Vicki Gunvalson Doesn’t Understand Why Meghan Edmonds Doesn’t Work


During a cast trip to Tahiti on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki Gunvalson questioned newcomer Meghan King Edmonds’ decision to stop working once she married her husband Jim.

Telling Vicki that she used to sell “medical devices” before she met her husband, Vicki questioned why Meghan stopped working when she married her husband. Meghan explained that the job that she had wasn’t “conducive” with their relationship.

“I don’t think it was a good idea for Meghan to quit her job,” Gunvalson confesses. “What’s Meghan going to do when Jim moves on to wife number four?”

Vicki continued to ask Meghan questions, including why she doesn’t travel with Jim when he goes back to St. Louis. “Because of Hayley,” Meghan said.

“When Vicki asks me questions about me and my family, I don’t feel like she’s trying to get to know me, she’s putting me on the freakin’ witness stand like she’s trying to indict me,” Edmonds confesses.

Watch the show highlight below.

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Meghan doesn’t work because she’s a real housewife!

Kudos to you for that response – Vicki is very jealous of anyone that is younger and more attractive. She has always wanted to tell everyone how to handle their marriages, as if she is one to have anyone follow her example.

She will regret the decision not to work, honestly do not see that marriage lasting.

I don’t see it working either. Only a few months in and already he does not seem interested in her. However, I’m sure she’ll get a fat chunk of cash as a parting gift so I don’t think she needs to get a job right now.

I think Vicki just likes to put young newcomers who think they’re hot stuff in their place. She wanted to remind Meghan that she’s only a new third wife to some guy with money and no special princess.


Funny but true. Lol.

Lol…ahhh Vicki…you are soooo jealous. Why do you care if Meghan works or not? When Jim moves on to his next wife, you will not have to support her. Heather and Shannon don’t work for a paycheck either and you are not all over them about spending their husband’s money…and I believe your own daughter is dependent on that creep she married now, too. Is it because you have always had to work and pay men to keep them? Well, Icky….there is a reason for that…and it has nothing to do with Meghan…it is because you are obnoxious and controlling… Read more »

Absolutely right on the money! Jealously is so ugly!

Well said Apple

On that divorce topic, I wonder what the prenup was that Megan signed. With Jim’s track record, he must have had a prenup, and she may not be so well taken care of if the marriage ends, especially if after a short time. I still think she can return to her old career and do well of she had to work. I don’t like Megan, but I was thinking about how much Vicki supported her ex and now Brooks, so she should not talk, since she keeps her men living quite well on her salary.

No kidding. Icky Vicki likes to stick her nose where it doesn’t belong. I try to like her, but her jealousy and bad attitude are unattractive. Not only that, but she was rude at Meghan’s game night. Meghan might not have a job, but at least she has manners.


Just a FYI ….I DO believe Heather has worked several acting jobs and is practically raising their 4 kids without their dad!

A couple is one unit and the money is just as much the wife’s as the husbands even if she stays home. In my state, the standard in a divorce is 50/50 split regardless of who works outside the home so that is a fact and yes, Vicki’s comments were ignorant.

But Heather complains about how much she has to do yet all I see is other people doing the work, whether the nanny or the house contractor. Even Meghan has an “assistant.” I think they really are spoiled. Not that I would mind being spoiled!

Heather also complains that her husband works long hours. I wonder why? Oh, he is a plastic surgeon and is also on his own reality show, and he has to pay for that massive home, and Heather has very expensive taste. I imagine she will need more than a few full time live-in staff to manage that home inside and out as well as to take care of her children and have personal assistants. He has to work to,pay for all of it. I doubt she contributes much if any. Yes, it would be nice to have such problems…like not… Read more »

I know. And he has said he wanted to be able to work less. Yet every time he opens his mouth about how much she’s spending, she waves him off and continues to purchase everything she wants. Then complains about how she has to do everything herself (yeah, right) and how he’s always working! I liked her better earlier on. I think Heather is extremely entitled and snotty and that giant building they call a house is vulgar. Showing off is low class.

I totally agree. Heather is very much acting the part of the nouveau riche. If she had any real couth she wouldn’t be showing off like she does.

I completely agree with Judge Judy and RealSandra. Heather is a complete ego maniac. Terry will never be able to retire, the house is way over the top.

