Vicki Gunvalson Confronted Over Brooks Lying About Having Cancer


On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County the questions surrounding Brooks Ayers’ cancer continued to surface, pushing Vicki Gunvalson to her breaking point.

Heather Dubrow expressed concern about Brooks’ treatment to Vicki, explaining to Gunvalson that the doctor that Brooks is claiming can cure cancer she sought treatment for cellulite treatment after she had her twins. Heather also revealed to Vicki that the group had concerns about inconsistencies in Brooks’ stories, and that they were questioning whether or not he was being duped by the doctor and whether or not he was telling the truth about being sick.

Although the footage shows otherwise, Vicki insisted that Brooks did not say this doctor claims he can cure cancer and said that Brooks would be starting chemo again.

You can watch the scene below.

Shannon Beador also asked Vicki to meet for lunch because she was concerned about the holes in Brooks and Vicki’s stories about his health. Shannon was upset when Vicki told Meghan Edmonds that she never asked for Shannon’s help with Brooks’ treatment plan. Shannon claims Vicki called her immediately after she heard Brooks’ diagnosis and referred him to two world-reknown doctors. Vicki was upset with Shannon for bringing up the subject and told her to “call Brooks.”

You can watch the scene below.

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22 Replies to “Vicki Gunvalson Confronted Over Brooks Lying About Having Cancer”

  1. I think they are milking the Brooks’ cancer storyline way past the point of interest. Let me guess, the big reveal at the end will be that Brooks is lying. As if that’s anything surprising considering he has a long past of scammy behavior, including faking cancer, according to his ex. I am not sure why everyone feels the need to go on and on about it. Vicki has made it very clear that she wants them to stay out of it so what is the problem?

    Also, Meghan calling Brooks’ ex and calling his doctor is beyond weird. Stalker! I think she would do much better on one of the shows with girls her age. She doesn’t belong here, she just comes off as annoying and clueless.

  2. Like most I am so sick of this story! Please please no more, I can’t wait for the reunion to be over. I will watch that but am done done done with OC!

  3. I always thought Meghan didn’t fit in with this crowd and from the first day, I was turned off by her. Yet, even though she overstepped more than a little, she did her digging. She had to go with her gut when things didn’t add up about Brooks. She may be pushing her new husband away more and more, but she doesn’t seem to care about anything but getting to the truth. If Brooks is lying, I know Vicki won’t thank her for exposing him, but Meghan did her a favor. I still think Meghan should be on another show with younger women who have more in common, like maybe all having much older spouses or being wife number 3 or more.

    1. Sandy, you made me laugh saying Meghan should be on a show about wives no 3 or more! Too funny! I don’t know what to think about her, it’s as if she has been brought on just for this purpose! I may well be wrong! I agree she doesn’t fit but why should it be just her age that excludes her. We would all be up in arms f it was the other way around. On saying that I don’t like her! I don’t particularly like Heather either! Oh wait is there anyone I do like on OC.. Nope!

  4. I’m not tired of this story line. I’m intrigued, as I sit here in the infusion room while my husband gets his chemo. If you spend any time at a cancer center you see people of all ages bravely fight this disease, wondering if they are going to make it. To lie about it for whatever reason is inexcusable. And if he is lying about it I find it hard to believe Vicki was not aware of it.

    1. I hope everything is still going well for you both. I am tired of it but if Vicki knows and has lied I hope she is sacked and loses all of her insurance customers! There I have said it, I have thought this for a while just not put in words!

    2. VL – being that you are dealing with this yourself, (and I’m terribly sorry you are – I will pray for you) what does your gut instinct tell you about Brooks? I know you cannot say if he does or doesnt have cancer for sure, but if you had to make a guess? I read on another blog that she believes Brooks and so do all of her commentators. I have so many doubts and want to see other peoples opinions.

