was living in (the same one as now, I believe) she had to be successful, right? Still confusing………….

  2. Muhahjahahahabaah!!! Karma is a bitch!! I have no sympathy for this hog!
    Plus this sounds like a story line to garner publicity! For 2K, just fire the guy! But we know she’s a turd bucket

    1. Haha Rain I was trying hard to pull some compassion for her as well… but try as I might, I just can’t. I don’t wish her bad things but she sure has caused a lot of bad things, hasn’t she?

      1. It’s very hard to feel any sympathy for her! Even serial killers at some point show some remorse , but not this reptile! She and Kelly are the WORST!!!

    1. Our Suze is going through a difficult time and could use all our prayers ! Remember her in your prayers Barbara ❤❤❤❤

        1. Barbara and Starr if you see this, thanks for asking about me. I don’t watch the shows anymore, I got really bored with the same old same old.
          Starr I left you my email on Facebook.
          Barbara I’m ok, don’t want to say to much more as this isn’t really the place but I do read the comments from time to time just to keep up with you all. Thanks for thinking about me! Xxxxxxxx

          1. Suze, you are missed much, especially by me. I know this is a hard time for you and I’m sure I speck for some, in that I wish we could jump across the pond and help. I can’t say I blame you for not watching these shows. I’m getting bored as well especially with Atlanta. Love ya and miss ya!

      1. I figured she must be having a rough go of it right now. Tell her I’ll be praying for her to turn this all around very soon.

  3. Going down on Tuesday to see my sons new house. Fingers crossed I’m ok for the journey, love youxxxx

    For other regulars love you all and hi to Sunshine.
    Sandy love you
    This is me, no more posts! Toodlepip! Xxxxxxxx

    1. Suze, you warmed my heart by answering! Every week I would read you regulars on here and get a chuckle. Your personality kept shining through, Suze, and I felt compelled to post. Bless you, dear lady. When you get weary, know that others pray for strength.❤

  4. Rain, thank you! You are one of the regulars that gave me a good laugh! So right about your dear friend, I FELT her presence when reading, she is special.❤ As for Vicki, she and Kelly are hideous, imo.

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