Vicki Gunvalson Defends Cancer Charity Allegations


Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson is firing back at Tamra Judge after it was announced that Gunvalson founded a new cancer charity, and Judge commented that it was an uncomfortable reminder of the Brooks Ayers cancer scandal.

Tamra wrote in a recent blog, “Am I the only one that doesn’t know what to think about Vicki starting an insurance program for cancer patients?”

Vicki spoke to RadarOnline, defending her charity. “Any money donated goes directly to a 501c3 nonprofit charity or foundation. Kill All Cancer does not receive any of that money,” she said.

“Everybody involved has invested their own time, energy and money to make sure we could create a transparent yet valuable organization to help fight this horrible disease,” Gunvalson continued.

But Tamra doesn’t buy it. She wrote, “The way it was explained was more about making money and convincing people she had nothing to do with Brooks’ cancer scam.”

What do you think?

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35 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Defends Cancer Charity Allegations”

  1. Once again I will say I would never believe anything that comes out of Vickis mouth. If she said the sky was blue I wouldn’t believe her! She is a liar proved time and time again! Vicki there is nothing you can do or say anymore to find redemption in my eyes. YOU ARE A LIAR! maybe if she had apologized at the end of last season and really showed she meant it I might have forgiven her but not now, she doesn’t think she can do anything wrong! Well too late you have!

  2. Vile Vicky is getting slammed on twitter its awesome! This woman doesn’t have a kind bone in her body. she’s trying to make money off cancer absolutely disgusting LiarFace

  3. Okay, here I go. Rain – don’t worry, my blood pressure is fine.
    What in God’s name is wrong with this idiot? Besides being an idiot. She doesn’t get it. She just doesn’t get it. If she wants to redeem herself, which she NEVER can – but if she even wants to start chipping away at that huge mountain of SHIT she pulled last season – she needs to inform all of us that she will be donating last season’s and every future season’s salary to City of Hope Cancer Research or something equally as important. For her to be getting one god damn cent, applauds, lauding or ANYTHING positive pointing to her off of her latest scam is so evil, so despicable, so reprehensible, and so.. well, lets just say that I have a VERY active imagination…… that all I can say is that I have to rest comfortably with one of my favorite Bible verses which is “Vengeance is mine, says the Lord” and then I can go about my life knowing that this lying, conniving, annoying, desperate piece of dog shit will get hers in the end.

    1. GIGICAT , you saved me the rant so thank you ❤️❤️ She’s despicable beyond belief and all these stunts are self serving and have nothing to do with helping anyone !! She’s not even human, she’s a reptile

  4. I was thinking…if i had this much hate coming at me, i would just bow out and go hide somewhere for awhile. All she is doing is making people hate her more .

    Can’t understand how this stupid idiot can remain in business and believe she’s done nothing wrong. Every time this moron opens her mouth more lies come out.

    How can her children even want to be a part of this

  5. So this “charity” has been around for about 8-10 months, correct? Wonder how it’s doing.. Went on her website–nothing is listing the Cancer Scam, though I thought she put in something that sounded so funny, “SHE LIVES BY THE MANTRA “PRESERVE, PLAN AND PROTECT”, AND BELIEVES THAT THE WAY TO GENERATE MORE WEALTH IS TO SHARE HER WEALTH WITH OTHERS.” on her profile.

  6. What the???????? No, This is the limit. What is Vicki thinking? Motives are all screwed up. Horrible move. If Vicki truly is doing this for the right reasons, it should be done quietly & privately. Nothing spells decent about this. Shameful actually.

  7. This despicable POS has no pride, no integrity, no shames, no conscience..
    When I saw her cross herself and spread her armsin crucifix fashion at Tamra’s baptism I almost wished a lightening bolt would rain down on her like the wicked witch of the West. And shame on you Bravo and Andy for putting this unspeakable crap on the air.

  8. Charity? What Charity? Vicki is selling insurance to potential cancer victims. It’s her business. Nothing charitable about it. The opening line “Hi, I’m Vicki Gunvalson from Coto Insurance … ” says it all.

    1. Sorry Bon I must have blinked and missed the contrition! If she had apologized last season and meant it!!! Then maybe I would forgive but it’s too late for that now. People who lie about cancer don’t deserve forgiveness especially the any V has handled it! Xoxoxxo

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