Vicki Gunvalson Denies Lauri Peterson’s Claims Brooks Cheated On Her!


Vicki Gunvalson is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss Lauri Peterson’s accusations that Brooks cheated on Vicki with a young “escort.” Vicki says she feels like she is being attacked this season on RHOC and when she got home from hearing the news about Brooks she had a lot of thinking to do. She says Brooks’ story did not match up with Lauri’s and she chooses to believe Lauri is lying.

Vicki writes, “The urgency to do these blogs has somewhat gone away due to how I am being attacked this season. It’s wrong, filled with lies, unjustifiable, and just plain mean what Lauri has been saying about me. It’s hard to understand why or how she has chosen to take a reality show as her forum for her anger, but I guess to each it’s own.

Just to fill all of you in, I haven’t seen Lauri for over two years. I was invited to George and her wedding at their home a few years ago, and I even had her daughter Ashley to our vacation home in Arizona, and there were never any issues or conversation about anything negative. I always wanted the best for her and her family and am very hurt that she would stoop so low with the things she has decided to “throw up” on me this year.

There is much more to be revealed in the upcoming weeks, so I don’t want to give it away but what I will say is I’m not letting this subject end or her get away with it. My thoughts about bringing this up about Brooks on Tamra’s wedding dress shopping is: POOR TIMING! She obviously wanted to try and break me by saying what she did about Brooks in front of everyone the way that she did. If she really was a class act and really had compassion, she would have taken me aside, one-on-one and told me what she heard.

After I got home I reflected that night about what Lauri said. I spent quite a long time on the phone with Brooks trying to comprehend many things, but one of the most important things was MOTIVE. What was her motive to do and say this? When I spoke to Brooks, his story was quite a bit different than hers so right now I choose to believe Brooks. Everything Lauri has said about me has been blatant lies so why would I start to believe her now? Brooks told me that George’s daughter and a few of their friends were cocktail waitresses at a poker party that he was at and that she introduced herself to Brooks, stating that I knew her stepmom. Brooks said he never saw her after that evening, didn’t date her, didn’t give her money and didn’t take her out to eat. Someone is lying and I choose to believe it is Lauri. . .AGAIN. Bottom line is I am not here to defend Brooks or to fight his battles.

Now I know some of you are saying, “Come on Vicki, wise up. He did it.” Well I’ve decided to live my life based on the saying: “If I don’t see it with my own eyes, hear it with my own ears, or if it’s not verified by some other means of backup. . .I have to consider it hearsay or gossip.” People can say anything they want to, but to me the only way I can live in this life of chaos, which I do, is if I see it myself. Why would I believe Lauri over Brooks anyways? Brooks has not lied to me (that I know of yet) and one of the greatest things about our relationship is we base it on truth. If you don’t have trust in a relationship you have nothing. We were broken up for a few months late last year. Brooks really had the prerogative to do what he wanted to

I had so many questions running through my mind, but most importantly I was concerned for their daughter. I was saddened to hear that George’s daughter was hanging around someone with questionable employment. I’m sure their children are embarrassed that Lauri decided to air their daughter’s affiliation with this type of job with the all of us women. I would have handled it much differently if I was Lauri -– but then again every thing Lauri does lately I would have handled differently. She has become very manipulative, condescending, and downright mean.

She opened up this can of worms and unfortunately it’s out in the open now. She has just revealed something very sad, demoralizing, and low about a family member. I am sickened to think that they boast that they have the “modern day Brady Bunch,” but behind the Petersons’ closed doors there is a lot of bad stuff going on.”

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3 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Denies Lauri Peterson’s Claims Brooks Cheated On Her!”

  1. It wasn’t that long ago that Brooks admitted to Vicki on camera that he had been seeing other people when they weren’t together. He didn’t say what their jobs were so why couldn’t it have been a stripper he was seeing? Whatever the truth is Vicki will never admit to anything negative about the loser boyfriend and when he does get caught out she will be there defending him so it doesn’t look like we were all right about him. While shes paying his rent, cars, clothes, teeth and holidays he will just go on doing what HE wants and she will still be trying desperately to hang on to the only man that wants her. She will never believe anything negative about him even if she had the proof.

  2. I never thought this would happen, but I’m going to side with Vicki on this one! Lauri and Gretchen both need to be kicked to the curb. Anyone with half a brain can tell if Lauri’s lips are moving she is lying. And her home life is a MESS!! Granddaughter a ward of the state and addicted to heroin, as is daughter-in-law and her druggie son, Josh. One of George’s daughters has been “sent away”…again! Why, I don’t know yet. And I do think they are going broke, or already are. If I were Vicki, I would have 100% iced her out and completely refused to appear on camera with her after the ski slope incident.

  3. If I remember right at the dress shop Lauri told Vicki she wanted to talk to Vicki alone but Vicki would not wait. And Sunday Vicki kept saying Lauri was lining about Vicki being in a bed with 2 other people then she said they were but had all their cloths. So which was it? And why does Vicki always have to yell so loud when she is comforted about what she did wrong? It is almost like she thinks if she yells loud enough at people will forget she did something that she should not have.

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