Ha ha ha – love it Apple!

Why does she have to be jealous? She worked for her money and where she is and of course getting paid on this show won’t hurt either of them either or Heather and Shannon and Tamra. So. Doesn’t mean she’s jealous. Sorry.

Totally agree. Vicki has to have a man in her bed to make her feel whole. She is a control freak and needs to stop screaming in peoples faces like a 2 year old having tantrums. She has enough to worry about in her own life than to worry about other people’s relationships. Mind your own business! She really comes off as jealous, angry and crazy.

Love it, Apple!! Perfect assessment.

Vicki has absolutely no class.Among other things for instance her reference to tamras diarhea,farting,wtf always the loudmouth.She annoys the heck out of me

So what Megan is saying is that Jim married her to be a babysitter for his youngest daughter? You mean no one can be with her…I mean especially before her mom died, so that she can join Jim on his trips? They have no babies. I have seen wives of baseball players (not that he plays now) who spend over 3/4 of the year mostly without a husband, and then the husband leaves for a younger woman. The players and coaches are used to being on the road most of the year. They act like they are single…not all, but… Read more »

I totally agree with you Sandra. Jim has was he deserves – two very spoiled children.

I don’t think its Meghan’s job to be empathetic to Shannon- Shannon was rude but I feel like everyone overlooks this because Meghan is pretty and easy to pin as the mean girl. I think Meghan has been very nice to everyone else and shows she has a kind heart by caring about her 17 year old stepdaughter so much. To have a bond with a teenager you’ve known for two years is special and takes a lot of work to make happen.

That’s true, Shannon did start it. Maybe people feel sorry for Shannon this season because her husband cheated on her. I don’t think Meghan’s pretty though, to be honest.

I agree with you yet again. I don’t usually like to comment on a person’s looks. To most Megan is pretty and her face is photogenic, however, I find her so thin, she appears anorexic, hand she has an unusually long neck like I have never seen. Maybe if she put on weight, her neck and shoulders would fill out a bit and perhaps not make her neck appear as long. I don’t think she is that attractive. As. I said before, she resembles a mannequin; pretty enough to hang clothes on the outside and empty on the inside.
Who in their right mind would hire this ding-bat? She has attitude, feels entitled & think she’s a princess. She has had a problem with Shannon, called her “Judgemental eyes” & now she’s saying that Shannon is kind & she likes her?! Where’s her brain here? But, on the fair side, Vicki was out of place Just because she has had to work always & be the sole support of her men, does not mean everyone else has to. It would be so nice for & each not to be so judgemental & just enjoy the moments.

Why can’t she think Shannon has judgmental eyes and still like her, how are they connected, saying someone has judgmental eyes is not the same thing as saying she doesn’t like her, thats a big leap.

I think Shannon has judgmental eyes, she’s been judgey of everyone, and I think she’s one of the best new cast members added across all the series in the last number of years.

Shannon is judgemental- she’s really insecure which makes me feel bad for her- but she lets herself act out because of those insecurities. Team Meghan!

ahhhh, now I understand why Vicki has had two failed marriages, she has no idea how a true partnership works.


I know this is about Megan, but I just realized what I dislike about Shannon, whether she has “judgy eyes” or not. There is nothing beautiful about marriage counseling and coughing up black shit. Yuk. Her whining voice just bugs me, too. Go be on a show that’s not supposed to be about beautiful people and places.

I would say that the least attractive thing about Shannon (and Vicki) are their insecurities and crappy attitudes towards people who aren’t insecure.

So here I go. What man in their right mind would want anything to do with that pushy, loud/foul-mouthed, controlling, obnoxious, angry Vicki anyway? She is literally seething with jealousy that she never had a man take care of her the way God and nature intended. So look in the mirror and blame yourself Vicki. You were the one who married ( and now shacking up with) men who can’t support you. The time she stood in front of that mini-van SCREAMING at the person answering the phone at the car company proved what she is all about. A grade-one… Read more »

Who says God and nature intended men to take care of women? That’s no better than saying women have to work outside the home or the money only belongs to the man. Women can choose what kind of life they prefer, they don’t need to be told what their place is.

Once you start trying to change nature, nothing good can come from it.

Gigi, it’s sad when the misogynist is another woman. It’s not “nature” and you don’t tell other women their place.