    3. VL, hang in there. Been in your shoes (still am..) and have watched people slowly fade away week after week in the infusion rooms. Prayers to you, strength to you as the care-giver…. and a LONG, HORRIBLE, PAINFUL death to ANYONE who lies about having cancer. There I said it.

  5. My gut instinct is that if Brooks has cancer, but he is exaggerating the severity of it. What bothers me is the stupidity of Vicki re: his diagnosis, and her running around crying about his health, moaning and complaining to anyone who will listen about “her man” (and please everyone stop calling your boyfriends or husbands “your man”, it’s so hillbilly-ish) and then goes BALLISTIC if anyone dares question her statements. She has screeched to everyone about his Stage 3 diagnosis, which means that his lymphoma has been found in lymph node areas on both sides of (above and below) the diaphragm. And, the cancer may also have spread into an area or organ next to the lymph nodes (IIIE), into the spleen (IIIS), or both (IIISE). And if that’s the case, why isn’t he sicker? Is he a freak of nature? One of those modern miracles that some oncologist will write a book about? I highly doubt it. I think he was either given an incorrect diagnosis from one of those whack Dr.’s in Southern California (and believe me, there are many), or he is lying about his staging. Now for an off-topic point: For some unknown reason, and considering the amount of $ floating around CA, there is ONE major medical center in California. Stanford. Other than that? When anyone with $ gets sick in So Cal, they head to Sloan-Kettering, MD Anderson or Mayo Clinic. They don’t stick around and get treated in some 2nd or 3rd tier hospital. It’s your ONE life. You go to the VERY BEST. I’m not knocking City of Hope or CHOC or other hospitals, I’m just saying there are a lot of quacks in Southern California. The whole New-Age scam, the Shaman’s, the Guru’s, the Wellness Center types that have ZERO clue about cancer. That’s my take on it.

  6. I am not a fan of Vicki and I ABHOR Brooks but in my opinion Meghan is going too far. Calling someone’s doctor and asking cancer questions in a manner that could be interpreted as a patient seeking treatment is going overboard. I could understand if they held fundraiser or benefit for him but at this point make peace with the fact that the truth will come out. I have a big problem with others requesting medical documents also. There was a rumor previously about Heather and Terry not having the money they say they do – I didn’t see them jumping to publish bank and credit card statements. If Brooks is lying shame on him and he will eventually pay, but what if he isn’t? (disclosure: I highly question he is that sick, but I have no idea) Meghan keeps referencing that he doesn’t act like he is but much like grief, we all handle things differently. I think that in a gesture of goodwill Meghan and Jim should release divorce documents detailing why his second wife won’t talk to Meghan – maybe she became the trophy before that marriage ended? Just show us all your private business and then no one will bother you again about it!

  7. My gut tells me he’s lying. I know some people are very private about matters about their health e.g. Jackie Collins, but the many inconsistent statements makes me suspicious. Also he doesn’t seem to be the most honest person. So if he wants the ladies off his back, show the damn binder. By showing it ends all the suspicion and he’ll get everyone’s support.

  8. I am completely over this storyline. When this season is over and all is said and done, like most, I feel the truth will come out in the wash. For Shed Media to have pushed this as the central storyline for the show this entire season is just as tawdry as Meghan the Child Bride playing Caped Cancer Crusader or Brooks being a potential liar. It’s just serpentine on all fronts with all involved and I wish we could have some coverage here on The Ladies of London, quite frankly. Those women are serving up petty drama to be sure, but at least lives aren’t being ruined or have families imploding over it. We have dueling American Thanksgiving dinners with a heaping helping of evening gowns, black tie attire, with sweeping scenes of grand old castles and estates …you know, the kind of luxurious, ESCAPIST lifestyle candy that these shows were supposed to be molded after in the first place? RHOC has officially “jumped the shark” with this toxic foolery.

    1. This is ridiculous, this is Ladies of London and we can’t get it here in UK! I can’t even pick it up on You Tube! So annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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