Totally agree Judge Judy.

Vicki really is the judgement one. It has been proven that when you are a full time Mom you work 16 hours a day, and it never stops. No weekends where you just come in after dinner and sit your ass down. Not that Megan’s situation is like that, but it’s her’s and Jim’s choice, not Viki’s. Not to say when you work and take care of your family you don’t work harder, just different. If there is enough money why wouldn’t you want to stay home when the kids are little. If you work when they’re little, then you… Read more »
I love hearing stories like this. It is rare posters share their lives with strangers online. I want to say I personally appreciate you sharing this. While reading your experience with motherhood though I realized Meghan doesn’t have any young ones to raise. We see her with Haley but she is almost independent (as in just age not necessarily mentally) Meghan could work until she has children. I understand where Vicky is coming from. It might be unwarranted but Meghan maybe should be thinking about working and saving for a rainy day. While she doesn’t have young children to take… Read more »

I agree, T. And 3 D’s, your post brought tears to my eyes. You are a wonderful mother and an exceptional person, to open your home to your daughter’s friend. That girl will never forget your kindness.

I am definitely not a Meghan fan but I do think Vicki goes way to far in expressing her opinions about non-working wives. I wonder – does Brooks have to ask before he spends Vic’s money. She refers to Meg as a gold-digger – what would she call Brooks. I think Vic and Meg are perfect together. Like to watch the Sparks fly on this one.

Anonymous did not write this comment – Aunt Bee did

Vicki is green with envy! First of all what Megan does is NONE of your business. She is helping raise Jim’s daughter. That is why they moved to LA full time in the first place… Hey Vicki, WHY DOESN’T BROOKS WORK instead of mooching off of you???????

What are you talking about? Brooks works very hard at being a Con-Man.

Haley is not a child she’s 17, has a car and can take care of herself, she has been raised by her mother, not step mommy. Jim should b spending more time with his daughter and Meghan. I find him condescending and cold to Meghan. Married 3 times is not a good omen.

People can judge all they want, but if Jim didn’t want Meghan at home he probably wouldn’t have “let” (term used loosely) her quit her job.
I also think people need to realize that whether or not she’s “step mommy” she made an incredible bond with this teenage girl (not an easy feat) and her now-deceased mother that is probably invaluable to Haley. She might not have her mom anymore, but she has Meghan who cares and who can be there to carry on for Leanne

I don’t see that. I think Meghan plays up the Mommy role just to try to get approval from Jim.

The kid is 17 and only a dozen years younger than Meghan. What I see is the kid mocking her and blowing her off, probably feeling like Meghan is using her.

Seriously why does Vicki care what Meghan does. How would she like it if some critized her daughter for staying with an ass@@@@ husband and having 2 kids with him. Meghan told Vicki 4 times why she moved to LA and that was to be there as a support system for Jim’s daughter and she still doesn’t get it. Vicki is just jealous she has never had a man take care of her that why she is a bitter bit@@. Get over it Vicki. And keep your nose out of other peoples families. Worry about your own and oh so… Read more »

Really? Sometimes I felt sorry for Don but I thought he was icky, such a wimp!

Seriously, this is no-ones’ business, vicki butt out- with all you have going on; (mom’s death,brooks cancer, job), maybe vicki should focus on that…….
megan doesn’t work (outside the home), because she does not have to, besides vicki never had a problem with shannon being a stay at home wackadoo…..

Heather doesn’t have a paying job either…. so what…

I don’t care much for Meghan but it’s none of Vicki’s business why she doesn’t work.

Its none of Vicki business! Maybe Vicki should stick something up her as to off set her snotty,better than thou attitude

I find the hypocrisy so funny…. Vicki has been divorced how many times? I personally love that Meghan doesn’t back down to anyone. They feel that just because she’s younger than the rest of them that she’s a child without a mind of her own. That’s clearly not the way it is. I also like how Jim and Meghan show the real of their life, not the fake scripted sounding real that a lot of them try to do.

Vicki’s behavior and comments about Meghan’s husband/marriage are irresponsible and rude. Instead of focusing on other people’s marriages and relationships, she needs to ask herself if her ball breaking emasculation of the men in her life contributed to the failure of the relationships. Vicki uses her finances to buy men and when they are no longer for sale, she is shocked. Vicki…Thy protest too much.